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Friday, March 20, 2015

U.S. Catholic Mentions Laramie Hirsch

Well, friends, it looks like ol' Laramie has earned a mention over at the liberal Catholic publication, U.S. Catholic:
As even just these two divergent comments indicate, divisions still exist among Catholics. Thirty-eight percent of all surveyed think Francis has already caused too much division in the church. And such concern is more prevalent among those who disapprove of Francis’ papacy.
“Because of the lack of leadership coming from the Holy Father, the church is fracturing now more than ever,” says Laramie Hirsch of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

I didn't expect that one.  I wonder what propelled the author, Sarah Butler, into the direction of my little ol' blog?

I've made a wave or two before.  I became YouTube famous a few years ago, when I was mentioned in a video that exposed the National Inflation Association.  Later on, I had created a thread over at the Fisheaters forum titled: I think National Inflation Association...is a scam.  It earned 18,920 views, making it the 8th most viewed thread in the Secular News subfolder--which isn't too shabby, considering the traffic of Fisheaters at the time.

I don't exactly know how to feel about being singled out by U.S. Catholic for being some kind of an antagonistic nay-sayer to Pope Francis.  I suppose the most important thing I should say at this moment is that I do not attend the SSPX Mass, nor do I ascribe to sedevacantism.  I am a Roman Catholic who attends a diocesan Latin Mass.  I believe that the Holy Father's office deserves our respect.  But Pope Francis' ex-cathedra statements have caused many problems that are becoming more frequently noticed by clergy and laity.  

U.S. Catholic also quoted an online colleague of mine:
"And those who hold negative views don’t hold back, as many share hopes that his papacy is a short one. 'I wish he’d just convert to Catholicism!' says one commenter who is apparently more Catholic than the pope."
 Even if he and I do not always see eye to eye when it comes to sedevacantism, I quite agree with Sbyvl's quoted statement.  I wish I saw more Catholicism out of this pope, rather than social activism.

Sbyvl has his own blog, Sbyvl's Blog: The Traditional Reader.  He is also the owner of the Te Deum Catholic forum.  You can also find my posts at Te Deum.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

There is Science

That I might be more familiar with adversaries, I sometimes venture into the land of the faithless. I will occasionally go to an atheist forum and try to observe the behavior of local fauna. I showed my friend one of my recent confrontations with atheists.  He was unimpressed with them:
I got about two pages into the thread and had to close the window. They're too insufferable! Snarky, demanding definitions of words (a half-way literate child can tell you) because it might remind them of a point of view or set of ethics/morals they refuse to accept, and then unleash hell on you for answering.

The more I am exposed to the modernist mind, the more I realize how irrelevant its opinions are. Why? None a damn one of them would fight, kill, or die for anything. Ever. They float down the stream of life, fat on their own ideas, mocking the few willing to swim against the current or try to go the direction of least resistance.
I will admit, dealing with them can be like dealing with spiteful children, but their babble entertains me in a certain way.  Not all exhibit the behavior my friend describes, but a lot of them (most, perhaps) do.  

Months ago, after the lackluster Bill Nye / Ken Ham debate about evolution, I noticed the atheists having an aversion to the idea that the study of "Science" should be broken down. I said:
I was quite satisfied with Ken Ham's division of scientific study. He divides it into two categories:
Observable/Experimental Science - something observed in nature or in a lab, and
Historical Science - scientific assumptions of the past, tabulated from built up evidence
However, I find that most evolutionists despise these distinctions (as Nye did), and they prefer to settle with just this one single word "Science," as if it is just some sort of magical umbrella term that is utilized to silence all opposition in a conversation.
The thread was derailed quickly into typical insults. Also at that same time, I had an atheist in real life get upset, raise his voice, and transform into an observably ruffled state because I mentioned the possibility that "Science" should be broken up into Observable and Historical science.

More recently, I presented the atheists a quotation from a book I've been reading. This quotation seemed to favor Ken Ham's insistence to distinguish Historical Science from Observable Science.  The passage starts off by stating that one science is under another science in two ways:
"The first [way] is when one science is a branch of another broader science, since it only studies a part of the other science, e.g. inorganic chemistry is a branch of the broader science of chemistry. The second way is when one science is subalternated to another science and by this St. Thomas means that the one science receives its principles from another science, e.g., the science of epistemology receives its principles from philosophical anthropology, logic and metaphysics. Therefore, in the consideration of the subject matter of the science, one must also consider if it is a branch of a broader science, i.e. if a science studies a subject matter which is covered at least in part by another science which considers the object of study more absolutely. In this case, the higher science will supply the lower science with conclusions about the object of study and that science assumes those conclusions as principles in its reasoning. The subject matter in philosophy is called the material object."
Even this idea of classifying science was opposed vehemently by one of the first replies. I asked: "Do you believe that one science receives its principles from another science?"  The immediate answer I got was: "No. There is science." (Though, to that community's credit, there was one person there who admitted to "cross pollination" between different scientific disciplines.

Yet, I am given pause.  "No.  There is Science."  When I read that hostile reply, it was as if he believed that science is some sort of magical, undefinable, and unquestionable power.  This idea of "Science" as being some sort of immutable overarching umbrella that cannot be organized reeks of some kind of an emotional religion to me.

Right around the same time as the latter conversation took place, I read one atheist on that forum state this:
"To be atheist you have to FEEL that God doesn't exist, you have to know it in your head. You don't need proof, nor evidence you just know it."
Today's so-called "atheism" is an emotional religion based on a nebulous, cloudy, fuzzy mythology that only takes form after some sort of agreed upon consensus determines the mythology and doctrines.

These people like to keep the idea of "Science" as a massive mystery beyond total comprehension.  This is precisely the kind of thing they try to pin on faithful Christians, and that makes them enormous hypocrites.

There is Science

I'm out in the field.  Meanwhile, Pope Francis is celebrating 50 years of a diminished Catholic Church Vatican II reforms, and hardly any of my brothers and sisters in Christ over at CAF feel convicted enough to partake in any kind of confrontation with the opponents of our faith.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Gamergate: Awaiting "The Sarkeesian Effect"

Certain quarters of the manosphere are worth taking a look at.  While I'm not one to keep updated with pick-up-artist blogs, I do tend to enjoy the political and civic commentators such as Davis M.J. Aurini.
Now, that poor fellow has been having a difficult time lately.  As many men are aware, videogames have been under assault by feminist-minded social justice warriors (SJW).  Many fellows out there have rushed to defend male-dominated videogames--our last island of male media--and this effort is known as Gamergate.  After all, women and sodomites enjoy feminizing the rest of our culture into a girlish or androgynous stew of filth.  Are males not afforded at least one corner to go relax in?  Apparently the SJWs think not.  

Vox Day speaks about Gamergate quite frequently.  An author of the journal First Things mistakenly thinks the battle is already over.  Alas, for that out-of-touch writer, the battle has been far from over.  It rages on, and hearing the drums of war in Gamergate only depends on how much you cover up your ears.  

Aurini had set out last year to do a documentary about Gamergate.  Aurini argues that it is crucial to win in this fight against SJWs who want to feminize videogames.  Aurini, Vox Day, the Common Filth podcaster, and many others hold the view that Gamergate is just a microcosm of the larger cultural war that has been launched at straight men--and civilization as you knew it--for the past sixty years.  As anyone with a sane mind can clearly see, ours is a feminist culture.  This fact escapes the most blinded of the liberal thinkers.  With few places to retreat to, men are running out of options.  

A line has therefore been drawn, and men will defend male expression in videogames.  Aurini's tactic has been to compose a documentary about SJW, Anita Sarkeesian, who has been on the front line of liberal attack dogs in the Gamergate fight.  

Aurini chose to work side-by-side with his friend, Jordan Owen.  Unfortunately, at the tail end of the documentary project, it seems that Jordan Owen has decided to "fire" his equal partner and abscond with money that the two have raised through internet donations.  

- - - - -

3/10/15 11pm Central:

Two hours ago, Aurini has stated the following on Twitter:

-The only thing that @jordanowen42 will listen to right now is public opinion; I ask that you tell him what you want.
-I would prefer that we move forward together, but somebody needs to be reasonable for you to reason with them. #TheSarkeesianEffect
-If you want #TheSarkeesianEffect team back together, please tweet @jordanowen42 & tell him to play it straight with our mediator.

- - - - -

In any event, should Owen decide not to collaborate with Aurini, the latter has pledged his commitment to editing and polishing the last stages of the documentary.  I hope that Aurini follows through.  He has committed his life in the past year to this film.  He has left his native country (Canada) to venture into the US for interviewing.  He has moved residences completely, left his job, and uprooted himself to a great degree for this documentary that he believes in.  Aurini values his integrity, and I have no doubt that he will see this task to its end.          

One particular video that caught my attention and has not left my mind is Michael Vrazitoulis' thoughts about the Aurini/Owen split on the documentary.  This YouTube vlogger stated at 17 minutes that men have lost the war in Gamergate, that we have stared into the abyss too long, and that fighting liberals in social media has degraded us.  Vrazitoulis thinks that any men left in the struggle for civilization should run off to their little compartments and do their own little creative projects, ignoring what the opposition says or conquers.  "Abandon ship!  It's sinking!" he complains, throwing up his hands.  "Swim to the nearest island, and build your ivory tower there."  He states we should "become creators again."

So, chalk that guy off the list of dependable fighters, along with Jordan Owen.  According to Vrazitoulis, you should just run off, lock yourself away, and create your own creations, ignoring the overbearing threat of radical liberalism that threatens to swallow you up.  

I argue against Vrazitoulis.  

We should not throw our hands up.  We should not abandon ship.  Men should be fighting the enemies of civilization AND working on our own creations.  We should be giving this struggle 200%.  It may be an exhausting thing to focus on creative projects as well as fighting the oppressive culture of our feminist "cultural" overlords--but that is what our age demands of us.  We live in an era in which there is a kind of spirit that determines to crush everything that makes sense.  In such an era, good men should not rest and not stop doing everything they can to fight and improve their lives and their culture.  We should not rest until every breath in us is spent.  

Good men were not created to just sit around and live a lazy hedonistic existence.  We were put here to dominate and win.  Go to the front line, buddy.  That is your home.  If you see injustice and deception being spread among the people you know in either real life or your online community, then you need to raise your voice--take the hits for the team--and accept this exhausting battle.  It is fun.  It is necessary.  And if you are any kind of a man, you were made to fight this.  

Aurini should finish The Sarkeesian Effect and continue his commentaries and fiction.  Vox Day should continue blogging against the social justice warriors, and he should continue his fiction and work in the video game industry.  We, all of us, should contribute everything we have to contribute.  After all, what will our children say if they look to the past and read about how we sat around and did nothing while an amorphous blob of menstrual-smelling Marxism washed over everything we held to be sensible?  At the least, I choose to be remembered as an American Recusant.  

Let's start by telling the nags to leave our games alone.  Can we not at least do that, fellas?

UPDATE January 2015: I never followed up on this story, but The Sarkeesian Effect fell apart, as did Aurini and Owen's association.  It's my understanding that Owen released some sort of version of the documentary.  I have had difficulty finding the YouTube video where Aurini affirms the end of his partnership.  It may be that the videos surrounding this event have been taken off of YouTube.  The moral of this story is: don't team up with liberals.