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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Steve Skojec's A Badass

Sincerity is a rare and cherished commodity in this day and age.  It is for this reason that Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are so popular among the American populace.  Our people have been outright lied to so much and for so long, that we are starving for any political figure to be honest with us.

Sincerity in any form.

Here, in our Traditionalist Catholic circle, much the same can be said about our public figures.  We love our sincere and honest pundits.  We do not care so much for those disingenuous public figures who deliberately avoid the issue and ridicule honest questioning.

ChurchMilitantTV's notorious banning of any "nay sayers" in their comment box comes to mind.  Fr. Dwight Longnecker's latest nasty trashing of honest Traditional Catholic people forced The Remnant's hand, causing them to formally demand a retraction letter.  This, because Fr. Longnecker rambled on about how Traditionalists will eventually be driven to physical violence towards other people.  Even Father admitted that readers question the sincerity of his apology, as The Remnant was forced into legally defending themselves with a lawyer after his libel.  And oh!  Don't let me leave out Mark Shea, who's arrogant, liberal, dismissive attitude toward actual thinkers has earned himself no small amount of disdain.  I also don't want to leave out Crux, The Fishwrap (aka National Catholic Reporter), or Catholic Answers, but there are so many disingenuous actors in this theater, it'd take quite a while to name them all.

Traditionalist Catholics struggle to retain the Mass of the Ages and hold onto the unchanging Truth and time-tested traditions of our Faith.  No one else is trying to do what Traditionalist Catholics are trying to do.  We are alone.  We are orphans of the world.

Although we are joined to Christ's multi-dimensional family, the Catholic Church--which transcends space, time, and death itself--we are still independent-minded when compared to the rest of the world, as well as those Catholics who have yet to self actualize, as we have.  We are the true forward thinkers.  We are the true New Man.  We are K-selected lions.  We are not r-selected rabbits.  Our lives do not form around conflict avoidance.  Instead, we K-selected types accept the cultural cross that the world, and other Catholics, hoist over our shoulders.

Our champions are few.  But they glimmer with the brightness that sincerity naturally exudes.  Steve Skojec is one such champion.

Skojec and his website, OnePeterFive, have been carving a path for all good people who have felt adrift in this miasma of modernism.  There are so many instances where I've appreciated Skojec's insight.  Offhand, his coverage of the 2014 Oklahoma City black mass come to mind, as well as his later defense of the SSPX for holding a vigil against those satanic acts.  His podcasts always make for great listening, particularly the interviews with another sincere carrier of the "zeal card," Ann Barnhardt.  And just last month, on his own personal blog, Skojec wrote an article that made a fascinating comparison between Deadpool and Donald Trump.  How can any free thinker resist a discussion like that?

So, how can such a guy be hated as much as he is?  Skojec's heartfelt nature is obvious to any guileless layman.  He doesn't blow people off as losers, he doesn't give important subjects the TL;DR treatment, and he doesn't avoid the issue the way many dishonest pundits do.

Skojec is a genuine article, and he is a rare and hard-to-find gem in, what Davis Aurini has termed, "a generation of cheap sardonics."  Hating people for their virtues, Skojec's critics, deep down, despise him for what he does right.

Consider what Aurini says about today's hatred for sincere people:
Instead of harsh justice and incisive humour, we’ve developed a culture of dismissive sardony and cheap sarcasm.  The most popular social commentators aren’t those who demand journalistic truth or who elucidate complex topics, it is those who reaffirm preconceived notions with shoddy logic and fallacies galore.  We pity the monster, while reviling the courageous and strong; we support the wicked while attacking the just.
In Skojec's case, our cultural gatekeepers support pro-sodomy, pro-adultery clerics such as Cardinal Schonborn, but they attack the nervous, good-willed layman who's done his homework.  At least, that's the aftertaste we're left with after Fox News threw him into a closet with a green screen and probed him for a soundbyte or two for their morning show.

In another instance, one uncharitable Patheos critic calls Skojec a pathetic radical Catholic reactionary, blathering on about how we, his ilk, drink up the rotgut he produces.  According to this hate-filled blogger, people such as we Traditionalist Catholics are progressing downhill right alongside Hilary White (who is also awesome, might I add).

The flippant maliciousness that we are witnessing on the part of liberal critics is backhanded.  These people are only interested in pouring out their contempt for any man or woman who has cross-referenced the words of modern prelates with two-thousand years of documented Church teaching.

A real problem has arisen in the Catholic Church since the Second Vatican Council, but the majority of Catholics have plugged up their ears.  And as society's foundations continue to crumble into dust, the r-selected "rabbits" among us have decided to favor the most aggressive force that they think won't harm them--the Marxist-friendly liberal establishment ensconced in the Church hierarchy.  The rabbits have allied with this supreme threat to everyone's well being, and they meanwhile go after and tear at the weaker, less-represented force, the Traditionalist laity, who have few representatives.

Independent, K-selected individuals, such as Skojec, are a threat to the rabbits.  Therefore, the latter will seek to neutralize the former as fast as possible, in the same way that cells will go after a foreign body.  It is instinctual for these r-selected rabbits to do whatever they can to avoid the real issue.

And what conflict has been plaguing us all?  What is that "real issue?"  The overtaking of Christ's Church on earth by Freemason-minded scheming.  Indeed, critics of the Traditionalist Catholics want to avoid that grand battle--that most important confrontation of confrontations--for as long as possible.

Thank God Steve Skojec is not afraid to fight.


  1. Thank you. Steve is my hero and I want to grow up to be Hillary White (eventhough I'm older than her)

  2. Well said on Mr. Skojec. And another well written column from you. God speed!