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Friday, April 22, 2016

I Support Michael Voris Today, Part 2

As I said earlier this morning:

"[C]aution in this matter is rare and admirable. On the one hand, we have to take CMTV's word that the archdiocese was out to get him. But on the other hand, Voris had to beat them to the punch. Add to that the fact that Voris' testimony surely was not easy, and also add Fr. Nicholson's latest petty maneuver--and it begins, a little, to seem legit. Either way, I support Voris in this matter, even though I'm positive CMTV will NOT extend a friendly hand towards my "Toxic Trad" circles. And I will continue to either enjoy or disdain CMTV based on WHAT THEY SAY, and not because of something Voris did in his past. Good luck with those back stabbers, Voris."

Of course the Archdiocese of NY now has the ability to deny they were ever out to get Voris. That's one of the perks of forcing CMTV's hand. The archdiocese has deniability now. They can deny up and down that they were ever thinking about doing anything to Michael Voris. But again, I really don't think Voris and company are lying about this.

If it is true that Michael Voris and CMTV are orchestrating this in order to claim sympathy points for Voris, then that is actually a betrayal of trust with the viewers. It'd be quite effeminate for Voris to play some kind of a "repentant gay man victim" card. However, I don't think this is the case today.

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