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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Levin, Beck, and The Resurgent are paid shills for the GOP

One of the things I'm enjoying about this political fiasco that is the Republican primary season, is that it's drawing out all of the fakes and sellouts.  Ladies and gentlemen, there they are!  The cucks have exposed themselves!  Make your lists.  It'll never be the same after this.

I mean, we have a man--Ted Cruz--with five mistresses getting blackmailed by one of them who worked for his opponent's campaign.  Cruz's campaign managed to cheat Ben Carson out of votes in Iowa right off the bat.  No one in Congress likes this sleeze.  His political career began when he was 18 years old, meaning that Cruz thought he should be able to rule over you ever since he was a kid.  He came from wealthy parents and never worked a real job in his life.  He's not even US-born.  His team slithers around this country to steal delegate votes, disenfranchising the voters more and more.  And oh...remember how in the last primary election the Republican establishment created Rule 40 in order to subvert Ron Paul's campaign into oblivion?  Well, now that Rule 40 is inconvenient in Donald Trump's situation, they're considering doing away with Rule 40.  So, basically, they're bending rules backwards and forwards to get their sleazy way.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Republican Establishment hate you.

And now, we learn from The Conservative Treehouse that "conservative" media figures Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Erick Erickson--and God knows who else--are getting paid by the GOP establishment to be anti-Trump on their shows and websites.

These financial/media relationships have largely, and historically, remained hidden. They have damned sure never been publicly, clearly, and regularly stated so the consuming audience would know the presentation was fraught with financial conflict.

I'm sure you all have already considered this possibility.  It's just really something special to witness this kind of filth, and not to just read about it.

Even more amazing than all of this corruption is the pure hate--actual visceral bigoted hate--that is directed towards Donald Trump and his supporters.  Ever since the Donald began losing in Wisconsin, Team DumpTrump has worked up a hateboner so big that it could crush a car under its weight.  A third of the village is giggling with girlish glee as it picks up stones to throw at the man.

This raw, glib, arrogant aggression is something I am used to seeing on the Left.  But now I'm seeing this brand of Gamma hate coming off from other Republican voters.  And thus, ladies and gentlemen, the cuckservatives are exposed.  So, again, take note of who they are.  You know that you ought not ever listen to them again, and in fact, you should oppose, stifle, and defeat them until they are out of public life.

Obama and his legions of liberal sycophants have re-written the rules for us.  Let us now use their rules against them, as well as the traitors on our own side, Team Red.  Let's separate losers from the winners.  Believers from deceivers.  Wheat from chaff.  Sheep from goats.  Make your lists.  Let us "out" these chestless people with shriveled wills.  Your so-called "allies" were waiting to turn traitor this whole time.  

With any luck, this clear and obvious insult to the Republican voters means the destruction of the Republican Party.  This year.  I hope.

If we cannot have a party that solidly opposes Leftism, then let's destroy the mask-wearing party that has lied to us for the past thirty years.  Should Trump fail this primary season, let us withdraw from the Republican Party forever, and consign it to oblivion until the end of time.

And, after that, if there's any mercy in this universe, Hillary Clinton will win the presidency, and we can move along with the destruction of this ridiculous society that has fattened its people up to be nothing more than worthless, emoting hedonists.

Enjoy the Decline.


1 comment:

  1. If Trump wins the White House, I will raise my head just a little bit higher in public with the hope that Western civilization, European-American Christian society is coming out of hibernation, at least in bits and pieces enough to give relief. What consolation that would be after years of subtle oppression by the Left under an Obama White House.

    On the other hand, if Hillary wins the White House I will be tempted to accelerate my ten year fantasy plan to move to a quiet island in the Philippines.

    Better get ready for Mass...

    - Trads for Trump