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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Forums, "Ride On," Cuckservatives, Duterte, Postmodern Jukebox, Barnhardt

A lot of reaction for the last post.  That FSSP vs SSPX post.  It deserves a follow-up, to be sure.  I expected the types of reactions it received.  Both parties acted in predictable fashion.  One side denying the facts of the other, doing their utmost to disqualify the messenger--all of it foreseeable.  The two surprises that caught me off guard were the sheer volume of responders, and that conversation of the topic arose in unexpected quarters.

Echo Chamber

Seems they kicked out Cassini today.  Pathetic.  How dare he mention geocentricism!  It seems to me that squelching discussion on a discussion forum would be an unwise thing to do if you were a moderator.

I highly doubt that anyone will raise their heads in protest.  Not that anyone hates Cassini.  No.  They just don't want to attract negative moderator attention upon themselves.

Sewing Circle

Oh goodie!  Tracy has singled me out as a Toxic Trad who must be curtailed.  No need to link to her comment on her forum.  I'll just say, it's hilarious to discover that she's using Fr. Rosica's latest ramblings against Traditional Catholics (bloggers in particular) as ammunition for her case against us nasty non-feminist Trads.

It's so hilarious to see her become the liberal Mark Shea/CAF-type of Catholic.  She used to mock those types of snooty, haughty Catholics.  But now she is one of them.  Her latest article on TumblarHouse could be turned right around and aimed right back at her.  But, as I said to a friend earlier this month: "I KNOW for a fact that Tracy could care less about me or anything I say. She'll gladly wrap up in ignorance and use Rosica's--or anyone's--spin if it makes her feel more like the Internet's Catholic Teacher."

Castalia House Promoting Westerns

I think it's great that Castalia House is now promoting westerns.  And though Michael Hearing's book, Ride On, is not exactly a western (it's a rodeo novel), it's close enough to the genre to be a success.

In any event, I still heartily recommend that you readers out there check out the book for yourselves and give it a good weekend read.  It's available on Kindle.


So, a colleague who I used to respect came onto my Facebook recently, stating:
Hey.  Chump.  We aren't voting for either New York Democrat.  Get it?  Nominate a pimp and you will crash and burn.  Now go get cucked.
This colleague and I have engaged in a tit-for-tat earlier this year, just before the results of the GOP primary were announced.  He'd cast out his nasty-toned opinion, and most of his friends who disagreed with him were quiet and would not raise their heads in any severe opposition, for fear of rocking his boat.  Not me.  I threw his crap right back at him.

Trouble is, cuckservative, NeverTrump Cruz supporters are unable to take the same shit that they throw at you.  This fellow was arrogant as hell, right up to the decisive Indiana primary that he thought Cruz would win.  When Cruz lost, and Trump obviously had it in the bag, I laid it on my colleague just as hard as he laid it on us Trump supporters who were in his circle.

Ultimately, he plugged up his ears.  The last statement from him to me on his page: "There's nothing left to say.  Stay off my page."  He's been hostile ever since.  I've done what I could to find a middle ground with him.  But there's no getting through.  It's a one-sided olive branch.  

Embittered people such as this are what you call, as Mike Cernovich says it, a crybully. "He insults others and then cries when he is hit back."  This is a damned shame.  I do not want my colleague to be this way.  I do not even think he's been able to catch onto the irony I put out there for him.  I extend my hand, but he bites it.  As Cernovich later states: "Under the rules of being a man, when someone reaches out to you, he’s being the “bigger man.” If you act catty in response, you lose."  It's just awful to see this.

A commenter, Mike_76, observes that the shitlibs and cuckservatives are morphing into the same creature.  I fear that he is onto something.

Speaking of supporting Trump...


This is the new president of the Philippines.  At first, I really liked him.  He was a hardliner in his tone.  He spoke about coming down hard on crime, and he has had a great reputation for getting Davao under control.  (The death penalty is not evil, by the way.  It is necessary and good for society.)  The Philippines is an emasculated cesspool of lukewarm Catholicism--ignorant of the actual teachings of the Catholic Church.  Transvestites and sodomy are common.  The people grow more and more materialistic by the year.  I say this in sorrow.

So, naturally the country has grown soft in its growing secularism.  One would think that a wild card like Duterte would be just what the doctor ordered.

Unfortunately, there shall now be buyer's remorse.  Among believing Catholics, at least.

The man is willing to create a 3-child policy, he approves of same-sex marriage, and he favors medical marijuana use.  Oh, and he's called the bishops of his country whores, and he states that "the most hypocritical institution is the Catholic Church."  So, he's not attacking particular clergy, but the entire Catholic Church.

One is left with the question: Are we going to see a Freemasonic-styled war against the Christeros in the Philippines?  A filipino-styled French Revolution?  This man, a fan of Hilary Clinton, seems to not be too interested in restoring his country's Catholicism.  He's interested in throwing it out.  Sadly, I believe that he will have that chance, because like Duterte, the people have become lukewarm enough to agree to throw out the Church, just so long as they get their comfort on.

This is the risk you take with a wild card.  They can work out very well.  Or they can morph into a huge disappointment.  Unfortunately, this world has become so corrupt that wild cards are the only real choices that we have left, now.  The people see where "status quo" will lead them, and they're tired of it.  They're tired of the suicide their cultures are taking.  And for that reason, we are seeing the rise of Nationalism and the Hard Right across the globe.

This global rise of strong men is a manifested reaction against the soft cowardly liberalism of the past generation.  Unfortunately, when working with volatile chemicals, you will get volatile reactions.  Not all of them will be bad, however.

Will Trump prove to be another Duterte?  Time will tell.  He was a wildcard, as I keep saying.  Vox Day said it best in late February:
It doesn't matter what your national policies are if you don't have a nation... Does that mean Trump can be trusted to build a wall, to deport all the illegal immigrants, and severely reduce the flow of immigration? No. But a) he's the only candidate who might, and b) he's the Republican nominee.

Postmodern Jukebox

Puddles the Clown

Anyone else hear about Postmodern Jukebox?  These guys are great.  Known about them for a few years, now.  They basically pick up where Richard Cheese left off.  I can still vaguely remember an interview with the latter:  "Say, Richard, what kind of music do you play?"  Richard Cheese: "Crap.  I play crap."  Hilarious.  You know you're living in a sad time when one of the few current novelties available to you is to dress up out-dated crap and filth from a previous decade.

Nevertheless.  Postmodern Jukebox does it well.  I'm including their bluegrass rendition of Blurred Lines, although another of my favorites is when they bring in Puddles the Clown for Chandelier.


One more quick thing.  Please check out Ann Barnhardt's latest and final documentary discussing Narcissism.  She's awesome, and it's a well-thought out exposition.  The liberal thought-police at Youtube have been trying to silence her.  So for now, access her video through her post here.

This reminds me of how Youtube was acting against Aurini earlier this year, and they clipped his videos for no good reason whatsoever.  Aurini:
What YouTube is trying to do, is turn it into the Disney Channel. So, if you want to talk garbage about the Kardassians, or Paris Hilton, or if you want to, you know, review the latest Avengers movie, that stuff's all okay. But as soon as you want to have an actual conversation...it's turning into the corporate world. The corporation is taking over the entire world. These speech guidelines that you're expected to obey at work are becoming the standards for everyone everywhere.


  1. Trump is a pragmatist and a neo fascist. This presidential race reminds me of the Nazis vs Communists in Germany. Ben Shirpero From the daily wire has some good commentary on him.
    #never Trump!

    1. Look at that. The same, tired, old sloganeering.

      I read today that Glenn Beck and Brad Thor have been talking about having "a patriot" come along and assassinate the Republican Nominee for president. Time for Beck to undergo another Secret Service investigation.

      Is that you, friend? Thanks for the visit.

      Forget the cucks, forget the Churchians, forget the equalitarians, forget the Constitutionalists, forget the conservatives, forget the nice people, and forget the tolerant. They are worse than useless; they are the Sarumans who counsel submission and surrender due to their lack of courage and their fear of being called bad things. -Vox Day

  2. I say this in sincerity not patronizing sarcasm.
    Until we catholics completely reject Vatican 2 and the changes after 1950,we will spinning our tires in knee deep mud.