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Saturday, October 3, 2015

KK the King Who Cannibalizes!

So, there I was, reading The Remnant's latest piece about how the next Synod will be a confluence of queer-loving Cardinals who will work to secretly open the portal to Hell and usher in a new age of darkness, when somehow I stumbled upon Kaesekopf's latest bullshit at The Echo Chamber.

After taking in the very somber and depressing news that is the next Synod--an event that will dwarf Vatican II in the output of its evil fruit--I had a hankering to visit my old colleagues back at Suscipe Domine.  Unfortunately, the ban of yours truly is still ongoing, and I am still forever locked outside of the city walls and left to wander from crossroad, to atoll, to gypsy camp, and wherever else there are scant groups of gathered Traditional Catholics.

Much to my delighted amusement--or embarrassment for him (I can never decide)--little KK was up in a tizzy because he couldn't stand people discussing geocentric theory.  It's a fun topic to delve in to, and it is a topic that is hardly worth getting emotional about just because it is a little different from your agenda as moderator.  Nevertheless, little KK decided he had to kick out Cassini for talking about geocentrism "agenda pushing" for a full two weeks.  I hope you check in here, Cassini, and give us all a shout out!      

Padraig rightfully was confuzzled at KK's heavy-handed iron fist, and he stated: Boy, it sure must be nice to have absolute power to silence dissent...  To Padraig, I can only say: Watch out!  You have yet to succumb to the Stockholm Syndrome that the rest of the captive members of that forum are under.  Don't step out of line, lest you be cut off from all of the people you invested your time in.  KK could give two farts about your spiritual well-being, any Catholic encouragement you need, or anything that does not pertain to meeting his agenda--which is fulfilling his ego.

And, once more, KK proves that he does not want a discussion forum.  He does not want people discussing at all.  He wants an echo chamber where everyone agrees with him.  Like Michael Voris, instead of working to make and keep allies (as folks at the Remnant pleaded for him to), he ends up cannibalizing his followers instead.

I just love the "Banned Members" thread of Suscipe Domine forum.  Whenever I need to know the latest dull-minded maneuver of KK--whenever I want to see a poor imitation of what a good Catholic host is supposed to be--I can always check out the "Banned Members" thread of The Echo Chamber.  There, we can bear witness to a whole cacophony of zany emotional decisions on the part of a young man with a server.  It's a damned shame that so many of the online Traditional Catholic community is ensnared in such a perilous environment.  I wonder if he will be as immature as this when he's married (hopefully) and in his mid-thirties.  Somehow, I can't see him growing up--which is a shame for the group of people subject to his whims.

Another shame is that I cannot ask my old colleagues about all of these new questions I might have about the Society, now that I've decided to attend a chapel on a bi-weekly basis.  I'm quite new to this, and my old circle of friends was well-versed in the life of a Society-chapel-attending Traditionalist.  I'll just have to make due with the highways and byways I'm relegated to.

Here's a picture of the geocentric universe, according to a vision of St. Hildegard of Bingen.


Here is a link to a discussion of St. Hildegard's Universe.


  1. From the post in the Bans thread about cassini,

    "Second, [geocentrism] relies on an inappropriate interpretation of magisterial powers. Not everything that comes out of Rome is binding on the faithful, nor is it always right. The Church has the long-standing tradition that canonical condemnations are to be interpreted strictly, not loosely. Geocentrists apparently love to aggregate power to the 1616 and 1633 decrees, yet no one believes what is contained in those documents, as such those long-dead decrees are just that, dead. Besides that, the Magisterium has already ruled on the 1616 and 1633 decrees - they were overturned in 1820. Unless Sungenis bought a position in the Holy Office like he did his PhD, the point is moot."

    The Sungenis dig aside, he really has no idea what he is talking about. He writes "yet no one believes what is contained in those documents, as such those long-dead decrees are just that, dead" . . . here in particular I cannot tell if he is being dishonest or plain daft. If nobody believed in the content of those documents, how do you explain cassini? Or Sungenis? Or the geocentrist apologists who took up the pen in the years after the Galileo incident? Or any number of Trads on various forums who profess to believe in geocentrism? Can he truly be that stupid, or that dishonest? I ask you!

    What this really is, is part of a bigger picture for him. It's all about pushing PC culture on Trads: don't be radical about your faith, don't come down too hard on feminism, don't be a racial realist, and don't you dare dispute something so basic to getting along with everybody as heliocentrism! It's all about getting Trads to fit in socially with worldlings as much as possible. To be totally honest I am surprised none of the mods at his forum have the "coexist" logo in their sig.

  2. Yeah. The "go along to get along" tentacles are threaded throughout the forum. Whether Cassini is daft, dishonest, or just plain lazy--who cares? Let the man have his say, let others dispute him, let him disagree, and let the conversation exist. It's a discussion forum. Discuss, then.

    Cassini and others cramps KK's style. He'll boot them out until they're perma-banned eventually. If everyone at The Echo Chamber continues on without recognizing what KK's going after (an ego trip)--and the main group of online Trads remains there--then eventually the place will be distilled down to a collection of butt-kissing "yes men" who talk on and on like the Parasite, who would do what she could to jump in and squeal how it's just the best moderated place on the internet, and emphasize how unworthily loyal she is.

    I wonder if there's anyone else waiting out in the wings preparing a server for a new forum for everyone to migrate to.

  3. I was referring to KK about the daft/dishonest part, not Cassini.