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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Insanity: The West Repeats The Same Folly Continuously

One thing that frustrates me about my fellow countrymen is that they do not realize that it's over.  Voting, protesting, debating...nothing.  All of it.  This thing, this civilization that we inherited--we've lost it, and no one realizes it.

People continue to think that if they continue to do the same tired thing they've been doing for the last fifty plus years, that somehow things will get better.  They won't.  People continue to think the gravy train that is Western Civilization will keep on givin', that the current condition is how it's always been, and that things will always be this way in the future.

For these reasons, I really don't put too much stock in hopeful saviors.  Yet, everyone around me continues to think the next cowardly moderate leader in our society is going to right the train back onto the track.

Twenty-First Century Western Civilization is a suicide culture.  The people collectively WANT to wither away.  Why else would they be so eager to kill their children and their elderly, punish free thought, and open the city gates for the barbarians?  The West hates itself, and it wants to die.

Sure, I'll put in my token vote and make my small symbolic gesture that I want our degradation to slow down--or even stop.  But I simply cannot be the only one who effectively preserves our inheritance for my children, grandchildren, and their descendants.  I cannot do it all by myself.

There are others out there, but it's not enough.

Therefore, my posterity and I must simply become harder, tougher, and more durable...as the Western Culture War comes to a close, and victorious godless anarchy overcomes one outpost after another.  Another atoll sunk.  Another station silenced.  All flags kicked down.

I never wished this desolation on me and mine.  But today, the men are cowards.  And the reality is: the West deserves this.

Laramie Hirsch,
Toxic Trad

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