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Friday, November 6, 2015

Aurini Listens to Catholics

Congratulations to Davis Aurini for siding with the faithful in the Catholic Church in their battle against the powers of darkness.

Davis Aurini, fighting off a pack of zombie assholes

I've been a fan of Aurini for over a year, now.  His podcasts and other videos have always been fun and amusing to listen to.  Some will argue that the man is pretentious as all get out.  I'd argue that he specifically carries himself in such a way, as it usually upsets the SJWs and limp-wristed gamma liberals.  It is good to have such a spirited, smart, and in-the-game mind to join our ranks in this everlasting Culture War that has been at a fevered pitch for the last two centuries.

Aurini, should I warn you that even the Church is as divided as politics?  That we have Traditionalists who proudly inherit the wisdom of their fathers, versus Modernists who are all too happy to throw out every piece of dogma that predates the 1960s?  Or do you already know this?  I know you follow Ann Barnhardt, so perhaps you already have your head in the game.

Whatever the case, don't lose heart, my friend.  You're a born fighter for this sort of thing.  I'm eager to hear your developing insights in the course of the next few years.

Hirsch out.

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