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Friday, October 2, 2015

Reporting In: Voris' Assault is Driven Back

In a previous post, I stated how ChurchMilitantTV's documentary about the SSPX was satisfactorily the comprehensive documentary that I expected from them.  I further stated:
Objectively speaking, I can find nothing I disagree with in the presentation. It seems like a plain and simple presentation of Church history.
This just goes to show how poorly educated and empty of facts I am on this issue.  I say this, because Chris Jackson of The Remnant has managed to present a very detailed point-by-point refutation of everything that Michael Voris claimed.  It is detailed, rigorous, in-depth, and complete.  I wish to offer the most sincere and public thanks to Chris Jackson as is possible over the internet.  In his beginning paragraphs, he wrote the following:
In the days following the release of the video, however, I began to receive numerous requests to respond to it and issue a rebuttal. As it turns out there are many Catholics out there who are attracted to the Society as a potential option due to their spiritually barren Neo-Modernist dioceses, which are only getting worse under Francis. However, they are concerned due to things they hear about the Society from Neo-Catholic sources, such as Michael Voris and his Church Militant TV. As I received more of these requests, I began to realize that there are a large number of faithful Catholics out there who are just coming to the realization that there is a crisis in the Church. These Catholics are new to Tradition and are not very familiar with all of the previous arguments and apologetics hashed out over the years regarding the SSPX. They have very limited time and they are looking for one-stop-shopping to read up quickly on a very important issue for themselves and their families.
Yes, indeed, this describes me and mine.  Our family has been struggling with whether or not the SSPX is for us for almost a month, now.  This "debate" is precisely what our family needs to hear.  We need to be clear on what the issues and arguments are, and we need champions to come out and explain precisely where they stand and technically why they stand there.  Over at Facebook, shortly after an article that Jackson had already written for previous shorter CMTV episodes attacking the SSPX, I said the following:

There are so many people who already know this debate and are familiar with the terminology. They are confident enough to joke about different statements. But if you're new to this perennial argument--as I am new--then you find that everyone else's seasoned flippant behavior comes off as a sort of ad hominem rhetoric, and I'm left asking "is that all they got?" I am looking forward to point-by-point rebuttal.

His response:
Laramie, I wish I had the time or I would have. Perhaps next week if I can do it.

Well, you didn't disappoint, Mr. Jackson.  For that, I thank you very much.  As I keep saying, this fight needs to happen.  Because, clearly, the hierarchy of the Church isn't going to make anything clear for anyone any time soon. I am thankful to know I am not the only one who thought this:
This may sound odd, but after watching this video I believe we must thank Mr. Voris for producing “Catholi-Schism.” For it has summed up in a nice package all of the misinformation about the SSPX through the years and gathered it in one place. As such, it provides a great opportunity to unravel each of these arguments in a detailed response.
Indeed.  The cards are on the table, we can see the cards of all of the players, and we can make a determination as to who is right and justified.  For years, people have gone on and whispering to each other, "Oh, the Society.  They're schismatics."  Or, "Aren't they heretics?"  Or: "Stay away from them.  They're excommunicated by the pope."  I am hopeful that this fight that CMTV has stirred up will bring forth all of the issues that, in the past, have been unclear to people such as myself.  I am confident that the Traditional Catholic community will meet this challenge adequately and patiently.  

Again, folks, if you've watched Michael Voris' CMTV documentary, Catholi-Schism (which, strangely, is not featured on YouTube as the rest of their videos typically are), then I recommend you read this excellent article by Chris Jackson:

Will it prove to be TL;DR for the people at ChurchMilitantTV?  Time will only tell.

St. Athanasius, pray for us.


  1. I'm quite sure they've never been in Schism. The people in Schism are the members of the Conciliar Sect, known momentarily as "mainstream Catholicism." Those professing Conciliarism have abandoned the Faith.

  2. I am not so sure I am prepared to go that far.

    After all, I've been trapped in Novus Ordo Land for one reason or another, and yet I've strived and retained true Catholicism whenever it crossed my path. And I've met a few diocesan priests who clearly see the score in this fight for the Church--though, they are few, to be sure.

    Yeah, after reading Chris Jackson's detailed article, I am certain that it is acceptable, and perhaps preferential, to attend a Society chapel at this point in our lives.

    1. I think you completely misunderstood me. I've always supported your attending Society Masses.


    2. In other words, when I say "they" I am not referring to the Society!