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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Where's a Trad to Go?

So, the Echo Chamber is falling apart, and a cancerous parasite appears to be at the helm. My, oh my, she must be enjoying her place at the controls.  And not a moderator in sight?

Perhaps it's just a speedbump.  However, I have predicted the eventual unwinding of the forum in a past post, here at homebase:
I am not alone in watching this slow-motion multi-staged bomb of Suscipe Domine the Echo Chamber. Different kinds of people have been at the crap end of their capricious behavior for at least the last two years...

...Pope Francis calls the Catholic Church a field hospital. Yet the Echo Chamber is not even a field hospital. It first has to be in the "field." Fisheaters is far more equipped to minister to wandering souls and minds!
Maybe I'm right and The Echo Chamber is unwinding.  Maybe I'm wrong, and this is just a blip on the SD timeline, and they'll eventually scrape off the barnacle who thinks it's at the helm.  I suppose it all depends on K's mood.  But from the look of things, K never has been interested in reigning in parasites.

But that's my two cents on it, since you came to read it.  I'm not really a part of the mainstream online Traditional Catholic community any longer, so take it for what it's worth.

A lot of folks that I've visited with in the past have found their way, one way or another, over to the Te Deum forum.  Maybe I'll be seeing some old colleagues swing by there in the near future.  Who knows.