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Saturday, July 18, 2015

I'd Swear Pope Francis Was Leftist

I often wonder how those with rose-tinted glasses (National Catholic Register, Crux, CAF, etc.) can continue to look beyond the character of the current pontiff.
He has appointed progressives such Archbishop Cupich of Chicago, with deep ties to far-Left dissenters from core Church teachings. He elevated to the rank of papal advisor the Malthusian scientific pessimist John Schellnhuber and radical feminist socialist Naomi Klein, and invited to speak at the Vatican pro-abortion luminaries Ban Ki-moon and Jeffrey Sachs, whose contempt for unborn life would disqualify them from speaking at a Catholic-college commencement in America. 
The debate Pope Francis enabled about core moral doctrines at last year’s synod on the family was a profound source of scandal to faithful Catholics; if the permanence of marriage and the status of the homosexual “orientation” are up for debate, what else is up for grabs? If the pope is really considering reversing — or evading through tortuous loopholes — an infallible decree from the Council of Trent condemning divorce, why should we hearken to him when he goes far beyond his competence or authority to issue long-winded farragoes denouncing the free market, embracing dubious scientific projections, or demanding that European nations accept millions more Muslim “refugees” into a cash-strapped, jihad-haunted continent?

All of this, and so much more.  And today, I have learned, yet another decent bishop is being demoted, and that his demotion is directly related to a recent "fraternal visit" by His Holiness. The bishop in question was Archbishop Antonio Carlos Altieri.

Archbishop Altieri was dubbed by the media as a "conservative" in the Brazilian episcopate. He was not closely connected to tradition. In 2014 he turned against the state efforts to equate homosexual relationships to marriage. "Society can not simply turn a blind eye to the equality of homosexuals". In the Diocese of Passo Fundo, "concubinage among the clergy is widespread, Archbishop Altieri was at least a ray of hope," said Fratres in Unum. In Archbishop Altieri, Catholics hoped for a suppression of the influence of liberation theology in Passo Fundo.

Suppressing liberation theology?  So much for that.  Can't wait for the Synod.

Turn off your evil air conditioners, folks.

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