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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Liberal Atheism is Courting Islam

A good ol' buddy of mine brought this article to my attention: The Islamization of America? Contemplating the Unthinkable.  In it, William Kilpatrick contemplates the Islamization of the United States.

It's a fairly good article, but this particular section caught my particular attention:
Prayers for the Assassin
Despite the relatively small number of Muslims in the U.S., there is a large potential pool of converts among the ranks of college students and recent grads. Who else might prove susceptible to the charms of Islam? Three other groups come to mind: celebrities, fatherless boys, and prisoners.
Celebrities are, of course, a relatively small group, but they are highly influential. Robert Ferrigno’s novel Prayers for the Assassin pictures an America that, sometime in the not-too-distant future, has largely converted to Islam. The real breakthrough comes when a high-profile actress shares her newfound faith during her Oscar acceptance speech. She also announces “her betrothal to Assan Rachman, power forward and MVP of the world champion Los Angeles Lakers.” More celebrity conversions follow and lead, in turn, to a cascade of millions of conversions within a matter of weeks. The disconcerting thing about Ferrigno’s scenario is that it’s all too plausible. In a celebrity-conscious society, people want to live as the celebrities live. And while most people can’t afford to buy a Rolls or a mansion by the sea, they are quite capable of converting.

It is no secret that there is a continual marriage between liberal atheism and Islam.  (I've mentioned it at least once before.  Actually, I've mentioned it three times.)  I'm sure I'll mention it again.  Liberal atheism, which has the aim of creating a vacuum when it comes to religious influence, will gladly court and welcome in Islamic domination.

Leftism is pushed on our people day after day and minute after minute.  If you are unable to realize that you need to tune out the major media and its influence, chances are that you will become engulfed in liberal views, and you will ultimately begin to believe them.  Liberals (as we know them in the 21st Century) hate Christ.  Liberals hate the Logos.  They despise the Catholic Church, and they would much rather replace it with their own version of what a religion ought to be.  Because of these things, The Left is ripe to be overcome by Islam.

Weak-willed, effeminate, hedonistic people on the Left are aching--begging--to submit to something.  But they dare not submit to Christianity.  So, instead, they will submit to Islam.  And they will do so gladly.

And so, consider how we have an army of Hollywood liberals trying to force their fringe viewpoints upon the common people.  Now consider what it will be like when these fragile cowards eventually give in to Islam.  They will be talking about Islam and making that religion a popular phenomenon.  As people become more carefree with their reckless devotion to trends, coffee shop hipsters will latch on to Islam like Starbucks coffee.  You will never hear the end of it.  And soon, just as it is now almost a fireable offence to proclaim sodomy a sin--soon it will be a fireable offense to speak ill of Islam at all.  The SJWs who are out to get you because you're not fag-friendly will begin to target you for not joining the groupthink, and giving the benefit of doubt to Islam.

The liberals of Calais, France, do nothing as Islamic immigrants gobble up their city.

SWPL White Liberals are cowards.  It seems as if they are genetically predisposed to run from any conflict.  It is as though Western liberals dare not speak any kind of universal truth, ever--so much so, that they flee from confrontation.  Running from the good fight is what these people do.  It is as though it's some kind of a genetic trait.  (I touched on "SWPL flight culture" a bit this week, over at Cathinfo.)  To them, truth is like sunlight to a vampire.  It makes them hiss.  They cannot take it.

Liberals are fully prepared to give in to a true rape culture.  A real one.  Not the stupid false "rape culture" fiction that they write about on college campuses.  And then there's the cuckservatives.  Cucks will gladly give over their ideals to whatever trend comes along that threatens to label them with words like "racist" or "bigot."

At this point in time, as we approach the 2020s, I would say that The Left is just courting Islam.  The full marriage has not happened quite yet.  They are still dancing around each other.  Liberals are too stupid to realize that Islam pushes queers off of rooftops, so I don't see The Left having any second thoughts about this eventual union.  But when will the actual melding between the two occur?  I'd give it a decade, maybe even fifteen years?  Just a guess.

The pink lobster on the right is RIPE for Islamic conversion.

"Thanks to your democratic laws, we shall invade you; and thanks to our religious laws, we shall dominate you."  -Muslims*

*As reported by Archbishop Giuseppe Germano Bernardini, from a 1999 conference between Islam and Christianity.

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