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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Laramie vs Lapsed Catholic Feminist #3

This little blurb of a confrontation started with kag1982 again, but it ended in a back-and-forth with someone named Cassie.  Who's to say if Cassie is actually a sock puppet for kag?  The conversation was, of course, deleted from public record--in the same style as kag1982 always does.  The comments are reported to the moderators and then deleted.

However, the public conversation is preserved for posterity, right here at home base.

# # #

I think that contemporary sex roles better fit God's creation than the strict hierarchy. Women can be police officers, astronauts, politicians, etc. and men can be stay at home daddies, nurses, and school teachers. Women don't possess a special fluffiness and tenderness by virtue of their wombs. Some individuals, men or women, are very compassionate and tender. Some are logical. Some are artistic. What has always frustrated me is that the Church has demanded that I be a sweet and tender angel princess and nurturing mommy when this isn't who I am as a person innately. This isn't who millions of women are.

kag1982, I do believe you hate being a woman.

Stop flattering yourself. By doing so, you are just reinforcing negative feelings about women.
Since none of us had any choice of gender (unless men took a qualifying exam before they were conceived), we accept that we are humans with different reproductive capabilities. We do not want to be put into a box because of it. Our intellectual, emotional, and spiritual capacities are the same.

" none of us had any choice...We do not want to be put into a box..."
You sound like Lucifer being discontented with his station in God's hierarchy of angels!

"Our intellectual, emotional, and spiritual capacities are the same."
Completely wrong! Genetics, hormones, and physiology will attest to this.

You've had conversations with Lucifer?

Nah. But my Christian upbringing familiarized me with his origin story. Pretty standard stuff.
Saul Alinsky devoted "Rules for Radicals" to Lucifer, don't ya know.

Of course I know. Love Saul Alinsky.

And why wouldn't you? Both he and Lucifer were rebels who are hell bent on dragging the world of people into eternal misery. It's a club.

If only people could be as holy and selfish as you. Sharing is such an evil thing.

What does my being either holy, unholy, selfish, or selfless have to do with my equating your mindset with Lucifer, the prince of demons?

Because Lucifer is a myth.

# # #

I still have no idea what Cassie was complaining about when she mentioned sharing.  Sharing her contempt for Catholicism?

Honestly, if people like this are allowed to flit and twirp around Catholics so freely, then the Church in the West really doesn't stand a chance of holding onto anything for much longer.  That such women are tolerated demonstrates the terrible effeminate weakness of our society.

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  1. I believe Cassie is another NCR-retread. Probably another lesbian/feminist or an ugly had needing to get laid. - Mike in CA