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Sunday, September 13, 2015

I could be on a bandwagon

As I said yesterday, Pope Francis, by toying with the Society of St. Pius X when he "allowed" absolution for a year (get 'em while they're hot), has enabled myself and many others "to recognize more than ever that the SSPX is a real deal, and modernists are acting as complete dishonest adversaries."

Let's consider something that Bishop Robert C. Morlino of Madison, Wisconsin stated in a letter last month. He said:
 "[A]ll is not well with the SSPX, and my advice, my plea to the traditionally-minded faithful of the diocese is to have nothing to do with them."
This month? Looks like he's apologizing to the SSPX on Raymond Arroyo's show, The World Over.  He sincerely stated how he was not happy with his wording, publicly, in front of millions.  I am willing to bet we will begin to see even more of this kind of openness to the Society.

As it begins to become clear that there are two camps of cardinals fighting each other, those who support Christ's Church will begin to recognize that the SSPX is a legitimate ally in this Culture War within Catholicism.  Perhaps the time is coming when Catholics will stop pretending that there is good, evil, and the third category.

If I am to recognize the good that the SSPX has done for Catholicism, then I could very well call them our cultural shock troops.  Clearly, they've been on the edge of our battalion and right up against the enemy--Modernism--in this war against Freemasonic secular humanism.  

And yet, time and time again, different Catholic groups, organizations, and individuals have demonstrated a disdain for effective soldiers in this culture war.

  "How can you identify a moderate? 
He is the man who only shoots at his own side, never the enemy."

Again, I defer to Vox Day, who has led several successful charges against the liberal goblins of our day.  He states:
"[M]oderates are always more focused on firing on their own side than on the enemy. They are also always more open to negotiation and dialogue with the enemy than with their own extremists.  This is one of the reasons why moderates never accomplish anything. Ideally, moderates would stay out of the way, let the extremists lead the charge, and then show up after the victory is won and handle the negotiations using the extremists as leverage."

As far as I can tell, the SSPX has been putting up a good fight.  I recommend that instead of throwing them under the bus, more clergy and apostolates step out of the way and let the Society win more battles.


  1. We are in total agreement on this issue. I raise my glass to you in salute. Cheers!