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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

ChurchMilitantTV: Late to the Party

Damnit.  Voris' latest video, the impending series he promises, and the FBI special that CMTV intends to show this Friday--they all are directly speaking to my family's situation.  It is as though CMTV is speaking in real time.

Just when I was resolved to take me and mine over to an SSPX chapel next Sunday for the first time.  Currently, I am still on the side of the SSPX as of last week.  I am no longer on the fence.  But I am capable of changing my mind and leading my entire family to follow.

It is frustrating to no end that this series had to come out now, and not weeks or months earlier when I thought it would be released.  It was only just last week that I stated the following:
I've often wanted for ChurchMilitantTV to attack the SSPX with some sort of sweeping documentary--simply to hear their case. Carroll told me they would have such a documentary about the SSPX as far back as November of 2014, and shortly after, I posted this. I was told the documentary would come in that late winter or sometime in the next spring. Yet, their documentary never came, and I've only heard affirmations from cardinals and this latest move by Pope Francis.

And now?  Now is the time to have this thing put together?  After I've already made a decision?

Forgive me, but I'm frustrated this evening.  This timing is...really something.

I still intend to visit a chapel with the family.  I also intend to see everything that the CMTV has to say on the matter.  I have an open mind on this matter.  However, I WILL await responses from those who side with the Society--responses that will directly address each point that CMTV brings up.  I will also await what CMTV says in reply to the Society's allies.  Furthermore, I will be measuring the attitude and actions of CMTV.  If ChurchMilitantTV continues to mock, ridicule, or snub their fellow Catholics in this matter--as they have demonstrated in the past--it will not look good on their part, to be sure.

I'm sure that my confusion will only frustrate my Society ally friends.  But this is a weighty matter, and I will hear what everyone has to say about it.  I am no theologian, nor any kind of authority on this matter, and I will not pretend to be.  I've always been just a regular guy.  CMTV had BETTER put forth something substantial.  And the SSPX had BETTER respond in kind.  This is a battle that needs to happen--a subject that MUST be tested and proved.  For my family's sake.

# # #

Oh!  And by the way!  Here's Dan Schutte’s “Mass of Christ the Savior” (2010) version of the Gloria.  This inappropriate piece of ridicule was sung by only the priest and the music director this past Sunday at the Novus Ordo Mass.  When I stared at the rest of the parishioners, they were quiet and waiting for it to end.


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  1. How does Voris' commentary square with Francis now allowing confessions from SSPX priests? Makes no sense.

    Of course, most of us have figured out that Francis has a nefarious ulterior motive in extending this olive branch to the SSPX. It's pretty clear that TLM is some kind of kryptonite to all progressive prelates---Francis especially. SSPX better be careful or they might find themselves in an FFI situation.

    Seattle kim