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Saturday, May 28, 2016

"American Resolve," Cucks, The Alt-Right, Masonic Roosh, James & The Real Ghostbusters

So, let's roll out a few spare thoughts for the day.  Starting with...

"...for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them..."
The United States government has become more of a nanny state than merry ol' England ever was during the times of colonial America.  Fortunately for the political class, most Americans these days are cowards who are too afraid to do what their forefathers did, and they're too fat, dumb, and hedonistic to care.

More Insight on Cuckservatives

The thing that upsets the cuckservatives the most is that their brand has lost its monopoly of the Right.

I'm Alt-Right Right Now

The alt-Right is going to either continue remaining the big tent for the various minds on the Right, or it is going to tear itself apart, National Review-style.

There are two issues on Red Team that attract impassioned discussion: talk of miscegenation, and talk against/for religion, specifically Catholicism.  For a fiery back and forth, mention either of these, and you'll draw out strong opinions.

For now, I'm able to identify with the alt-Right on a lot of issues.  The movement has not, yet, pushed out the Catholics.  Time will tell.  Should that happen, I suppose I'll start limiting myself to being called a paleoconservative again.

But what's most frightening to me is the stubborn tendency of the alt-Right to fall back on the U.S. Constitution and separation of church and state.  Advocating Catholic Monarchy is understandably far beyond the comprehension of most folks under this tent.  And, in fact, mere mention of it only invites ridicule from such intellectually-challenged people.

Nevertheless, this will be a world of monarchs again.  Mark my words, this era of republics and parliaments is a temporary novelty that will earn sideways glances in the history classes of the future.

If it is impossible to imagine the latter scenario, the problem is with you.

Roosh Admires Freemasons

Alarming, I know.  It seems recently, Roosh has been rather taken with the methods employed by the most evil organization of our time, Freemasonry.  This secret sect--denounced even by the Virgin Mary--is responsible for more destruction in the past two centuries than any other institution in existence.

However, even a broken watch is right twice a day, as Roosh notes:

This book was an informative reminder that if you want to create a force multiplier among men who share the same beliefs, the best way to do it is organize and swear oaths of both secrecy and loyalty. If your beliefs go against those of the most elite members of your society, you may not have any other choice. I had to learn the hard way when I tried to organize rather innocent happy hours for me and my followers. Multiple institutions that back the ruling establishment made it clear that that wouldn’t be allowed. This book confirmed to me that operating in secret will be essential.

I think I can agree with Roosh on this.  Sometimes, secrecy is necessary.  After all, who can forget the first two rules of Fight Club?

The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club.
The second rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club.

James Rolfe Once Loved Ghostbusters

It's a shame that James Rolfe is being attacked by liberal social justice warriors for his unwillingness to review the Ghostbusters reboot.  He's a completely apolitical entity who was merely depressed about the unfixable mangling of a cherished franchise.  A group of feminist-minded know-nothings came along, took beloved source material, and they turned it into their own personal liberal experiment--all in the name of making a rebellious, Leftist, sardonic statement.  

Pat and Ian do a nice job discussing the unfortunate incident, as they know James personally.  I'll never forget how I first latched onto Rolfe.  It was when, out of curiosity, I stumbled upon Rolfe's first review of Castlevania II on the Nintendo.  I could tell he was genuinely frustrated with the game--as could millions of other viewers--culminating in the eventual new role as the Angry Videogame Nerd.  

For some great insight into the Ghostbusters reboot fiasco, check out Midnight's Edge.  They are always insightful when it comes to these horrific movie studio fiascoes.

"Feig's specialty is subversive parody movies...Instead of making a legitimate Ghostbusters movie, it would appear that Paul Feig has made a 'Paul Feig' style parody of one."

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