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Monday, November 2, 2015

Is CMTV Preparing to Finally Discuss Pope Francis Critically?

I found something interesting today.

I was looking for Michael Voris' online video explanation of why CMTV will not criticize the pope.  When I did a Google search, and I clicked on ChurchMilitant.TV Will Not Engage in Public Criticism of the Pope, the link led nowhere.

Did they take it down?  Do they see that St. Thomas Aquinas--a doctor of the Church--supports the argument that when all else fails, laity is allowed to publicly criticize the pope?  Are we about to see something significant happen?  They've already started talking about Pope Benedict XVI.  Maybe that's a precursor to talking about Pope Francis.

Very interesting, this.  Could be nothing, though.  I've been wrong before.


Fascinating.  Others seem to be catching on to some sort of weird change in CMTV's attitude/behavior/line of thinking(?).  I've found this article just minutes ago, titled: Michael Voris -- Claws Out on "Pope Benedict's Fingerprints".

If anyone else finds more articles about this strange behavior on the part of CMTV, I heartily encourage you to post such links in the comments section.


  1. The purpose of going after Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, as well as Pope Saint John Paul II, as it turned out, was to EXONERATE Pope Francis. That was the extent of the Criticism.

  2. Voris had a Vortex which attacked Francis via the Backdoor, titled "Rome Has NOT Spoken", including the usual smack at the SSPX, which Voris declares is in "SCHISM", and why isn't "Rome" saying anything about it.

  3. Mike Leggett, so do you think that Voris and company at CMTV are truly just apologists for New Church and Pope Francis' modernism? Or do you think that they are actually embarrassed by him, and are frustrated that they "cannot" say anything about him?

    1. Voris is nothing but a Stooge for the the guy with a big Chequebook. Nevertheless, he may be frustrated that he cannot say anything DIRECTLY Negative.