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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Strange Noises Returns

Well, this is fun.  The last time I posted about this phenomenon, it was 2012.  I really did not give much credence to whatever this phenomenon was.  To be honest, I am more concerned with how swampy things are in my part of the country, as it seems to rain perpetually and never cease.  I cannot get through my backyard without mud boots.

However, The Telegraph seems to think that these strange noises are a legitimate phenomenon, and they have a recent video of them.  These more recent noises do not sound like something from Steven Spielberg's War of the Worlds.  These new noises actually sound as if something metal is bending and tearing through some kind of a dry-docked or a beached oil tanker.  I'm not saying that's what the noise is.  However, that's how it sounds to me.

Perhaps what we are seeing reported here is a growing abundance of people with the same idea for a hoax, and that these different people are merely doing it their own different ways.

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