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Monday, January 25, 2016

Physical Strategies Against Civilization's Enemies

While Tracy of Fisheaters, Kaesekopf of SD, and other timid caricatures of meekness continue to trip over themselves in terror of the idea of confronting Leftists, others are picking up the slack.  Indeed, the former categories of people are afraid to even talk about actually confronting Leftists...online.  That's right.  These people are afraid of denting their dainty pride and getting their little cotton tails dirty when it comes to confronting hostile atheists or liberal Catholics...on the Internet.

Britain First puts such cravens to shame.

Visit their website here.

Britain First is confronting their adversaries in real life, in their very enclaves.  Below, you will witness Britain First making an incursion into an Islamic hotspot, Bury Park, Luton.  They endure insults and abuse from the Islamic people there who are pleased to boast about how they are taking over the country of Britain.

These people are not whittling away spare time on the internet.  They are taking actual risks to begin something.  Hopefully for Britain First, they will not be all talk and no show.  I think that next time they patrol through that neighborhood, it might do to have clubs and twice the amount of people.  It's a start.

"Operations like this have to be done.  They have to be done.  We have to show these people that this is still England, this is still Britain, this is still our country.  And we have had enough of being treated like second-class citizens in our own towns."

Good for him, I say.

Expect war.

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