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Friday, July 10, 2015

Break Time. (Not yet. Postponed...)

(UPDATE: I can't bow out just yet.  I need to set a few things right and make come corrections first.)

So, I don't really know how to go about saying this.  But recently, I had a very vivid and terrifying dream about the Four Last Things.  I will not go into the details, but I will say that the dream really affected me for the rest of the week.  After dreaming about Death, Judgement, Heaven, and Hell, I find that the volume on everything else in this life has been turned down drastically.  Suddenly, I find that politics--even Church politics--do not matter to me as much as they once did.  I look at past posts on this blog and in different forums, and I ask myself how I could have been concerned about such issues.

Suffice to say, the Mrs. and I went to confession immediately after this dream I had.  With that being said, I would like to apologize to everyone who I have calumniated unjustly, everyone who I have tarnished, and for stirring up enmity between any people.

At the moment, I do not know if I will return to my "way of thinking" before that awful nightmare.  This new perception may be fleeting.  But for now, I cannot see myself looking at things the way I used to. Today, I don't think anything is as important as it used to be except where we go when we die. Honestly, I might not be the same again after this. Old priorities may die off.  I could be wrong.  But for now, I think it's break time.

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