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Friday, January 15, 2016

Hypocrisy from Fisheaters' Owner

So, this week, Vox Clamantis, owner of Fisheaters, decided to share with everyone that she was fired from a volunteer position at a local medical museum for daring to discreetly share a few conservative anecdotes.

Much to my amusement, Tracy appears to be surprised by this. 
That sounds almost as preposterous as getting banned from a discussion forum echo chamber for talking about something that the forum owner doesn't like. 
Look at it this way, Tracy, at least you weren't cut off from your colleagues in the process.

1 comment:

  1. I hope you are still OK with me writing here. You used to be. I have been thinking lately about the subject of being banned and your post resonated with me.

    When I was banned from Fish Eaters, I was sad at first but I got over it fairly quickly because I had a sense that I did not really belong there any more. Also most of the people I wanted to associate with were on Suscipe Domine anyhow. I think you are right that the harm from being banned comes from the disruption of relationships. A lot of people say that online actions and relationships don't really count but I disagree. They are real and important.

    It seems that you hold me at least partially responsible for your getting banned from Suscipe Domine and I never really took that seriously before because I never explicitly asked for you to be banned. But I have been reflecting lately and understanding that I did contribute to it. My constant interfering and scolding played a role in you being banned and I am sorry. As I was thinking over my six years on trad forums, I could see I had a pattern of wrong and damaging behaviour.

    I thought about what you wrote a couple of months ago, that I needed to apologize with both words and actions. And I remembered your even earlier comment that I ought to be limited to 3 posts a day. So I decided to spend 2016 doing penance for my online errors and bad behaviour by limiting myself to 3 posts a day (not including prayers).

    You have talked about the seriousness of banning from forums a few times, but it has only lately been making sense to me. Lately Te Deum has become a forum that I wish I could particiate in. There are subjects that I would like to discuss and posters with whom I would like to interact. I am really regretting getting myself banned. It's my own fault and I deserve it so I just have to live with consequences of my actions. It is the feeling of being cut off from people that is so hard, just as you have been saying.