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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Laramie vs Lapsed Catholic Feminist #1

So, I decided to let this liberal lady know that there are Catholics in existence that disagree with her.  The exchange somehow began with the woman--kag1982--insulting Rick Santorum for being a conservative Catholic.  I personally don't care about Santorum, but the woman clearly despised conservative Catholics, of which I am one.

Her style began by screaming harassment for publicly disagreeing with her on the public comment forum. As if her aggressive and offensive liberalism was not harassment to our side. Her harassment is acceptable. The Traditional Catholic's is not. Particularly mine, because I'm a man.  After playing the harassment card, she simply flagged every single post she disagreed with in order to dominate the conversation.  Therefore, this conversation is no longer viewable on Crux, in order that she be the main one dominating that social sphere, and in order to suppress any embarrassing rhetoric I shared with her.  The conversation initially took place here.

She, and others like her who I engage online, are SJWs. Social Justice Warriors amble into online social spaces where they are not welcome, and they get real nasty and loud, attracting others of their kind until the status quo has changed. That is how their activism works.

This entrenched liberal woman and others like her are lost. I'm not interested in helping her personally (I am, but it's a lost cause). The target audience is not her. The target audience is everyone who is observing the fight.

By allowing the faithless to run rampant in social spaces like this, we give ground to our enemies. She is deluded into thinking herself right, but in reality, she's off the deep end, and people permit it. Most people don't want to go near her with a 10-foot pole, but she's too blind to see it.  The reason that extreme liberal radicals own the social spaces is because most good people do not participate. Just because one team sits around or hides during the game does not mean the game is cancelled. Merely, the other team wins. Easily.

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I got my information from personal acquaintances and commentators at places like the Acton Institute who thought that Benedict and John Paul II were free market capitalists. "Pope" Ricky S. thinks he is the greatest and purest Catholic of all time but chooses to repudiate most Catholic social justice teachings.

Why? I ask sincerely. I don't support him, but I don't heavily oppose him either

Because he is even more anti-woman than Pope Francis and thinks that women should only be in the kitchen, wants to outlaw birth control, and wouldn't mind gay people being chased back into the closet. And this is even before his and Huckabee's desire to suck up to the Duggars (aka hypocritical child abuse enablers)

Outlaw birth control? Chase gay people back into the closet?
Are you even Catholic?

Santorum has said as much in his interviews. And that is the Catholic Church's position. The bishops fought really hard to keep birth control out of reach to most Filipinos and Francis applauded them.

kag1982, are you Catholic?  I do not know you, and I don't read Crux often. So I am not familiar with you or your views.

Yes... but lapsed.

(Strange. When I asked you the first time if you were a Catholic, Crux decided to erase my question. I thought it an honest question.)

Okay. You are a lapsed Catholic on a Catholic site, and you're arguing for homosexuality and contraception.

Moving back to your original post, do you think that Humane Vitae is an erroneous document?

Yes. As a woman I do.

What specifically do you dislike about the document?

1. The fact that men who never have sex choose to demand that methods that allow women to enjoy sex are off limits and endorse the most complicated forms of birth control that are ineffective and complicated and put the onus on women. Would men like to have to pee into a cup or examine their sperm every day because they hate the most effective means of birth control?

2. The encyclical only cares about women as broodmares. We don't have individual dreams and desires. We are breeding stock with no individuality with the only purpose to keep the human race alive. We have no individual ideas and personalities. Men are individual believers and women are mindless wombs.

The entire document lectures women on their reproductive choices. It is interesting that celibate men, many of whom don't like women, know about the female reproductive system.

I just love the fact that they tell women who are cramping to the point they puke to pray to Jesus and we all just need to be reassured that we aren't crazy. That is real understanding of the female body there.

And the document is hateful because it says that most forms of birth control are sinful and provides women with only shoddy forms of birth control that are complicated and don't work. Would men like to have to pee in a cup every morning or examine their sperm or take their own temperature and do complicated charts? Oh.. You wouldn't. And yet you traditionalist types demand that your wives do. (Of course, only in grave circumstances, which is never.. If a trad husband wants sex, the wife has to spread her legs out...)

So, basically you're a lapsed Catholic who does not believe in the teachings of the Catholic Church. Why would you come to a Catholic site like this when you know that you'd be at odds with everyone's beliefs? What is to gain from this?

Actually, I'm not. There are many liberal Catholics who post here.

"Actually, I'm not. There are many liberal Catholics who post here."

Wait wait. Eleven hours ago, when I asked you if you were a Catholic, you told me you were a lapsed Catholic.

Oh.. I thought that you guys were harassing me and I got my first proof. I do appreciate learning that my opinions are right. I've been personally and nastily harassed since late last year and it is getting boring. I don't mind exposing you. http://www.fisheaters.com/forums/index.php?topic=3468236.0
No.. I am not your field work. I revel in being a modern woman not a broodmare for Jesus. And I don't want to be harassed by your guys. I think that it is funny that you have to deal with a pope who treats the social justice work of the Church seriously.

Oh and fisheaters is a antisemitic and near schismatic forum that rejects the Ordinary Form of the Mass. It is good to have such enemies.



kag1982: "It does amuse me that people continue to believe that the Catholic Church somehow agrees with the Tea Party on economic issues ..."

I don't know where you get your information, but that simply isn't true.
So you can stop being amused.

As I pointed out prior.. Ricky S certainly doesn't believe it. He mentioned it again today. Keep digging there Ricky.

Ah! You've returned with your shrill bantering and cheap glibness. You should stop harassing the people in this comment box.

It is our Church as well despite what you want. Oh.. but I do thank you for letting me know that I wasn't crazy about there being a concerted effort to harass me online.


Please notice, LH, how large sections of our conversation over the past few days have mysteriously disappeared. Do you see what I mean about the Usual Suspects here at Crux and their hatred of open and honest debate?

I simply cannot understand what Rick Santorum as to do with Pope Francis' encyclical. It just seems so way off topic.

But also, I feel threatened by your harassing tone and all of these microaggressions that I am detecting from you.  Why do Catholics--especially self-proclaimed left-wing lapsed Catholics--have to continually persecute other Catholics?  :(

I pray to the Son of the Blessed Virgin Mary that you will find peace and stop these assaults on the hearts of good faithful Catholics, and that people in this comment box may return to a state of peace and continue to discuss the pope's upcoming climate encyclical.

God bless Rick Santorum.  May he walk in the ways of the Lord


  1. LH, Kag is a militant anti-motherhood radical feminist. She hates men and anything that doesn't bow before her reeks of misogyny. Oh yeah, she's also confused as to why she is still single and can't find a sucker, er man, who will marry her !

    Some of her comments:

    "And your little example depends on the pastor itself. What if the pastor is a noxious misogynist like the Latin Mass sweeties that they are producing at the seminary nowadays? He can decide to suspend the participation of the laity in the parish and especially in the liturgy and especially ban women from participating. This happened in Platteville, WI where laity was forbidden from doing all the things that you mentioned above when Morlino put some Latin Mass types in charge. Being the real pastoral guy he is when the people of the parish complained, Morlino threatened to excommunicate them.....Chaput is a culture warrior type and those types always hate women. And him founding ENDOW doesn't impress me. I don't consider JPII a feminist; I think that he is the chief misogynist. And I consider any group based on his misogynist complementarism philosophy, which pigeonholes women into only "lady roles," to be harmful to women.....And I've never heard a bishop or the Pope for that matter criticize a man who prioritizes his career over his family or works long hours. I've heard this on numerous occasions with women however. We are supposed to "discern" that we should be stay-at-home mommies if possible......Just because it isn't in the Catechism doesn't mean that it hasn't been inferred on numerous occasions and in numerous settings.....So when a pope appoints bishops and a good number of them are misogynists, then that doesn't tell you anything about the pope's philosophy on women.

  2. And she had got me banned for this post on U.S. Catholic. Like most liberals, she's not very tolerant about dissenting views and can't take personal criticism:

    Here's why, Kag:
    (1) Church teaching has been clear on this: you cannot engage in adultery and then receive Holy Communion.
    (2) It is part of a trojan horse to completely change the definition of marriage from being indissoluble.
    (3) It is part of a trojan horse to approve of homosexuality. Why the Catholic Church feels the need to 'reach out' to a subset of 2% of the population is beyond me.
    (4) His misplaced priorities on The Poor, The Economy, and The Climate are distractions from the most important issues facing Catholics and non-Catholics. 500,000,000 people left poverty since 2000 thanks to global capitalism, dwarfing those helped by all the charities and governments worldwide.
    (5) Your statements on annulments are without foundation and just your speculation based on nothing. The U.S. has 6% of the global Catholic population but has 60% of the annulments, so please spare us the local/American sob stories. It's EASY to get an annulment in the U.S. relative to the rest of the world.
    Finally, a friend showed me a few of your posts where you segued from the DRM talk into your own personal situation of not wanting to be lonely and hoping to get married. I do hope things work out for you, but may I suggest you take a LESS confrontational tone in your personal demeanor than you do in your postings ? A militant feminist who nonetheless considers herself a good Catholic while denigrating the Church and the institution of motherhood is quite frankly not going to appeal to many of us guys.
    Act a bit more feminine and less like one of those 'haters' you always whine about and you will find you attract more of the opposite sex with honey than you do with vinegar.
    Good Luck !

    1. Yes. Kag. People like her will continue to spew their poison across the comment boxes, stacking the deck against you to ultimately shut you up. It is the SJW way.

      And, unfortunately, if you go to a forum such as Suscipe Domine or Fisheaters, and you try to put heads together on how to counter such aggression--you will be kicked off the forum. Even if you've been there for five years.

      A great deal of Traditional Catholics appear to be not up to the fight. They would rather hear their own ideas reflected back to them on their cozy discussion boards.

      And ultimately, that's what bothers me the most. The lack of will to combat these SJWs. And so, therefore, Trads and most good people will be run over by people like Kag.

      And I'd say that's deserved, at this point. Meek cowards deserve to have shrill blowhards like Kag run all over them, ruining their day.

    2. Update: I haven't posted on NCR since 2015, but she accused me of stalking and harassing her. Actually, a bunch of who are part of a new Catholic political group (The Caucus) tried to get some of our more enthusiastic supporters to lay off her and others, just to take the high road. We had our message/posts DELETED and a friend (FatherZ moniker or something) banned from NCR, aka FishWrap. Very intolerant !

      Anyway, I told the other FrankieB or FrankiB or whoever went there to stay away or use another moniker so I don't get blamed for stalking her, harassing her, her still being single, why she can't find a decent Catholic Church, why she never has an umbrella when it rains, etc.

      Honestly, I feel sorry for her.

  3. Honestly, I feel sorry for her.

    I don't. She is a social justice warrior. The fact that "The Caucus" is chastising people not to "stoop to their level" is the very thing that SJWs like Kag draw upon. SJWs know that you will try to be the better person and not employ their tactics. This is why they will win. Every time.

    Their tactics should be used against them.

    Every tactic utilized against we, the decent people, should be utilized against them. They don't like it when we use their rules against them. But this is a cultural war, and people need to awaken from their timid hibernations.

    Trying to take the "moral high ground" in these petty engagements is precisely why SJWs have been winning for thirty years or more. All it does is earn you the honor of being shot in the back of the head by your so-called allies. No one supports non-strength.

    Personally, I feel that Kag is actually harassing good Catholics online, intentionally stalking them to their places of gathering and then causing trouble.

    But DON'T YOU DARE talk about engaging the enemy in the Fisheaters Forum. Otherwise, you'll know precisely what I mean about getting shot in the back of the head and betrayed, after Tracy bans you for showing any spirit at all.

    Indeed, I promise you. If you end up fighting back against these people, your allies will be few, as most people are cowards. So prepare your mind for that reality.

  4. I ran into this skank as well. She got my posts deleted off Crux and a few other sites as well. Obnoxious, vicious, whiny, and a real loser.

    She can rot for all I care.

    1. Get more people to comment here. Let's see how many of us there are. Maybe we'll have more cards in our deck. I'm not on a crusade in terms of this individual. But it seems that she is harassing and indirectly harassing many people out there.

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