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Friday, April 22, 2016

I Support Michael Voris Today, Part 2

As I said earlier this morning:

"[C]aution in this matter is rare and admirable. On the one hand, we have to take CMTV's word that the archdiocese was out to get him. But on the other hand, Voris had to beat them to the punch. Add to that the fact that Voris' testimony surely was not easy, and also add Fr. Nicholson's latest petty maneuver--and it begins, a little, to seem legit. Either way, I support Voris in this matter, even though I'm positive CMTV will NOT extend a friendly hand towards my "Toxic Trad" circles. And I will continue to either enjoy or disdain CMTV based on WHAT THEY SAY, and not because of something Voris did in his past. Good luck with those back stabbers, Voris."

Of course the Archdiocese of NY now has the ability to deny they were ever out to get Voris. That's one of the perks of forcing CMTV's hand. The archdiocese has deniability now. They can deny up and down that they were ever thinking about doing anything to Michael Voris. But again, I really don't think Voris and company are lying about this.

If it is true that Michael Voris and CMTV are orchestrating this in order to claim sympathy points for Voris, then that is actually a betrayal of trust with the viewers. It'd be quite effeminate for Voris to play some kind of a "repentant gay man victim" card. However, I don't think this is the case today.

I Support Michael Voris Today

"I do not know what the result of all of this will be. It is difficult to speak of, beyond unpleasant to recall." Today, I say: God Bless Michael Voris and CMTV.  -LH

Though ChurchMilitantTV has been at odds with Traditional Catholics in my circles for the last year, I find myself backing them and Michael Voris today.

According to CMTV, the archdiocese of New York is planning a smear campaign against Michael Voris by revealing his sinful past before his conversion into Catholicism.  If true, this is a wretched and terrible thing for the archdiocese to do.  According to CMTV, calumny was being spread about Voris at the Dunwoodie seminary, and that a campaign was to begin which would attempt to tarnish his name.

This scheme has forced Michael Voris' hand, causing him to strike first and reveal his sinful past for millions of viewers online.  I will not even link to this CMTV Voris episode, as it is unfortunate and unnecessary for Voris to have to qualify himself in such a humiliating manner.

Voris does not have to qualify himself for me or any other Traditionalist Catholic.  A sinful past is past.  It is wrong for anyone to try to dredge up something on a repentant man in order to do damage to his reputation.  Voris, for all appearances, has a clean life and is full of zeal.  Anyone can see that.

Now, Voris and CMTV have said some nasty things about Traditionalist Catholics.  They muzzle anyone who criticizes Pope Francis, and they're quite wrong about the Society of Saint Pius X.  However, their organization has done a lot of good as well.  Exposing corrupt clergy has been a great help for the common laity.  CMTV has done great service for regular people who hold no authority over anything.  Time and again, Voris and company have exposed wicked things going on within the Church hierarchy, and for this we shall forever be grateful.

However, if I and others are to take issue with Michael Voris or CMTV, it is because of what they say, not what they may have done in the past.  If Voris, Niles, or any one of them over at CMTV goes off on another tear about how people attending SSPX Mass are more wicked than satanists, then they are completely wrong and deserve to be called out.  However, let it not be denied that they also hit the nail right on the head on other issues.  They are a mixed bag, so I say: accept that.

Speaking of comparing SSPX to satanists, CMTV's buddy, Father Paul Nicholson has decided to do a 180 on Voris and friends, and to COMPLETELY DISOWN THEM.

First, there was this:
Dear friends; I apologize for not providing you with a daily video, and this may be for a while. I have ceased doing business with the company that provided the platform. While my future is uncertain, I entrust myself to the Providential goodness of God the Father. If you could, in your kindness continue your financial support during this adventure, I would be most appreciative. God reward you! Fr. Paul Nicholson
So, okay. He's disowning CMTV here. Then, he goes along to stab his former colleague in the back. Fr. Paul Nicholson, a public figure and a leader who we address as "Father," acts petty, and attributes some of the worst stereotypical characteristics to Michael Voris. He does this in the manner of a backbiting, gossiping, high school cheerleader who's putting down her competition on the team:
Those who are the most ardent fault finders are those who suffer from a deep self-hatred. Homosexual acts produces in an individual such self-loathing that it not surprising that the gay culture manifests itself in attacking with hostility. Unwittingly the culture of the Internet is dominated by this gay culture ... And today, many Catholics are so deformed that they have succumbed to it. That is why there are groups and individuals who can make a living off of bashing bishops. They survive on poorly formed Catholics. Do not follow or listen to anyone who bashes the sacred hierarchy. It is an evident sign they experience self-loathing. Even if the person has repented of deep sexual sins in their past, human nature will be infected by those sins. It can happen therefore that the prodigal son can turn into the elder brother. Have nothing to do with these forms of "apostolate".
Not only is this comment terribly bad-natured, but it is also un-Christian. How could Fr. Nicholson not know that Voris had a gay past? Did he never hear Voris' confession? Surely he did. How could he so completely disown someone he used to support so much. It's completely duplicitous.

But also, Fr. Nicholson is quite wrong in his accusations. Accusing Voris of gay culture? CMTV is a Catholic organization that has done nothing but to push for the exposure of corruption in the Church. Surviving "on poorly formed Catholics?" Only the poorest formed Catholic could fail to see through this murky behavior. And even if Michael Voris was spiritually deformed because of his past life--why in the Hell did Fr. Paul Nicholson go along with the CMTV operation in the first place, and why would he be disparaging this deformed person so publicly, rather than helping Voris to heal, and encouraging him in the Catholic Faith?

Finally, Fr. Nicholson states the following for his followers:
To save us all a lot trouble, let me say that I am more than happy to have anyone unfriend me who thinks that you can serve the Church by using: Rage (impersonating holy anger), Sarcasm, Gossip, Shame. These tactics belong to the world. These are not instruments that Catholics can use to reform the Church. The sexual revolution has ruined all of us. We are all loaded with self-hatred. That is why we need to try to be good children of God. That is why we must try to be Christian. The gay culture lives off of rage, sarcasm, gossip and shame. The gay culture destroys dioceses, religious orders, even noble attempts to serve the Church. I am done with the gay culture impersonating service to the Church.  Done. Absolutely done.  Unfriend me so we can go our separate ways. I am done catering to this pathology.
Amazing. Am I the only one seeing this? Fr. Nicholson is already guilty of three of these. He is raging against the repentant Voris, gossiping about his past unnecessarily, and he is attempting to shame him. Michael Voris is a repentant man. The clergy that CMTV goes after is still in the middle of their corruption, still doing damage, still leading souls away from the Church, and still unrepentant. These worldly tactics are being employed by the world...and by Fr. Nicholson.

And he says, "I am done with the gay culture impersonating service to the Church." This is a false accusation. CMTV is not gay culture. It is against homosexuality, and it is exposing sodomy and many other corruptions within the Church hierarchy. He is fishing for a conflict where no conflict exists. Perhaps Father is just caught up in the type of thinking that says: Oh! Voris was a queer! He thinks like a queer! He always will! And the whole damned CMTV studio thinks like queers! That is how Fr. Paul Nicholson is sounding here. He sounds like a reactionary, not a spiritual leader.  I can only shake my head in disappointment. Watching this spectacle from him is worse than watching Fr. Dwight Longnecker's Trad bashing.

I appreciate it when a priest comes out and states that homosexuality is evil.  But this is wrong, wrong, wrong.  Michael Voris is a repentant man.  There's plenty of homosexual enemies of the Church, and Voris is not one of them.  Even if he is struggling with some sort of addiction, it's none of our business, and it is clear that he is trying to serve the Church in spite of his personal battles with sin.  A lot of us try to serve God despite our sins.

Today, I support Michael Voris and ChurchMilitantTV.  I take the Michael Matt approach of The Remnant, and I extend my hand out in friendship towards them, pointing to that organization as an example of good resistance against the evils engorging on a weakened Church on Earth.  CMTV has been difficult and wrong on occasion.  But they are also allies of a type.  

If anything, Michael Voris' latest testimony only strengthens his character and makes him more of a leading figure in the Catholic world than ever before.  People will see through the various shallow attempts to smear him, and they will only appreciate him more.  I have viewed the video of his testimony, and I am moved greatly.  Indeed, with God, all things are possible.  I am thankful that God has a servant such as Michael Voris--for his sake and all of ours.  With any luck, the next time Voris comes to Tulsa, perhaps I could meet the guy.

So, again, today I stand by CMTV and Michael Voris.  I do this, even if it is true that they will never stand by me, The Remnant, Louie Verrecchio, Steve Skojec the badass, Hilary White, Ann Barnhardt, or the SSPX--the Society, who has been fighting all this time for our Church since shortly after Vatican II.  It's a one-sided kind of affection, but it's usually that way when you're a Christian.

UPDATE:  As of now, Fr. Paul Nicholson has unfriended me on Facebook.  This, because about half an hour ago, I kindly told him that it's strange that he should be talking about people "going our separate ways," when he's the one who is our spiritual father, and that we are supposed to be looking up to him.  Instead, he's only keeping around those Facebook posters who praise him.  Such behavior is not leadership, and it is not masculine.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Steve Skojec's A Badass

Sincerity is a rare and cherished commodity in this day and age.  It is for this reason that Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are so popular among the American populace.  Our people have been outright lied to so much and for so long, that we are starving for any political figure to be honest with us.

Sincerity in any form.

Here, in our Traditionalist Catholic circle, much the same can be said about our public figures.  We love our sincere and honest pundits.  We do not care so much for those disingenuous public figures who deliberately avoid the issue and ridicule honest questioning.

ChurchMilitantTV's notorious banning of any "nay sayers" in their comment box comes to mind.  Fr. Dwight Longnecker's latest nasty trashing of honest Traditional Catholic people forced The Remnant's hand, causing them to formally demand a retraction letter.  This, because Fr. Longnecker rambled on about how Traditionalists will eventually be driven to physical violence towards other people.  Even Father admitted that readers question the sincerity of his apology, as The Remnant was forced into legally defending themselves with a lawyer after his libel.  And oh!  Don't let me leave out Mark Shea, who's arrogant, liberal, dismissive attitude toward actual thinkers has earned himself no small amount of disdain.  I also don't want to leave out Crux, The Fishwrap (aka National Catholic Reporter), or Catholic Answers, but there are so many disingenuous actors in this theater, it'd take quite a while to name them all.

Traditionalist Catholics struggle to retain the Mass of the Ages and hold onto the unchanging Truth and time-tested traditions of our Faith.  No one else is trying to do what Traditionalist Catholics are trying to do.  We are alone.  We are orphans of the world.

Although we are joined to Christ's multi-dimensional family, the Catholic Church--which transcends space, time, and death itself--we are still independent-minded when compared to the rest of the world, as well as those Catholics who have yet to self actualize, as we have.  We are the true forward thinkers.  We are the true New Man.  We are K-selected lions.  We are not r-selected rabbits.  Our lives do not form around conflict avoidance.  Instead, we K-selected types accept the cultural cross that the world, and other Catholics, hoist over our shoulders.

Our champions are few.  But they glimmer with the brightness that sincerity naturally exudes.  Steve Skojec is one such champion.

Skojec and his website, OnePeterFive, have been carving a path for all good people who have felt adrift in this miasma of modernism.  There are so many instances where I've appreciated Skojec's insight.  Offhand, his coverage of the 2014 Oklahoma City black mass come to mind, as well as his later defense of the SSPX for holding a vigil against those satanic acts.  His podcasts always make for great listening, particularly the interviews with another sincere carrier of the "zeal card," Ann Barnhardt.  And just last month, on his own personal blog, Skojec wrote an article that made a fascinating comparison between Deadpool and Donald Trump.  How can any free thinker resist a discussion like that?

So, how can such a guy be hated as much as he is?  Skojec's heartfelt nature is obvious to any guileless layman.  He doesn't blow people off as losers, he doesn't give important subjects the TL;DR treatment, and he doesn't avoid the issue the way many dishonest pundits do.

Skojec is a genuine article, and he is a rare and hard-to-find gem in, what Davis Aurini has termed, "a generation of cheap sardonics."  Hating people for their virtues, Skojec's critics, deep down, despise him for what he does right.

Consider what Aurini says about today's hatred for sincere people:
Instead of harsh justice and incisive humour, we’ve developed a culture of dismissive sardony and cheap sarcasm.  The most popular social commentators aren’t those who demand journalistic truth or who elucidate complex topics, it is those who reaffirm preconceived notions with shoddy logic and fallacies galore.  We pity the monster, while reviling the courageous and strong; we support the wicked while attacking the just.
In Skojec's case, our cultural gatekeepers support pro-sodomy, pro-adultery clerics such as Cardinal Schonborn, but they attack the nervous, good-willed layman who's done his homework.  At least, that's the aftertaste we're left with after Fox News threw him into a closet with a green screen and probed him for a soundbyte or two for their morning show.

In another instance, one uncharitable Patheos critic calls Skojec a pathetic radical Catholic reactionary, blathering on about how we, his ilk, drink up the rotgut he produces.  According to this hate-filled blogger, people such as we Traditionalist Catholics are progressing downhill right alongside Hilary White (who is also awesome, might I add).

The flippant maliciousness that we are witnessing on the part of liberal critics is backhanded.  These people are only interested in pouring out their contempt for any man or woman who has cross-referenced the words of modern prelates with two-thousand years of documented Church teaching.

A real problem has arisen in the Catholic Church since the Second Vatican Council, but the majority of Catholics have plugged up their ears.  And as society's foundations continue to crumble into dust, the r-selected "rabbits" among us have decided to favor the most aggressive force that they think won't harm them--the Marxist-friendly liberal establishment ensconced in the Church hierarchy.  The rabbits have allied with this supreme threat to everyone's well being, and they meanwhile go after and tear at the weaker, less-represented force, the Traditionalist laity, who have few representatives.

Independent, K-selected individuals, such as Skojec, are a threat to the rabbits.  Therefore, the latter will seek to neutralize the former as fast as possible, in the same way that cells will go after a foreign body.  It is instinctual for these r-selected rabbits to do whatever they can to avoid the real issue.

And what conflict has been plaguing us all?  What is that "real issue?"  The overtaking of Christ's Church on earth by Freemason-minded scheming.  Indeed, critics of the Traditionalist Catholics want to avoid that grand battle--that most important confrontation of confrontations--for as long as possible.

Thank God Steve Skojec is not afraid to fight.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Donald Trump's Sincerity Rips Off People's Masks

The horribly subversive Amoris Laetitia just came out last week.  But this is no surprise, really.  We've been expecting it.  I mean, honestly, Catholics.  Were you expecting Amoris Laetitia to not come out and say what it says?

But also unsurprising is the Republican Establishment's rigging of Colorado delegates.


It is totally unsurprising that the Republican Establishment and Ted Cruz will work in tandem to stab Donald Trump voters in the back.  It will be totally unsurprising if Donald Trump, in spite of having widespread national support from the people, will lose the primary.  It will be totally unsurprising when Ted Cruz--or even Paul Ryan--is handed the candidacy by the GOPe.  It will be totally unsurprising when the latter two lose the general election to Hillary Clinton, who then goes on to steer our nation into darkness until the end of time.  And finally, it will also be unsurprising to see the r-selected "conflict avoidance" crowd celebrate, once "anyone but Trump" is placed into the president's chair.  

Visceral hatred has been worked up against Donald Trump AND HIS VOTERS by Ted Cruz supporters, Marco Rubio voters, and others.  This entire primary process has been all about the people the entire time.  It's been all about the voters since Day One.  And Trump's super power is to rip the mask off of all of society to reveal just who is who.  
You'll spend years pretending that your friends are rational or even smart.  But then, along comes a sincere candidate telling our society's media exactly what the Establishment's political game is all about, and it stirs up the hornet's nest.  Suddenly, people begin calling Trump "mean," "pig," and "sleaze."  American society is forced to reveal what it has been all along, and they hate that.  Patsies and shills are brought out into the sunlight.  Corruption is no longer played down, but it's obvious and in your face.  People talk about killing those they disagree with.  People you've gotten along with before and who have agreed with you on everything suddenly become stone cold enemies.  

Trump did not make the people this way.  Trump did not transform the people.  He has revealed your friends to be cowardly conformists.  He is a litmus test.  

As Stefan Molyneux said, Trump is providing a free service, preventing us from forming toxic relationships with people who don't think, but only pretend to think, who remain as deeply fearful followers who only know to go with the flow.  Trump, for a limited time (it seems), is separating the r-selected people from the K-selected people.

It is sad that it took Donald Trump to show this to you all.  That everyone is so dazzled by the masks people wear in this society.  That no one could read between the lines and know that this division would form.  But such is life.  

One can only coast through the madness.  The madness is not going anywhere.  Take off your blinders.  Throw away your rose-tinted glasses, and see the world for what it really is.  Acknowledge that no one in this world is perfect, and that all we can do is the best with what we got.  Make the best of things, and don't fall for lies.  

My forecast?  No matter who wins in November, this country will be more divided and hostile than ever before.  Prepare accordingly.    


Sunday, April 10, 2016

Levin, Beck, and The Resurgent are paid shills for the GOP

One of the things I'm enjoying about this political fiasco that is the Republican primary season, is that it's drawing out all of the fakes and sellouts.  Ladies and gentlemen, there they are!  The cucks have exposed themselves!  Make your lists.  It'll never be the same after this.

I mean, we have a man--Ted Cruz--with five mistresses getting blackmailed by one of them who worked for his opponent's campaign.  Cruz's campaign managed to cheat Ben Carson out of votes in Iowa right off the bat.  No one in Congress likes this sleeze.  His political career began when he was 18 years old, meaning that Cruz thought he should be able to rule over you ever since he was a kid.  He came from wealthy parents and never worked a real job in his life.  He's not even US-born.  His team slithers around this country to steal delegate votes, disenfranchising the voters more and more.  And oh...remember how in the last primary election the Republican establishment created Rule 40 in order to subvert Ron Paul's campaign into oblivion?  Well, now that Rule 40 is inconvenient in Donald Trump's situation, they're considering doing away with Rule 40.  So, basically, they're bending rules backwards and forwards to get their sleazy way.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Republican Establishment hate you.

And now, we learn from The Conservative Treehouse that "conservative" media figures Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Erick Erickson--and God knows who else--are getting paid by the GOP establishment to be anti-Trump on their shows and websites.

These financial/media relationships have largely, and historically, remained hidden. They have damned sure never been publicly, clearly, and regularly stated so the consuming audience would know the presentation was fraught with financial conflict.

I'm sure you all have already considered this possibility.  It's just really something special to witness this kind of filth, and not to just read about it.

Even more amazing than all of this corruption is the pure hate--actual visceral bigoted hate--that is directed towards Donald Trump and his supporters.  Ever since the Donald began losing in Wisconsin, Team DumpTrump has worked up a hateboner so big that it could crush a car under its weight.  A third of the village is giggling with girlish glee as it picks up stones to throw at the man.

This raw, glib, arrogant aggression is something I am used to seeing on the Left.  But now I'm seeing this brand of Gamma hate coming off from other Republican voters.  And thus, ladies and gentlemen, the cuckservatives are exposed.  So, again, take note of who they are.  You know that you ought not ever listen to them again, and in fact, you should oppose, stifle, and defeat them until they are out of public life.

Obama and his legions of liberal sycophants have re-written the rules for us.  Let us now use their rules against them, as well as the traitors on our own side, Team Red.  Let's separate losers from the winners.  Believers from deceivers.  Wheat from chaff.  Sheep from goats.  Make your lists.  Let us "out" these chestless people with shriveled wills.  Your so-called "allies" were waiting to turn traitor this whole time.  

With any luck, this clear and obvious insult to the Republican voters means the destruction of the Republican Party.  This year.  I hope.

If we cannot have a party that solidly opposes Leftism, then let's destroy the mask-wearing party that has lied to us for the past thirty years.  Should Trump fail this primary season, let us withdraw from the Republican Party forever, and consign it to oblivion until the end of time.

And, after that, if there's any mercy in this universe, Hillary Clinton will win the presidency, and we can move along with the destruction of this ridiculous society that has fattened its people up to be nothing more than worthless, emoting hedonists.

Enjoy the Decline.


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

My Endorsement of "Immersed in Subversion"

Before reading Vox Day's SJWs Always Lie, prime yourself with Aurini's latest great documentary:

I watched this video this evening.  It is the perfect documentary for people, still ignorant, who are not "switched on" to the cultural war that marxist social justice warriors have been waging against the remnants of the Western mind.  It goes hand-in-hand with SJWs Always Lie, and it provides the detailed insight necessary for understanding how the Leftist machine works in our broken culture.

Immersed in Subversion begins with a close look at a videogame reviewer named Anita Sarkeesian.  She is a blatant feminist who has a clear bias against the entire videogame industry, grasping for female victimhood in whatever instance she can claim, so long as it promotes her brand.  Though, originally, her videos were uninspiring and ignorable, her banner-carrying act has earned her prestige among the devil worshipers of the Left, who have positioned her as a moderator on Twitter.
There's no such thing as sexism against men.  That's because sexism is prejudice + power.  Men are the dominant gender with power in society.  -Anita Sarkeesian, from Twitter
From there, the documentary takes a step back and begins to examine the censorship and double standard being placed upon the various other aspects of videogame culture.  A broad swath of interviews takes place, from critics, to designers, to outright porn stars.  The fact of the matter is: a great variety of people from all walks of life are now beginning to notice the nasty, slippery methods of those on the Left.  And that is saying something.  

Now, for all of you intellectual and Churchian folks out there who never sampled a George Carlin comedy skit: Davis Aurini is a Catholic man of the Alt-Right.  He's not a bookish contributor of E. Michael Jones' Culture Wars magazine.  He is not of the same brand as Remnant readers, those folks fighting the ongoing Traditionalist vs Neo-Catholic battle within the Church.  Nor is he some sort of a Bernie Sanders voting distributist.

Davis Aurini is a man living in the world.  As such, he's having to deal with the world.  Aurini is on the front lines when it comes to regular men who are struggling with the suffocating liberalism that chokes the will of your average man on the ground.  His conversations are often focused through the lens of the manosphere's Red Pill vs Blue Pill battle.  And yet, Aurini is theologically, philosophically, and erudite enough in his discourse to merit a favorable reaction from Charles Coulombe.  

In the battle for the West, there are many connections between various factions, most of which the majority is unaware.  But I assure you, if you require further insight into how cultural sabotage works in this country, Immersed in Subversion should be standard viewing for your development.  You will not be disappointed.

Watch the video, and I promise you'll enjoy it.  And after you're done, you can show your continued appreciation for Davis Aurini by contributing to his Patreon.

Find Aurini at www.staresattheworld.com