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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Ride On: A Rodeo Novel

Over two years ago, I mentioned some authors who are published through Amazon.com's Kindle publishing program.  I never got around to doing the reviews that I wanted to do, thanks largely to various other tasks.  But I'm caught up now, and this week, I've managed to read and review a book that's been on my shelf these two years.

I am talking about the writing of Michael Hearing.  This newest edition of his rodeo tale is titled, Ride On: A Rodeo Novel.  The book has been out for two years, and it originally had a different name, Out of Goshen.  The title is available on Kindle, though I think it is also available in other formats if you use those.

Here is my Amazon customer review:
This is a book for men 
 I am not an enormous fan of the cowboy lifestyle. I am not a rodeo enthusiast. I am a city slicker. I'm fond of well-established metroplexes found on the East and West Coasts of North America. Civilization and history have always attracted me. So, when I opened this book, I knew I'd be reading about a lifestyle that was "getting a little western."
After I read through the first few action-packed scenes, I could say this book describes "a cowboy paradise all right." Yet, I kept reading. Why? Because, if you boil it down, this is not just a story of world-champion bulldoggers. This is a story about men.
The exploits of Michael Anders is a tale for the everyman who ever thought about conquering "that worming maggot of fear." Out there, in the wild plains are the good ol' boys who give each other shit while they risk their lives for money, revelry, and for the thrill of danger that puts a keen edge on the crowd's pleasure.
As you read through each bronco and bull ride, you really don't know if this is going to be THE moment where, perhaps, the rider gets seriously hurt, put out of the contest, or just killed. In every scene, I truly did not know if he was gonna make it. The struggle between man and beast is intense.
Hearing's ability to write the visceral details of a scene are incontestable, and I am left with the impression that this author has had some experience in the rodeo life. Who else but a rider would be able to put something like this as plain as day? Rodeo is about man versus nature. At the end of every bucking bronco ride, you come away realizing that it was a dance all along. Moreover, I'm left with a sort of deep respect for the courage, the nerve--the raw manliness--required to take on such fierce animals. Every time a bucking bull would sweep at his human annoyance with his pair of horns, I truly feared for the rider.
In between the adrenaline cascades and the intense moments of life or death, Michael Anders endures the gritty, stinky, bloodied rodeo road life that only a bachelor adventure can compare to. His is a lifestyle of buckle bunnies, plastic beer cups, unstable country bar tables, stretched dollars, sleeping in cars, and enduring several days' worth of unwashed hangover sweat. When life's this raw, all an Oklahoma cowboy can do is give the beast a stab with his spurs, and keep hanging on.
As I said before, this is a story about men. As such, it is a book for men. It will appeal to any man who has taken a dose of the Red Pill. Any man who has valued his manhood will be able to appreciate a story like this. Moreover, this book will make a great companion for a Hemingway novel. In an age when real masculinity is stampeded into the dirt, men need a book like this.
So, cowboy up and ride this rodeo lookin' bastard. Carry some of the grit of the arena away with you.

I meant every word of it, and I recommend all you fellas out there give this book a try.  People don't write them like this, anymore.  Most males these days wouldn't even be able to conceive of living a life like Michael Anders. However, it's important that we remember how to be the risk-taking adventurous men we were meant to be.  This book--even if you aren't a cowboy--will help you get your bearings for manhood's journey.

Buy it on Amazon.com for your Kindle today!

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  1. Ah yes the Red Pill. Gotta love the sustaining joy of Reality, even if at times it is cold and hard.