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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Donald Trump's Sincerity Rips Off People's Masks

The horribly subversive Amoris Laetitia just came out last week.  But this is no surprise, really.  We've been expecting it.  I mean, honestly, Catholics.  Were you expecting Amoris Laetitia to not come out and say what it says?

But also unsurprising is the Republican Establishment's rigging of Colorado delegates.


It is totally unsurprising that the Republican Establishment and Ted Cruz will work in tandem to stab Donald Trump voters in the back.  It will be totally unsurprising if Donald Trump, in spite of having widespread national support from the people, will lose the primary.  It will be totally unsurprising when Ted Cruz--or even Paul Ryan--is handed the candidacy by the GOPe.  It will be totally unsurprising when the latter two lose the general election to Hillary Clinton, who then goes on to steer our nation into darkness until the end of time.  And finally, it will also be unsurprising to see the r-selected "conflict avoidance" crowd celebrate, once "anyone but Trump" is placed into the president's chair.  

Visceral hatred has been worked up against Donald Trump AND HIS VOTERS by Ted Cruz supporters, Marco Rubio voters, and others.  This entire primary process has been all about the people the entire time.  It's been all about the voters since Day One.  And Trump's super power is to rip the mask off of all of society to reveal just who is who.  
You'll spend years pretending that your friends are rational or even smart.  But then, along comes a sincere candidate telling our society's media exactly what the Establishment's political game is all about, and it stirs up the hornet's nest.  Suddenly, people begin calling Trump "mean," "pig," and "sleaze."  American society is forced to reveal what it has been all along, and they hate that.  Patsies and shills are brought out into the sunlight.  Corruption is no longer played down, but it's obvious and in your face.  People talk about killing those they disagree with.  People you've gotten along with before and who have agreed with you on everything suddenly become stone cold enemies.  

Trump did not make the people this way.  Trump did not transform the people.  He has revealed your friends to be cowardly conformists.  He is a litmus test.  

As Stefan Molyneux said, Trump is providing a free service, preventing us from forming toxic relationships with people who don't think, but only pretend to think, who remain as deeply fearful followers who only know to go with the flow.  Trump, for a limited time (it seems), is separating the r-selected people from the K-selected people.

It is sad that it took Donald Trump to show this to you all.  That everyone is so dazzled by the masks people wear in this society.  That no one could read between the lines and know that this division would form.  But such is life.  

One can only coast through the madness.  The madness is not going anywhere.  Take off your blinders.  Throw away your rose-tinted glasses, and see the world for what it really is.  Acknowledge that no one in this world is perfect, and that all we can do is the best with what we got.  Make the best of things, and don't fall for lies.  

My forecast?  No matter who wins in November, this country will be more divided and hostile than ever before.  Prepare accordingly.    


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  1. Behind the political movement--that is "Trump"--a hot fire rises to the sky fueled by the daily persecutions by a socialist government and secularist society. The natural law inside us pushes back against this force, almost involuntarily. People are forced by their own inner human nature to respond with an equal and opposite reaction. We almost have to. Its Newtonian physics we can't escape.

    As C.S. Lewis argued in his Abolition of Man, the tyrant that is modernist society will soon reachs its limits when Nature itself fights back according to the laws of nature, especially the laws of human nature.

    Every man, woman, and child across our land who possesses any sort of common sense,i.e. who are at least somewhat in tune with nature/human nature, and who are relatively free of the "ideological" extremes of the political left (or right!)--many working people are--instinctively see in Trump a Symbol behind this flawed, controversial man. A symbol of counter-revolution, return to conservation of culture, return to some sort of semblance of Christian decency. He is a very flawed man, but a powerful symbol for the moment.

    While a culture war continues on our soil, we may try to set sail for peaceful islands, but the war is there too. The winds of human nature will just send us back to the main land. Since as Aristotle proves man is both a social and political animal, we are almost forced to give an equal and opposite reaction to the present, Satanic Establishment.