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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Level Jonah

I almost WANT the Church to be lost to most of the West. All of the buildings and art torn down and burnt. All of the churches converted into bars. Relics lost. Music forgotten. And role models and men of good standing--nowhere to be found. Pure chaos and no culture. No education. Just endless anarchy, sodomy, misery, and death. The libs will lie to themselves and tell themselves that they actually like such a condition of life. I almost WANT the fools of the future to look around, miserable in their chaos, and wonder "Gee, what happened?" And then, no one will be around to help them. This generation of people in the West deserves to be marched around in the desert for 40 years until it dies off.

My concern for the ongoing disintegration only lasts so long. 

At this point, I feel like I'm Jonah waiting for Ninevah to be blown up. 

Clearly the world doesn't want the Church around. And clearly, the world doesn't deserve It.

The only times I ever hear about the Catholic Church in public is when people are mocking it.  Meanwhile, bishops laugh and chortle with their enemies, and they belittle the actual faithful.  

Please, don't confuse this with despair. My mind has not given up on the daily battles that we lose, or the fight for truth that we never seem to convey to anyone. 

I am far from finished fighting in the social spaces, here in the Church Militant that is our Catholic lives. I'm merely stating that I will be satisfied with the justice of the faithless masses stewing in their own juices once they lose everything. In either this life or the next, these people will get what they deserve, and that's a comfort.


  1. "Clearly the world doesn't want the Church around." The world has never wanted the Church around.

    Why so bitter, my friend. There's nothing new under the sun, ya know.


  2. Bitter? I'm not so sure it's bitterness. I merely look forward to seeing justice. Besides, if the world gets tougher around us, we merely need to toughen up. Didn't Pope Benedict XVI say something about the Church becoming smaller and more pure?

    "I almost WANT the Church to be lost to most of the West."

    I had hoped that the word "almost" was enough of a qualifier for this blog post to be palpable and understandable to readers. But more people seem to be tripping over this than I expected. For example:


    I look forward to the possibility that the fellow who runs Common Filth might chime in with his thoughts on Level Jonah. In my mind, reaching Level Jonah--for anyone--is definitely conversation worthy, and I'm curious of the implications. Otherwise, I wouldn't have shared it with the world.

  3. Being the abject sinner that I am, I'm more partial to mercy than justice. Just sayin' . . .


  4. Partial to mercy? So am I! I said as much in the thread I linked to.

    Gabriel Serafin asked me what kind of punishment I think the world deserves. My reply was:

    "I am not God, so I will not pretend to know the playbook. I'm praying for as much mercy as is tolerable. However, if I were to hazard a guess, it appears that the current action is to merely hand over people to their own narcissism. Allowing populations to wallow in their own immoral filth is a part of how He does it, to which the Scriptures themselves will attest. And I can dig that. It's sort of a way to appreciate the perfect justice that God practices with His creation."

    Perhaps you could look at the idea in this way: Hope for the best, expecting the worst.

  5. Or maybe we could just go to the back of the boat where Jesus is, maybe sleeping on a cushion, and ask Him to calm this storm. He may rebuke us for having little faith, but He'll probably do it. It worked before.


  6. Asking Jesus to calm the storm? Do we not already do that at Mass (Novus Ordo prayer intentions, anyway)? And what Catholic doesn't already pray for a better situation?

    Do you think Level Jonah is a level without faith?

  7. I feel you brother. I sometimes worry that I lack charity for those who've given themselves over to a reprobate mind, because I feel nothing but cold contempt for them.

    1. At some point, we are told to shake the dust off of our feet.

      Is Level Jonah or the Cult of Kek--the joy at disintegrating Western Liberalism--is it wrong? Is it wrong for us to want to see it all burn to the ground? There are places in Scriptures that demonstrates God's righteous anger, as well as the frustration and anger of His chosen people amidst turmoil. Frustration and anger towards enemies.

      Is a human emotion such as this wrong? I do not have the answer.

  8. Level Jonah is reached upon realizing the West is a hopeless runaway train and you're powerless to stop it!!
    Amen Laramie great article Bro!