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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Banned From Fisheaters

(UPDATE: It has been revealed to me through a variety of observations--including a set of e-mails exchanged between Tracy and myself--that the reason I was banned from Fisheaters was not because of our disagreement in the Fisheaters thread about sodomite marriage.  Instead, Tracy pushed me out of Fisheaters because of her disagreement with me about Catholics regaining our voice in social media.  With that being said, I will not take down this blog post, as too many people have already read it and know of its contents.  Removing it would be disingenuous, appear duplicitous, and would be a discredit to the sequential order of what took place between myself and the Fisheaters forum.  And, although Tracy has told me she did not ban me because of the "gay love" disagreement, the fact remains that she still deleted a good handful of threads about the topic of sodomite marriage.  The original title of this blog post was Fisheaters: The Gay Sewing Circle

Tracy and the New Homophiles, at The Sewing Circle!

So, this evening, Vox Clamantis Tracy the forum owner decided to act like a flaming liberal and erased a conversational thread on her forum. The thread title was: One reason we now have sodomitic "marriage".  Or maybe it was Article: Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage. I cannot tell. They were both erased by her.  I didn't start them, though I did participate in them.

Don't bother looking for them.  They've been scrubbed completely.

I would quote the exchange exactly if I could, but I doubt that Tracy would want that.  The best I can do is to paraphrase what I recall reading a few short hours ago.

Essentially, Tracy was telling everyone that they shouldn't disparage gay men who love each other, but do not act upon it.  "Love is love," she said.  She said a lot more after that, but I did not get a chance to read all of what she stated.  

In any event, I disagreed with what she said.  I disagreed because of my Scriptural upbringing.  I replied to her and said that such men are not expressing love.  Rather, such men are expressing a vile and shameful affection.  

And then...poof!  I was banned!  She reacted completely like an overemotional female, completely like the hypersensitive and intolerant snobs at Catholic Answers Forum, and completely like the uppety knee-jerk love-brownnosers-groupthink cult of Suscipe Domine The Echo Chamber.  Her affection for gays is legendary in the Trad circles, which is why she keeps gay orbiters on her forum.

I am not too devastated because Scriptures are completely on my side. Observe Romans 1:26.

Here is the American Standard version: God gave them up unto vile passions

Here is the Douhay Rheims version: God delivered them up to shameful affections

Have no fear, Tracy.  In just ten years time, I'm sure that America will be just like Canada, and the Bible will be labeled as hate speech.  

I am, however, disappointed with Tracy.  I've never really doubled down on her weird leanings before.  I just never really felt compelled to in the past.  With both The Sewing Circle and The Echo Chamber, I had always felt that I was in a community of people who respected one another.  We were online colleagues, with certain bonds.  We had things in common, and we had a friendship--of a sort--that linked us and let us all know that "it was cool."  

This comfort level that I had felt at the two places that banned me made me feel...comfortable.  We all got along.  We knew each other's idiosyncrasies, we knew no one was perfect (certainly not Tracy), and we accepted one another.  We were a diverse crowd, but we also all said that we believed in Traditional Catholicism.  

I had posted on The Sewing Circle for up to six or seven years, off and on.  I had over 2,500 posts.  As it was with The Echo Chamber, I found the place to be a sanctuary where I could relax and enjoy being Catholic.  Most of all, I cherished being able to ask for family advice or share opinions, thoughts, or ask questions about movies.  And on these two forums, if I ever had a question about Catholicism, I could always depend on someone there having an answer.  

At least she didn't state something idiotic, like "emotional and agenda driven posting."  After all, Tracy would be projecting her own faults if she said that. 

Not so now.  Once again, I failed to catch on to the groupthink.  Tracy's groupthink.  And even if my posts were bringing in traffic and creating member participation--which I figured she appreciated--that didn't matter once I offended her precious sensitivities about sodomites.  

Also, note that I have not yet been banned from Catholic Answers Forum.  Why?  Because, from the outset, I recognize that the place is a cold, calculating, money-making, indifferent Wal-Mart of a forum that gives free reign to SJW infiltrators and liberal Catholic destroyers.  Because I recognize this, I don't really try to step on toes at CAF.  My expectations for that forum are very very low, and I know that I cannot depend upon them to be friends in Christ.  

And, as we've learned within the last year, I cannot depend on the moderators at either The Echo Chamber or The Sewing Circle to be my friends in Christ, either.  

Worst of all, when it comes to getting banned from these places, once you are gone, you can no longer ask for the community's prayers.  I have had some serious prayer requests in the last six months.  But the cool kids at the Echo Chamber, and the seamstress who runs The Sewing Circle could care less.  

These places claim to be "real Catholics," which means that they think they have the answers.  So, when they ban you, they are basically telling you in a certain way that you are unwelcome to be a "real Catholic" with them.  They are blocking you from hearing "the truth" ...as they see it.  They are blocking you from the prayers of your former colleagues.  They are blocking you from helpful advice.  They are blocking you from community.  

These experiences at these two forums have demonstrated perfectly why Catholics are going to lose, and lose big in the next important battles of the West's culture wars.  The people in charge of such circles are soft, emotional, and they are unable to take hard confrontational conversation.  Christians are supposed to be the salt of the earth.  But the moderators of these two forums are more like...slugs.  If you pour salt onto them, they melt.  

The moderators of The Echo Chamber and The Sewing Circle are like this creeping nasty slug.
They leave a slime trail, and they melt when in contact with salt.

The moderators of these forums are disingenuous, liars, narcissists, love adulation, and they despise opposition.  They cannot take true, gritty, Christian discussions, and they are heavy-handed when you shatter their precious illusions.  They are soft, flaccid, and cowardly--which is one reason you hardly see them outside of their forums.  

Groupthink and "Catholic" normalcy bias.  That is what their habitations offer.  I consider it a victory to have been sifted out of the chaff as I was.  I am uplifted, elated, and ready to focus on even more important things, now that I don't have to worry about stepping on Tracy's idiotic sensibilities.  The time I've thrown away in trying to have any kind of a meaningful dialogue with her has been a waste.  And I, in turn, acknowledge that she considers her association with me on Fisheaters to also be a waste--which is why she threw me out.  

But most of all, I'm thankful that I no longer have to argue about the meaning of word "effeminacy" with the dunce.  Her friends are most certainly effeminate, and indeed, St. Thomas Aquinas condemned it as a vice.  

Laramie Hirsch, Toxic Trad, at your service.

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  1. Look at the bright side, at least it was only on some internet forum, it's far worse when it's your parish and those same 'traditionlists' ostracize your children as happened to mine.

    Btw, I do appreciate the Fisheaters list of images of Mary nursing baby Jesus, none of which have the baby buried under a blanket.

  2. btw, your quotes from scripture refer to giving in to an unnatural disposition, not the disposition itself which is caused in most instances either by fallen nature, or by sexual abuse.

  3. Howdy Love the Girls.

    Yes, at least it's not being ostracized in real life, as you said. Though, who's to say what I'm like in real life? I'm a black sheep in the family.

    As far as Tracy's comments about gay love, I don't really have the time to delve into it. I've got too many fires to put out right now. There are many different kinds of love, however, and as you probably know, there are many different words for the different kinds of love in other languages. If anything, her wording could have been criticized as being too broad!

    If I were still there at Fisheaters, we'd be happily disagreeing with one another in a thread exchange lasting many pages, I'm sure! Unfortunately, as of now, the thread was deleted along with several others.

    Such is life. Good luck out there!

  4. It's a fact that the admin supports the sodomite agenda.