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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Disturbing Images This Week: The West is Ripe for Harvest

I've seen three images in the past week that I've had a few thoughts on.  I will share them with you passers-by for your morbid entertainment.  You voyeur, you.


This pathetic picture comes off of Heartiste's site.  It struck me the most alarming (so far) from his collection, titled: Goodbye America (in a photo).  Young Western men are transformed into absolutely pathetic versions of their forbears.  Our collective weakness screams for submission to some other culture's conquest.

A millennial beta male clings desperately to his disgusted "partner."

Just look at how the weak beta clings for life to his strong, stoic, could-care-less female companion.  He's troubled, but she could give a crap.  This reversal almost seems like a parody.  One wonders if she's reminiscing of a better, more "hard-core" relationship with a past alpha.  Is not she to be clinging to him for security, assurance, and affirmation?  What a generation of males we've got here.  The Mexicans should have no problems with supplanting this poor stock in no time flat.


Here's something disturbing.  Comes right off of Vox Cantoris' page.

An artistic depiction of the act of sodomy.

This is not marriage.  This is not love.  This is not something that should be tolerated.  There are no gifts from this.  This is not a family.  As I view this, I cannot help but recall the wicked Fr. Rosica and his demonic push to force the Church to accept and embrace homosexuality.  Yes, this is the same Fr. Rosica who threatened to sue blogger Vox Cantoris for daring to comment on Rosica's public statements.

Homosexuality is evil, it is a vice, it has been known to be a mental disorder, and sodomy used to be criminalized.  In times past, leaders would protect their people from this kind of corrupt, base, diabolic filth.  Now, effeminate clergymen are trying to force laity, such as myself, to shut the hell up about this crime of our time--perhaps to justify some sort of Lavender cabal that already exists in the Church's hierarchy.


This little gem comes right off of my own digital camera.

Freemason pride at my downtown parish.

I saw this on the way in to the Novus Ordo Mass at the downtown cathedral, here in Tulsa, OK.  I am pretty sure that the man and his companion who rides in this truck received the Eucharist on Sunday--as it seems that just about everyone went up for juice and crackers except us.  I highly doubt that the African priest of the parish explained to the Freemason that he is only heaping condemnation upon himself by consuming the Eucharist--being an excommunicated soul, and all.

I snapped the picture, my family went inside, and we sat through the service which seemed like an endless ritual of self-worship.  When the collection basket passed, I insisted that we give the parish nothing.

I am unsure I would even want this parish to continue to exist if it merely continues to turn a blind eye towards the problems of our time--focusing on, instead, love.  And love.  And oh, by the way, love.  The SSPX Mass that we are trying to attend is only bi-weekly.  That means that every other week, we've gotta fulfill our Sunday obligation somewhere.  At this point, I would rather go to a reverent Hispanic Mass.

Again, folks.  I'm now in the camp of the Society.

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