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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sbyvl's Testimony Against The Echo Chamber

Sbyvl has posted an account of the shenanigans he's witnessed over at The Echo Chamber.  I submit the link for your enjoyment, here:

As I predict, more are coming out as time goes by to testify the harsh and zany policies of the Suscipe Domine forum moderators.  As long as you don't think too hard for yourself, you will be in no danger of being ostracized from their city on a hill.  But if you dare to think you can question their actions, it's off with you!

Sbyvl's story takes place over months, and it's just such a mess.  His account is not a mess--it is the situation created by the SD moderators that is such a train wreck.  When I think of the horrible lawsuit that Fr. Rosica is threatening to a private layman blogger, Michael Voris' odd turnaround against Catholic media figures he used to be good colleagues with, and even the betrayal of the faithful laity at the Synod on the Family, it pains me to witness in SD yet another failure in leadership.  No matter what the case, it seems that there just are not reliable, strong, mature Catholic leader figures.  More and more, we are all scattered on islands by ourselves.  If only we could have depended on the SD leadership to have their act together. 

More needs to be said of Sbyv'ls testimony, but I'm short on time this evening.  For now, I will leave you with the comment I left at the bottom of his blog post:
What a messy story. The fact that this story is messy is a tragedy. It is messy because there is someone out there who is behaving in a messy manner.
And by messy, I mean emotional.
Look beyond Jayne. She is a wildcard that could have been dealt with more appropriately. Unfortunately, she has not been dealt with appropriately, and so she just goes willy nilly everywhere causing problems. Jayne, if you’re reading this, I doubt you have the ability to grow up. You have caused the tragic sundering of many associations over the web. This is because of your trifling. I advise you to break from all of this and seek some sort of counseling from a spiritual director, or merely give up forums and blogs for an extended period of time, and read Fr. Ripperger’s “Introduction to the Science of Mental Health.”
But beyond Jayne, you see enablers. These people who have enabled Jayne are also capricious. They are unpredictable, inconsistent, and unfortunately they have thrown a lasso around the majority of decent forum members who came out of Fisheaters. This namby pamby “I’ll say ‘yes,’ then do ‘no” behavior stems from a board of emotional moderators.
The indecisiveness of The Echo Chamber allows for many injustices. Whether you’re a sede who they want to root out, a brown-noser they want to keep around, or just a simple man who wants to take a stand against the tide of unrelenting hostile atheism–that forum will do whatever they please with you with no particularly dependable pattern.
The behavior of that forum’s moderators depends upon their mood, how lazy they are for that week, or how impatient they are for that week. I, myself, was banned instantaneously without warning while I was at work. No one even gave me a chance to clarify myself in my final thread. They just assumed the worst of me!
Sbyvl sympathizes with Sedevacantism. I oppose Sedevacantism, and I attend a diocesan TLM. WE ARE COMPLETE OPPOSITES ON THE TOPIC ABOUT SEDEVACANTISM. I think it’s even possible we exchanged words in the past on one of the forums (probably CI). If so, we were in complete hostile disagreement.
And yet, Sbyvl and I agree completely on the nature of his testimony. We are both aware of this strange complex that The Echo Chamber’s moderators share. Most of the people who have been targeted by the Echo Chamber are aware of this passive-aggressive behavior, and we outcasts recognize each other when we read one another’s words about SD’s actions. The fact that Sbyvl and I–two opposites on the sede issue–agree on this matter is a substantial fact to consider. If you are an outsider looking in on this issue, consider well the fact that you have two opposites agreeing so closely on this.
I’ve said this before, but I think it is a tragedy that all of us Traditionalist Catholics are scattered everywhere like this. If we are going to try to preserve the Church and Her teachings–if we are going to try to hold onto what is right, good, and true, as passed down through the ages–then we need stronger leadership than this. We cannot have the lukewarm indecisiveness or abrupt and impulsive actions from people in charge. In this culture war, it only harms us when we are under the umbrella of recklessly spontaneous masters. Such behavior reeks of irresponsibility. Large groups of Catholics have been trying to network with each other over the past decade, and either we are betrayed by leaders who won’t protect us from seeping filth, or we’re cherry picked out of the community if they don’t like us.

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