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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Global Trade: Imported Priests

From the Washington Examiner: Catholic Church running out of priests, importing from Africa, Asia
A remarkable survey of the worldwide Catholic Church finds that the Vatican is fading in Europe, once its population base, and running so short of priests for U.S. churches that they are being imported from Africa and Asia.

We have to import priests now because in the emasculated West, Catholicism has become a run-away emasculated Non-Governmental Organization with Sunday meetings. Really, who wants to listen to the homily of an effeminate out-of-shape man who mentions the word love over 30 times within ten minutes.

A life of Christianity is coarse and difficult. It should attract the best of men. But when Christ's institution sweeps away the important parts of Christianity, you're left with a sewing circle.


  1. "A life of Christianity is coarse" -- Huh??????????????????????


  2. Of course it is coarse! When you are dealing with the world and its worldly things, friction is inevitable. Jesus Himself said that families would be divided over the matter.

    I say, don't run from that fact. Embrace it, and meet the reality head on.