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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Great Replacement

“Whoever does not embrace the Catholic Christian faith is lost, like your false prophet Muhammad.”
-St. Peter Mavimenus

While I don't intend to be a copycat, this video absolutely deserves to go viral.

My thoughts?

The West absolutely deserves this.  I watch this horror with delight, and I take comfort that our freakish system is being so violently devoured.  The Freemasonic Trojan Horse created over the last two centuries deserves--at the least--this soft invasion that we are witnessing today.

Particularly amusing are all of the cut scenes of the politically correct morons who continue to push this insanity on the citizens.  These silver-spoon liberal elitists wouldn't know an invasion if it fell on them.  And it has, by the way.

This invasion of the West is precisely what you get when you mock Jesus Christ and throw your bi-millennium heritage in the garbage.  I mean, honestly, there is a section in this video where the people of the town decide to rally against the Islamic invaders...by having a gay parade.  Such a generation absolutely deserves to be overtaken and replaced by Muslim infidels.  Watching pope after pope kiss a koran is like a continuous repeating image of a king abdicating his throne to the invading barbarians.  Indeed, give up if you aren't even going to bother, then just walk over into that ditch, sit down, and wait.

The continuous barrage of white guilt and lecturing about how Westerners need to find the good in Islam is a river of capitulation.  Such fools laugh at Christ, embrace sodomy, and have no concept whatsoever of Divine Punishment.  Islam is being used as a punishment upon the West.  It is a fitting punishment, in my opinion.  If neither Europe or the Westerners of North America will even screw to save their own species, then they ought to be overcome.  If the West wants to throw away every sensible lesson that men fought and died to learn, then they ought to be overtaken by a society who has never learned those lessons in the first place.  If Westerners are going to throw out their virtues, then it is just that they are replaced by Marxists and Muslims.

The environment of modern-day Western "Civilization" is a fatal blender for the surviving non-contracepted dumb white scumbags and effeminate liberals.  They will be ground up and forgotten.  This is a simple fact.  Having a few religious experiences in a largely secular lifestyle, and only having a kid or two (if even that) before you die from cancer isn't going to cut it.

Face it.  You've lost, people.

The only way you might be able to even resist--not win everything back (you've lost everything)--is to embrace fourth generation warfare and open your dull-witted minds to Christian Monarchy.  This is a measure that Europeans mock and Americans despise.  In fact, I'd swear that I hear a demon howl in the room every time the idea of Christian Monarchy is brought up.  But that makes sense, as America is a Satanic Freemasonic land of evil, amounting to nothing more than a glorified Jewish colony, and a laboratory for liberalism.  So, yes.  Fourth generation warfare and Christian Monarchy are out, here in the land of precipitously dropping IQs.

You won't even be able to go to the store unless you're with a group of people.  So enjoy that.

Only Israel is entitled to have walls :)
"Israel for the Jews!  South America for the South Americans!  Africa for the blacks!  Asia for the Asians!  The West...for Everyone!"


  1. Laramie, this is sick propaganda, demonizing an entire group of people who are fleeing death and destruction in their homelands. We, as Christians, have an obligation to help them. This video would have made Adolph Hitler proud.

    I did not know you were such a right wing radical. You obviously have no more answers for me in our debate, but you are no longer welcome on my blog in any event. I do not allow haters to comment. And judging by this post, you are most definitely a hater.

  2. Catholic in Brooklyn... you sound more like a Brooklynite than a Catholic. Christendom has no obligation to turn over its homes, properties, and children to a horde of dirt-god savages for the purposes of rape and pillaging just so non-fighters like yourself can feel good about cowardly nature. I can imagine your dainty, unworked fingers gingerly dancing across your keyboard as you typed that brain dead response. I can't imagine them ever picking up a weapon to defend anything, ever. Some one like you that won't fight for anything is dead inside and your words carry as much weight as gentle breeze rustling a used paper towel. Your say is meaningless and you know it.

  3. @ Catholic in Brooklyn

    I once showed a liberal associate of mine a few photos of aborted babies in atrocious poses. Rather than share my horror, this pro-abortionist person took personal offense at the very existence of the photos, swearing up and down that he's "not bothered by those photos one bit."

    I cannot help but feel that your reaction is similar.

    You, of all people! You of all people accuse me of demonizing an entire group of people. Mrs. "my problem is with traditionalists." My, oh my, how wicked those Traditionalists are compared to those noble brown people who are merely wandering into the evil European Lands of the West for a bowl of soup! Once they step onto our "magic dirt," here in the West, everything will change for the better for them, and they'll become completely agreeable people!

    And, of course, there is the typical emotional knee-jerk reaction and comparison to Adolph Hitler. Quite original, that one.

    You didn't know I'm such a right wing radical? You can't tell that I am the kind of man who despises leftism? You can't read my sub-header? "Toxic Trad?" "Vile Faceless Minion?" I'm an open book. My views are out there for anyone to read. As are yours, of course.

    And then--to perhaps protect yourself in an act of cowardice--you intend to block me from defending myself in your accusatory blog post directed straight towards me. You mention me by name in your blog post...over and over. But you "don't allow haters to comment."

    "Judging by this post, you are most definitely a hater." Lol! And you are not?

    Our short association has been a fascinating case study. One that is a definite conversation starter. I'm enjoying this.

    This is too delightful. Your willingness to cannibalize the honest guy who is actually on your side in defense of an invading collection of men who have been raping, robbing, and conquering districts in the name of Allah! With friends like these, who needs enemies? Ha ha!

    This is precicely why I don't weep for the impending calamities of the West.

    You have absoultely no clue about what I believe on this matter, nor how I believe in this matter. You haven't even known me that long! Why don't you just call me a racist and a nationalist zealot, while you're at it? That, too, would be typical of your personality.

    My legal immigrant wife, who just attained her citizenship through patience, investment, dedication, and good will towards our immigration system, is none-too-happy either about this invasion of the West. Nor are our family members in Germany who get to experience these atrocities first-hand. My wife works hard to master the English language, which is the language of this country. When she sees me learning a second language in order to communicate to customers, she feels as though she's been cheated. She is doing everything the way she is supposed to.

    Meanwhile, illegal immigrants and "refugees" are gaming the system, and you're defending them! White guilt is so disgustingly horrible! It's like watching people choke in their own vomit.

    Your blindness amuses me much, and I will always welcome your antics, here at my homebase. Because I'm a forgiving and nice guy. As good followers of Christ ought to be. I'm "open to dialogue" all the time--which good ol' Pope Francis always encourages. Because I am a thinking man who enjoys exploring ideas.

    You, on the other hand, shut out those you label "the haters." You do not keep yourself ecumenically "open to dialogue." It's hilarious, because even though between the two of us, I am the one who criticizes Pope Francis the most--I'm also the one who actually implements what the Pontiff encourages!

    Meh. Haters are gonna hate. You hater, you!

    In charity. Toodles!