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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Voris: A Protestant-Styled Shill of Divisiveness

The wife and I were reviewing the "Voris attack against the Society" situation.  And, you know, the more I listen to Voris and company, the more he sounds like a divisive bitter shill for modernists.  Furthermore, the entire vibe that I get from ChurchMilitantTV is that they are like some sort of Protestant megachurch organization, such as Church on the Move, LifeChurch, or Guts Church (all, here in Tulsa, OK).  CMTV and its donors--along with Fr. Paul Nicholson and his ridiculous charges of "Society Masses are more evil than satanic masses" --the whole lot of them come off as easily duped patsies of people with burning hateful agendas.

I immediately felt that their weekly series against the Society came off as bitter attacks and nothing more.  However, at first, I did not realize this fact fully with my intellect.  I thank Remnant contributor Chris Jackson for much of the disentangling of the twisted accounts coming from Voris.

I'll give Voris and company credit for exposing a few corrupt cardinals here and there.  I'll take that.  However, until their organization can shed their papolatry, admit that Pope Francis has stacked the deck against Catholicism with his appointees (to say the least), and get off their idiotic--and almost cult-like--"hate SSPX bandwagon," I will not be taking Michael Voris as seriously as I did in 2010.

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