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Friday, March 20, 2015

U.S. Catholic Mentions Laramie Hirsch

Well, friends, it looks like ol' Laramie has earned a mention over at the liberal Catholic publication, U.S. Catholic:
As even just these two divergent comments indicate, divisions still exist among Catholics. Thirty-eight percent of all surveyed think Francis has already caused too much division in the church. And such concern is more prevalent among those who disapprove of Francis’ papacy.
“Because of the lack of leadership coming from the Holy Father, the church is fracturing now more than ever,” says Laramie Hirsch of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

I didn't expect that one.  I wonder what propelled the author, Sarah Butler, into the direction of my little ol' blog?

I've made a wave or two before.  I became YouTube famous a few years ago, when I was mentioned in a video that exposed the National Inflation Association.  Later on, I had created a thread over at the Fisheaters forum titled: I think National Inflation Association...is a scam.  It earned 18,920 views, making it the 8th most viewed thread in the Secular News subfolder--which isn't too shabby, considering the traffic of Fisheaters at the time.

I don't exactly know how to feel about being singled out by U.S. Catholic for being some kind of an antagonistic nay-sayer to Pope Francis.  I suppose the most important thing I should say at this moment is that I do not attend the SSPX Mass, nor do I ascribe to sedevacantism.  I am a Roman Catholic who attends a diocesan Latin Mass.  I believe that the Holy Father's office deserves our respect.  But Pope Francis' ex-cathedra statements have caused many problems that are becoming more frequently noticed by clergy and laity.  

U.S. Catholic also quoted an online colleague of mine:
"And those who hold negative views don’t hold back, as many share hopes that his papacy is a short one. 'I wish he’d just convert to Catholicism!' says one commenter who is apparently more Catholic than the pope."
 Even if he and I do not always see eye to eye when it comes to sedevacantism, I quite agree with Sbyvl's quoted statement.  I wish I saw more Catholicism out of this pope, rather than social activism.

Sbyvl has his own blog, Sbyvl's Blog: The Traditional Reader.  He is also the owner of the Te Deum Catholic forum.  You can also find my posts at Te Deum.

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