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Sunday, March 20, 2016

No more tears. Only Trump.

Something I posted on Disqus today, in response to an anti-Trump person:

Rules are out the window.  Democrats have set the precedent for decades.  The Hildabeast has multiple failures on her resume, several murders tacked onto her, she's done nothing in regards to her adulterous husband, and she could conceivably go to jail before the general election.  She's a horrible person.  The Left has decided for us that these are the standards, and these are rules. 

So, who gives a shit about Trump's background, what he says, or what he'll do? 

To the Left, I say "thanks."  Now we'll do whatever we damned well please.

Trump says what I like and sets the cultural standard.  If he becomes president, he will set the cultural tone for this country.  I like Trump, he makes me feel happy, he angers and draws out my enemies, so I will vote for him.

Seems pathetic that I'll vote for him based on an emotional high.  But since when has any elected politician stayed true to any kind of an intellectual and philosophical promise?  No one stays true to logic in this society.  But I and others on the alt-Right are happy to admit this.  The Left and the cuckserative coattail riders are still pretending to be smart and intellectual, when they're the most emotional caricatures of all. 

Now, now.  Stop crying.  Only Trump.  You will swallow this pill.

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  1. Yves Simon, classical Thomist, made the case the presidency is or should be like monarchy. The president should rule from their own God-given authority often completely separate from other branches of government or the people. But he argued the American presidency (as of the mid 20th century) has become a mere instrument of wealthy elites or at best the mob. If Trump is elected, he may be the first president to truly govern as a president should. - Trads for Trump