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Monday, January 18, 2016

The Internet Wastes Our Time: Part 2

For Davis Aurini, who had a bad time of it last year.  May all of your projects this year reach their conclusion.

On those who fail to complete a collaborative creative work:

There are some people on whom one can count:when they promise, they keep their word.  Now every beginning is a promise, unless it is a piece of folly.  Others give their word, swear by all they hold sacred, and nothing happens; you would think that they have some natural inaptitude for undertaking an obligation; you cannot bind them, and they cannot bind themselves; they are like running water.

People like that represent a morally inferior species; the intellectual who resembles them is not really an intellectual, his vocation has condemned itself.  You who have the sacred call, make up your mind to be faithful.  There is a law within you, let it be obeyed.  You have said: "I will do this," do it.  A case of conscience is before you: settle it to your honor; every unfinished work will be a reproach to you.  

I see a cause of moral decadence in abandoning a project or an undertaking.  One grows used to giving-up; one resigns oneself to disorder, to an uncomfortable conscience; one gets a habit of shilly-shallying.  Thence comes a loss of dignity that can have no favorable effect on one's progress.  

From Part IV of the chapter, "Creative Work"
From the book: The Intellectual Life
By A.D. Sertillanges, O.P.


  1. hopefully the Holy Spirit will one day show Aurini that the struggle is not against corrupt politicians or feminist fanatics, but spirits of wickedness in high places. until then he is fighting against a phantom. The masculinist reaction to feminism seems to be almost as godless as feminism itself, which proves it is a phony war and a devil's snare.

    1. I've sort of fancied the MGTOW movement. Unfortunately, it's proponents have been rather unChristian in their solutions.