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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Physical Strategies Against Civilization's Enemies: Part 2

Last week I touched on Britain First's move to march through the Islamified streets of Britain, and I juxtaposed their boldness to weak-willed forum owners who dare not even talk about confronting Leftist aggressors...on the internet.

Well, it seems that some folks in France are stepping it up a notch, and in effect, outdoing the British.  I chanced upon this video footage tonight.  Apparently, armed groups of French vigilantes have banded together to combat feral Muslim invaders migrants.

In this country, the last time I heard of a neighborhood watch man taking out a kid who was stomping his head to death, the neighborhood watch man was vilified by half the country, including President Obama.

On a side note, it was just this week that the feds shot an unarmed man in the face after having his hands up in the air.  Then they shot him three more times when he was on the ground.  And that was after filling a car full of unarmed people with 120 rounds of ammunition.  A bit unrelated.  But it's food for thought.

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