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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Gamergate: Awaiting "The Sarkeesian Effect"

Certain quarters of the manosphere are worth taking a look at.  While I'm not one to keep updated with pick-up-artist blogs, I do tend to enjoy the political and civic commentators such as Davis M.J. Aurini.
Now, that poor fellow has been having a difficult time lately.  As many men are aware, videogames have been under assault by feminist-minded social justice warriors (SJW).  Many fellows out there have rushed to defend male-dominated videogames--our last island of male media--and this effort is known as Gamergate.  After all, women and sodomites enjoy feminizing the rest of our culture into a girlish or androgynous stew of filth.  Are males not afforded at least one corner to go relax in?  Apparently the SJWs think not.  

Vox Day speaks about Gamergate quite frequently.  An author of the journal First Things mistakenly thinks the battle is already over.  Alas, for that out-of-touch writer, the battle has been far from over.  It rages on, and hearing the drums of war in Gamergate only depends on how much you cover up your ears.  

Aurini had set out last year to do a documentary about Gamergate.  Aurini argues that it is crucial to win in this fight against SJWs who want to feminize videogames.  Aurini, Vox Day, the Common Filth podcaster, and many others hold the view that Gamergate is just a microcosm of the larger cultural war that has been launched at straight men--and civilization as you knew it--for the past sixty years.  As anyone with a sane mind can clearly see, ours is a feminist culture.  This fact escapes the most blinded of the liberal thinkers.  With few places to retreat to, men are running out of options.  

A line has therefore been drawn, and men will defend male expression in videogames.  Aurini's tactic has been to compose a documentary about SJW, Anita Sarkeesian, who has been on the front line of liberal attack dogs in the Gamergate fight.  

Aurini chose to work side-by-side with his friend, Jordan Owen.  Unfortunately, at the tail end of the documentary project, it seems that Jordan Owen has decided to "fire" his equal partner and abscond with money that the two have raised through internet donations.  

- - - - -

3/10/15 11pm Central:

Two hours ago, Aurini has stated the following on Twitter:

-The only thing that @jordanowen42 will listen to right now is public opinion; I ask that you tell him what you want.
-I would prefer that we move forward together, but somebody needs to be reasonable for you to reason with them. #TheSarkeesianEffect
-If you want #TheSarkeesianEffect team back together, please tweet @jordanowen42 & tell him to play it straight with our mediator.

- - - - -

In any event, should Owen decide not to collaborate with Aurini, the latter has pledged his commitment to editing and polishing the last stages of the documentary.  I hope that Aurini follows through.  He has committed his life in the past year to this film.  He has left his native country (Canada) to venture into the US for interviewing.  He has moved residences completely, left his job, and uprooted himself to a great degree for this documentary that he believes in.  Aurini values his integrity, and I have no doubt that he will see this task to its end.          

One particular video that caught my attention and has not left my mind is Michael Vrazitoulis' thoughts about the Aurini/Owen split on the documentary.  This YouTube vlogger stated at 17 minutes that men have lost the war in Gamergate, that we have stared into the abyss too long, and that fighting liberals in social media has degraded us.  Vrazitoulis thinks that any men left in the struggle for civilization should run off to their little compartments and do their own little creative projects, ignoring what the opposition says or conquers.  "Abandon ship!  It's sinking!" he complains, throwing up his hands.  "Swim to the nearest island, and build your ivory tower there."  He states we should "become creators again."

So, chalk that guy off the list of dependable fighters, along with Jordan Owen.  According to Vrazitoulis, you should just run off, lock yourself away, and create your own creations, ignoring the overbearing threat of radical liberalism that threatens to swallow you up.  

I argue against Vrazitoulis.  

We should not throw our hands up.  We should not abandon ship.  Men should be fighting the enemies of civilization AND working on our own creations.  We should be giving this struggle 200%.  It may be an exhausting thing to focus on creative projects as well as fighting the oppressive culture of our feminist "cultural" overlords--but that is what our age demands of us.  We live in an era in which there is a kind of spirit that determines to crush everything that makes sense.  In such an era, good men should not rest and not stop doing everything they can to fight and improve their lives and their culture.  We should not rest until every breath in us is spent.  

Good men were not created to just sit around and live a lazy hedonistic existence.  We were put here to dominate and win.  Go to the front line, buddy.  That is your home.  If you see injustice and deception being spread among the people you know in either real life or your online community, then you need to raise your voice--take the hits for the team--and accept this exhausting battle.  It is fun.  It is necessary.  And if you are any kind of a man, you were made to fight this.  

Aurini should finish The Sarkeesian Effect and continue his commentaries and fiction.  Vox Day should continue blogging against the social justice warriors, and he should continue his fiction and work in the video game industry.  We, all of us, should contribute everything we have to contribute.  After all, what will our children say if they look to the past and read about how we sat around and did nothing while an amorphous blob of menstrual-smelling Marxism washed over everything we held to be sensible?  At the least, I choose to be remembered as an American Recusant.  

Let's start by telling the nags to leave our games alone.  Can we not at least do that, fellas?

UPDATE January 2015: I never followed up on this story, but The Sarkeesian Effect fell apart, as did Aurini and Owen's association.  It's my understanding that Owen released some sort of version of the documentary.  I have had difficulty finding the YouTube video where Aurini affirms the end of his partnership.  It may be that the videos surrounding this event have been taken off of YouTube.  The moral of this story is: don't team up with liberals.

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  1. sjw's, feminists, etc. criticize "objectivization! in videogames, what they think are sexist depictions, etc.

    The problem with these videogames is immodesty, it has to do with custody of the eyes and lust, not "sexism", they miss the mark.

    But, at the same time, they defend the same level (or worse) levels of immodesty if the characater depicted has "agency"... hypocrites.