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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Echo Chamber Cannibalizes Another Member

So, it seems the Dread Queen Penelope has decided that another enjoyable poster should be banned from Suscipe Domine The Echo Chamber. This is, of course, no surprise. In such a ridiculously feminized society as we have today, you can fully expect something like this:
Maximilian has been banned for two weeks for degrading and insulting comments towards women, and for misinterpreting and spreading errors regarding traditional Catholic teaching regarding the role of women.
Umgunti, A King of Cannibals
 Apparently, they despised the rich anecdotes Max had to share in this thread here.  Or, perhaps Penelope finally got put out with Max's objective point-by-point discussion that he carried out about babysitting, the costs of childbirth, and other modern burdens hoisted on growing families?

Here's the tail end of emotion pouring out of Penelope
...Before you make any more unfounded comments about childbirth, Maximilian, you need to do some serious reading about the history of childbirth in the U.S. and in other Western nations.
Here is the front end of Maximilian's response, calling her out, and continuing to calmly carry on with his dialectic argument.  (Emphasis mine.)
Of all the women who have made emotional responses to my point, which one has responded to the basic fact that women of today are not reproducing the next generation?In terms of "a healthy and successful society," life is a basic criteria for health. Our societies are dying. We are all on a fatal trajectory. In a few decades many nations will be only half their current size.

Birth rates are low and keep falling. The cost of having children plays a major role in this fact...
But ah!  It was yours truly who was banned for being emotional and agenda driven!  And here we see it coming from the hypocritical SD moderators, yet again.  But I digress.  It's so utterly disgraceful that Max was getting hit on all sides by the Suscipe Domine nags.  But that's what happens when you have a forum dominated by women with a few beta males who bend to every feminine demand.  

Poor Max even saw it coming.  He thought a logical approach to this madness would save him:
Where does this accusation come from? I'm the one being attacked by multiple posters at once. I didn't attack anyone. I'm talking about the facts of why there aren't more babies being born.
Unfortunately for you, Maximilian, logical dialectic does not beat their emotional rhetoric.  No matter how plainly you spelled things out to them, there was no way they would relent from their attacks on you.  Because it is actually the moderators of Suscipe Domine--and Penelope in that particular instance--who are emotional and agenda driven.  You didn't have a chance.  

In a separate thread, Erin Is Nice said that it was unfair that Maximilan should have been banned.  In true characteristic form, Penelope jumped in, squashing the thread, and threatening all of the dissenters that she would deal with all of them later.  It'd be kind of pathetic and sad if I weren't already banned, but at this point it's all bemusingly hilarious to watch the estrogenic disintegration of trust wear away The Echo Chamber like a piece of iron gathering rust.  I truly felt sorry for those who said it was "unjust" and he was being punished for being "politically incorrect."  "It seems like all of my favorite posters have been banned," another person complained.  You got that right, friend.  

It is this kind of incompetence at the top that shall lead to an eventual instantaneous or gradual exodus from The Echo Chamber, until finally there is no one left but people who do nothing but agree and fill Kaeskopf's unquenched hubris.  SD will continue to have its base erode away, no matter what quality of Catholic they champion and attract.  In time, all blue-collared Catholics with common sense will be driven out, and the place will be one great big sewing circle, courtesy of JayneK's protector-in-chief, Dread Queen Penelope, and Kaeskopf, the Indifferent--who's special power is to dart in and out of a thread hurling insults and an occasional obscenity.  Indeed, it is likely that the only people left in The Echo Chamber in the end will be the people who've actually met one another in real life.  

And with this incident, I have one more opportunity to give Sbyvl's testimony a fuller treatment.  Kaesekopf's dive-bombing non-content assault in threads is noted by someone else besides your humble Laramie:   
Back in December 2013, I was shouted down for questioning Kaesekopf and the moderators regarding their policy of permitting the atheist “Crimson Flyboy” to post subtle attacks on the Catholic faith in numerous places.
I believe Traditional Catholics need a forum where there is not an official “party line” to tow, and where all non-heretical positions on the present ecclesiastical Crisis are permitted, and where the leadership will not find an excuse to ban an individual simply because he holds a slightly different opinion on the Crisis than the administration.
I'm sorry, Sbyvl, but not only do you need to tow the party line of Suscipe Domine's position with the Church, but you will also have to refrain from mentioning evangelizing atheists (in my case) or from stating any kind of anti-feminist fact that might offend Jayne or Penelope (Maximilian's case), least you incur the wrath of one of the males who work to do their bidding.  I am sure there are many other positions you will also need to fall in line with if you are to remain on friendly terms with those people, but if you fail, you will be banned faster than lightning.

Unfortunately, there is an ever-growing list of those who have not been able to catch on to the "Echo Chamber Groupthink."  Such people were too slow to evolve into the clique, and have since been swiftly booted out of the cool 20-something's club of faux Traditionalists.    

And I can't reiterate enough: Jayne is protected on Suscipe Domine.  Her brown-nosing and manipulations work.  Not only does she fill Kaseskopf's vanity, but she is bff with Penelope.  So, if Jayne sees fit to see you gone, you might as well have Penelope up in a huff with you as well:
Jayne was at this time also a factor. Even aside from the CAF thread, she had felt the need to constantly and publicly scold me over trivial matters. She had clearly become a favorite of the SD administration, and despite her endless manipulations being exposed a number of times (example here: http://thehirschfiles.blogspot.com/2014/12/the-echo-chambers-fears-of-honesty-and.html), she still wields enormous influence with the administration of Suscipe Domine.
The different warnings Sbyvl got just illustrates that something was going on.  It's sad.  They might as well hang a sign up for the remaining thinkers of that forum: "Not enough room for you here."

But the fun and double-standards continue.  Just take a quick look at what Jayne the Humble gets away with:
Jayne made several posts on SD gloating about her “infiltration”, taunting the TD leadership with numerous “challenges” to find out which moniker she was posting under on TD. Current SD members can find these posts by looking at Jayne’s posts between September 2 and 9, when a moderator at TD was able to gather enough evidence to confirm bzmom’s true identity.
There's plenty of room for Jayne to cause trouble on other forums!  She will be tolerated, because Penelope.  And because groupthink.  But if you dare do what Maximilian did this week, and address the fems point by point about a "women's issue," you're out.  This woman, Jayne, has gotten away with more crap and led to the destruction of more associations than I have see in any other person across five forums.  You, Jayne, ought not be tolerated for what you do.

Here, Sbyvl recounts a threat Jayne made on Sbyvl's Te Deum forum:
“Next time I infiltrate this forum I will not warn you and I will not leave a trail of clues. (By the way, you were faster than I expected. Well done.) As long as this forum considers it acceptable to make negative comments about me as J A Y N E, voldemort, “certain individual”, or any other circumlocution, I will consider it acceptable to spy on you and infiltrate you. Leave me alone and I leeave you alone. Making me into an enemy is a bad idea. Bzmom was harmless. Don’t push your luck.-Jayne”
Pure gradeschool.  And yet, this kind of character is tolerated.  Meanwhile, in this week's thread with Maximilian, you get snapped at by Kaseskopf, Moderator of The Echo Chamber:

You know what surprises me?  People with enough time on their hands to actually discuss this useless shit.  Don't people have jobs? Vocations? States in life to take care of? Rosaries to pray?  It's freaking Lent. Why aren't people doing their penance? Fasting? Almsgiving? Spending some time in adoration.
Nope. Let's bitch on a forum. Let's get ourselves riled up because someone said something stupid. Grow up and just ignore them. Forum has that feature. *Ignore* Duh? One thing to always remember - You can't fix stupid.
I can't decide what amuses me more, his blatant nasty attitude, or how disinterested he sounds in keeping the forum.  Like it or not, Kaesekopf is a "leader" (cough) of some Traditional Catholics on the Internet.  Unfortunately, like most failing Catholic leaders these days, he fails to deliver.  Kaesekopf treats his forum members like a nuisance.  But what really is disappointing about Kaesekopf's conduct is how he double-dealed Sbyvl in lifting his ban (emphasis mine):
[Kaesekopf said] "I’ll remove your ban, and I’ll remove the Airing thread, but tmw89’s ban will remain, you will not recruit members to Te Deum from Suscipe Domine (either privately or publicly) [See above, please.], and I would as a sign of good will, expect you to delete the posts negative towards SD from the Other Catholic Forums thread [The entire thread has since been moved to the private chatroom subforum]."
Did he follow through?
Nope. Within hours of the previous email, KK sent me another email, this time stating he would not remove the falsehoods about myself and others in the “Airing” thread, nor would he lift my ban, until I removed all the posts I made regarding the situation in the “Other Catholic forums” thread on TD. The entire thread was eventually moved to the private chatroom subforum.
So once again, I followed through with what I said I would do, whereas Kaesekopf did not.
The many faces of Asura
There is so much fickle policy at The Echo Chamber.  How can a forum that is so incompetent and unreliable at the top survive?  Granted, they have a large base, but only for now.  They grabbed most of their members from 1. initial curiosity of their forum's founding, 2. When VoxC and Jayne were being harsh towards everyone who was critical of Pope Francis after his election, and 3. after "Impygate."  But can a club such as their's survive with such ineptitude and truly emotional agenda-driven policies as they have?

People migrated to Suscipe Domine because they thought it would be more free than what they were experiencing over at Fisheaters.  Boy!  Were they wrong!  When emotions and sentiment run high--as it does there--it won't be long before chaos and misunderstanding reign.  And when you think about it, in the end, is that not what we see as the problem with our modern institutions as a whole?  

Whether it's Kaesekopf's ninja insults, Dread Queen Penelope's (or her sidekick's) complaints about how men just don't understand women, or Archer's uneven heavy-handedness, The Echo Chamber will continue to lose credibility among its members as the months roll by.  

Does the owner and moderators of Suscipe Domine want to have a Traditional Catholic internet forum that is freer than other forums--more free than Fisheaters and CAF, as it was in the beginning--which welcomes objective and fearless discussion of all topics?  Or is the place just one great big cult of personality?  

Sorry you got banned, Maximilian.  But you can always find your old buddy, Laramie, right here at homebase.  



  1. I am so upset by Maximilian being banned that I am taking a voluntary break to coincide with his banning. The SD moderators do not listen to me nor do I receive special protections from any of them, as my history of bannings and warnings on that forum ought to show anybody considering the matter impartially. I am completely opposed to feminism and have been since before I showed up on trad forums. This should be clear to anyone reading my posts.

  2. Towards the end of Sbyvl's "chronicle"you can see my apology. I apologized to Sbyvl personally and also sent sbyvl a public apology for him to post on his forum if he wished He chose not to do so.

    I admitted I was wrong, apologized and received appropriate penalties for my crimes. I am permanently banned from Te Deum. I received a temp ban from SD for my post there taunting TD. Everyone involved in this is supposed to be Catholic. Why is there no forgiveness for me?

  3. Fool me once, Voldemort...

    If anyone were to tally the "apologies" this agitprop has tendered over the last five years, and summarize the circumstances surrounding those controversies, the dishonesty would be all too manifest for the dear readers to see.

    1. Most Catholics have had the experience of confessing sins and then needing to confess again (even the same sins) in spite of a sincere intention not to sin again. I am a sinner. I do not do the good that I wish to do and I do the evil that I do not wish to do. Even St. Paul was like this.

      My apologies are sincere and my wish to do good is sincere. I beg for forgiveness and I intend to do better in the future.

    2. Which is what you say every time. And it keeps happening. The vast majority of other people on these forums don't have this problem. If you really cared about doing better, you'd just leave. But you don't because you really intend to keep rocking the boat. You're not fooling anyone. The tactics you learned from your days as a fag supporter can only get you so far, Ms. Seeker of Status.

  4. Jayne, the only way that people in our circle of Traditional Catholic Forums will consider you truly contrite and sorrowful for your behavior, is if you reform yourself and sustain such improved behavior for an extended period of time. Bear in mind that you've been around for about five years. Will it take that long for you to earn everyone's trust again? I don't know. But as things stand, you've burned a lot of people--and a lot more are taking notice.

    For what it's worth, your name came up in this recent post only because you had an intricate role to play in Sbyvl's ostracization from that forum, and I was quoting passages from his blog. Happily, though, I have little interaction with you these days.

    Further, today's recent post is not really about you, but by the ineptitude of SD leadership. The banning of Maximilian was the latest spectacle to clearly demonstrate what that place is turning into. And I even have a prediction.

    PREDICTION: Suscipe Domine leadership will be at one another's throats in between one and three years from now. Their level of maturity can only lead into that direction.

    1. I have been thinking about this ever since you wrote it, this comment in particular: "Jayne, the only way that people in our circle of Traditional Catholic Forums will consider you truly contrite and sorrowful for your behavior, is if you reform yourself and sustain such improved behavior for an extended period of time."

      I don't think that this would work. Some people have made up their minds that I am some sort of irredeemable embodiment of evil. That is why they call me Voldemort. No matter what I do people are going to see it as evil because it is me doing it. For example, I tried to help track down the person calling himself Zostrianos who was trying to stir up trouble between TD and SD. I wrote to Sbyvl with my ideas and we exchanged a bunch of emails back and forth. I thought that he was really interested in my thoughts on this, but he then published my emails on his blog with the claim that they were evidence that I had written the post myself.

      These people assume that anything I do is bad. For them, if it appears good, it must be some sort of lie or trick. There is nothing I can do to reform myself that can get past the constant assumption that I am acting from bad motives. Being good has no effect on people who interpret everything in the worst possible light.

      These people will never consider me contrite and sorrowful. Some of them do not even think that I am Catholic. They call me marrano. They say that I contaminate any forum I belong to. They hate me and there is nothing I can do, no change, no reform that can make a difference. I would gladly do penance for 5 years, as you suggest, but these people won't be happy until I am gone from trad forums.

    2. You would think that you would simply avoid places where most people obviously want nothing to do with you, but...

    3. Lots of people on trad forums like me. I have received many supportive comments both publicly and privately. I suspect the haters are a minority. For sure, most people think "marrano" comments are unacceptable.

    4. Yet it seems a growing number of people on these forums are through with you. I guess that is all just irrationality and prejudice without any well-founded reasoning and through no fault of your own, right? Like, you know, trying to deceive Te Deum Forum and Archbishop Lefebvre Forum with your bzmom account? Honestly, you should be ashamed of the needless divisions you have caused. It is no wonder multiple forums have washed their hands of you. If you really are not so bad, take a hint and spend more time offline in prayer. It will probably benefit you more than online lying and pot stirring.

    5. I agree with the other anon(s?)

      For as much as she likes trotting out the "woe is me" routine, Jayne has only herself to blame.

    6. I have faults and annoying personality traits. In my earlier years on trad forums especially, I have argued for objectionable positions. I take full responsibility for those things. I do not blame anybody for having a negative reaction to them.

      When I was banned from Fish Eaters, it made me realize how much I depended on the favour of Vox Clamantis there and I knew that I needed to change the way I interact on forums. I have been trying to change ever since. I think that I am making progress but it is not realistic to expect an instant personality transplant. I still lose my temper and do or say things I regret, but I do it less and less often. I am getting better at pulling back from arguments. I am learning to control my impulses to be bossy. I apologize when I mess up and keep on trying to do better. I am not sure what else can be expected of me.

      Laramie's experience with Te Deum is an example of the usual approach of forums to people with a problematic history. Laramie, as anyone reading this blog should know, was an outspoken critic of sedevacantism and sedevacantists. He offended and angered many people with writing on this topic. A large proportion of TD members are SV and some objected to Laramie being allowed to join. The position of the staff (and this is consistent with what I have seen on every other trad forum I know of) was that he should be allowed to join with a clean slate and judged on his posts on the forum, not anything he said elsewhere.

      I am the only exception that I recall seeing to this policy. Te Deum made the decision that I would not be allowed to join it before I created bzmom. (That was my angry (and immature and inappropriate) reaction to them declaring themselves a "Jayne-free zone" and auto-correcting my name to Voldemort.) They did not follow the usual procedure of giving a person with a history a chance to follow the rules and behave.

      The reason for making me an exception was that they considered me evil and intent on destroying the Church. There is no rational basis for that belief. However flawed and annoying I might be, I love the Church and would rather die than harm her.

      Everything that I ever posted as bzmom was my genuine opinion. I did not lie. I only withheld the information that I had posted elsewhere with another name. I did this on ABLF out of curiosity to see if anyone would guess. I did it on TD to prove that they could not keep me out and to annoy them. That was a bad motive and I was wrong to do it. I accept the punishment for it. But there was nothing harmful or untrue in the bzmom posts.

      I am not currently posting to any forums and will not until Easter. One of the things I am praying about this Lent is what my involvement in forums will be in the future.

    7. Jayne, this post contained several blatant falsehoods (So much for trying to correct past behavior).

      Firstly, let everyone be aware that I personally invited you to join Te Deum at the end of August, but you declined, so for you to say we "decided" to have a Jayne-free zone is another lie. You created the false account, and pretended to be a sedevacantist. Here you say "I only withheld the information that I had posted elsewhere". At leas you are admitting your deceitfulness.

      You know, Jayne. You keep saying you are going to improve yourself, but you have been acting in the exact same fashion, and have sowed more discord amongst internet Traditionalists than any other individual. This is why people think you are either mentally unstable or an infiltrator.

      "I am not currently posting to any forums and will not until Easter." Several months ago you told me your confessor directed you to spend no more than one hour on internet forums per day.

      I and many others would appreciate it if you would stop lying.

    8. Also, Jayne, your account of the events of the last month, particularly with regard to the email exchange, is likewise inaccurate. For those who wish to know the truth, pay a visit to: https://sbyvl.wordpress.com/2015/03/02/the-zostrianos-affair-a-preliminary-report/

    9. It's useless, man. She could find a loophole in a stop sign.

    10. I am telling the truth. Yes, Sbyvl, you originally invited me to join TD and then later changed your mind. Perhaps you have forgotten that you said that you had to keep peace with Voxxpop and rescinded the invitation. There were multiple posts on TD using the expression "Jayne-free zone". Anyone can see them.

      I am not sure how you got the impression that bzmom was a sedevacantist .I certainly never said I was. I expressed the same opinions that I do when writing as Jayne. This was largely how you were able to figure out it was the same person.

      I spent several weeks limiting my posting to one hour a day and realized that making this change so suddenly was not working. I then decided to move toward the goal more gradually. Currently, however, I am taking a complete break from forums that I intend to do until Easter.

      This is why it does not matter what I do. Sbyvl has his blog and his forum and he keeps accusing me of things. I have never lied and there is no evidence that I have lied. (And obviously not in that email exchange that Sbyvl published). I am done with trying to prove it. God knows the truth and He is the only one who matters.

    11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    12. I went back to check my PMs and I see that technically Sbyvl did not revoke my invitation to join. He wrote: "Voxx wouldn't have you anyway...I think we'd have a civil war if you stayed, no offense of course. For now, we need to keep the peace, though I am not necessarily opposed to you posting there in the future."

    13. Given Sbyvl's blog, I think that is off the table. But then again, you literally never take a hint, so...

  5. Wow, they have come under so much criticism for banning Maximilian that Bungler, I mean Archer, actually posted a "defense" of the ban in the General Information subforum. I tried to read it as KK would: I only skimmed it. I noticed he used "it's" where he should have used "its" towards the end. Aside from that, it looks like desperate equivocating self justification. It's like he was looking for a lot of text to put right before the main point of "this matter is closed for discussion" the way someone jingles keys in front of a cat while it gets a shot at the vet.

  6. I joined Suscipe Domine last week, because I had heard they were pretty good. I'm currently banned for the same reason as Maximilian, "degrading and insulting comments towards women, and for misinterpreting and spreading errors regarding traditional Catholic teaching regarding the role of women." I didn't even talk about women. I AM a woman, for goodness sake. I had two pretty pleasant discussions, both involving moderators, neither involving any warnings or censures, beyond the usual difference in opinion anyone can have, and now I'm banned. What? To be honest, my feelings are hurt. Why did this happen? What did I do? I can't even contact them and ask. Not to be silly, but I liked them and I thought they liked me. I think the most controversial thing I said was that I've never met a traditional man who initiated a divorce and I have met some women. That's just the truth of what I've experienced. It's not a condemnation of women and it has nothing to do with Church teaching. Is that why I was banned?

    1. Did you receive some kind of secret or private banning? Banned members are listed here: http://www.suscipedomine.com/forum/index.php?topic=1181.150

      And the last 3 posters banned are all male. So when you say you "just joined last week," and are a woman, but are "currently banned," where could we read the reasons for your banning, and that you are banned at all? (The thread I linked discusses not just usernames but "reasons for banning") I ask my question because you are asking Laramie and/or his readers, and I'm reading ban announcements that do not include females or the dates you mentioned.

  7. I just joined SD, but I've stalked them for a long time, and in my opinion Jayne is polite and respectful. She's not a brownnoser, she just understands authority and it works out in her favor. Would her enemies prefer her if she were rude and belligerent to the moderators? And if your claims that she's rude and two faced are founded on any truth, it could also be a misinterpretation of how she treats people differently based on their importance. Maybe it hurts people's pride to realize that someone is considered more important than them. In fact, I bet the reason I was banned was because I was a bit rude to Archer. Does that mean I should be mad and blame him? No, he's in authority and I need to make sure he's happy, because he's more important than me.

    1. Again, no female, period, has been banned since October 20, 2014. And no new members have been banned recently either.

      Such statements are not factual.

  8. How do we know the last two comments were not from the same person? Their times are suspiciously close together. Furthermore, if the person from the comment at 8:42 is telling the truth, then why are they not listed in the "Banned Members" thread of Suscipe Domine?

    Lately, there have been a lot of hijinks--a lot of people telling lies and signing up under names that are used on other forums. I haven't the time to always go into things like the Zostrianos fiasco and other problems that multiply themselves from that forum. At the time being, real life takes priority over most internet amusements.

    However, Sbyvl covers the person who lied and said they were Zostrianos here:

    If the person who wrote the comment at 8:42 is real and sincere, I don't know what to tell you. There's other Catholic forums out there. It's strange how you slipped through the cracks and were banned without being announced. Otherwise...this smells like more of the same usual nonsense.

  9. Yeah, I was the same person. I thought that was clear, but looking back it was definitely ambiguous. I contacted the forum leader and it was an accident having to do with IP addresses and they were really nice.

  10. To be clear, my own posts of 8:16 and 8:23 are not to be confused with the three recent posts (8:42 and 9:03 on March 9, and March 10 at 2:14) -- even though I am also posting as "Anonymous."

    I replied to the pair of posts on 3/9, which claimed that said poster was banned, but there is no evidence of any recent female banning on SD.

  11. Jayne, I think it sad that I come to the suspicion that the anonymous person who complained of being banned was actually you just goofing off (in those two March 9th posts).

    I'm actually through with discussing you. I don't really have much more to say about you. I went into detail about how your hijinks helped separate me from many people I knew for years. I covered Sbyvl's testimony about how involved you were in his ostracization. The blame for many fractured associations lies at your feet. It's not just SD, either. It's everything. Even the rift at Fisheaters involved you to a degree.

    If anyone comes here after getting screwed by blind forum moderators who are too ignorant to see past the kinds of tricks you use, they will be welcome here. I will happily post their take on the incident. If it involves you (again), then that's your fault.

    You've heard what I think you ought to do.

    If it is any consolation, I don't really plan to post about you much more. I've said my piece, and Sbyvl has said his piece. I am not interested by posts that detail your latest attention-grabbing scandal. I'm actually busy with other things.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I'm the author of the two March 9th posts and since you're the runner of this blog you should be able to see IP addresses and know that Jane and I don't even live in the same country ( I think she's from Canada) I don't want to get her in trouble because I defended her, but I don't feel like posting my name and you wouldn't believe it anyway. If it makes you feel better, I'm a Catholic and lying is a sin, so I swear and state that that not only am I not Jayne, but I don't know her, have never met her, have no ulterior motives for defending her, and am embarrassed that I was so stupid as to confuse matters this way.

  12. Laramie, I did not get you banned from SD. I have not gotten anybody banned from SD. On the contrary, people have been banned over my objections. I don't publicly criticize the moderators and you have no idea what I say to them in private. I really do not have the sort of influence you think.

    Since you have made comments on my "scandal" at TD, I think it is fair that I get to say my piece too. Here is my account of what happened that I wrote as a PM to someone who was asking about it:

    I have a history of conflict with voxxpopulisuxx going back years, first on Fisheaters and then on Suscipe Domine. Some of it is disagreements on issues since I am an Ecclesia Dei trad and voxx is not. Much of it is difference in style that makes it difficult for us to relate to each other. The SD moderators forced a truce on us for a while and I was glad to comply because I knew that I should be making more of an effort to get along with him. Eventually the truce broke down and we were ordered to cease replying to or mentioning each other. Voxx disobeyed which was a factor in his being banned from SD and so it seems that he blames me for that.
    When Sbyvl started up Te Deum he invited me to join but I turned him down because it sounded like it was going to be a forum for SVs. I might have reconsidered when it turned out differently but, after Sbyvl formed his moderator team, he revoked the invitation on the grounds that voxx would object. The first week or so of TD contained several personal attacks on me as well as boasts about it being a "Jayne-free" zone. They set up an auto-correct to change the word "Jayne" to "Voldemort".
    At this point I lost my temper and behaved in an immature and foolish way. I set up an account with a different name "bzmom" and a disguised writing style to prove that they could not really create a "jayne-free" zone. After I had built up a post count as bzmom (these posts were not disruptive in themselves) I posted something on Suscipe Domine (where I knew that Sbyvl would see it) that said, in effect, "Ha ha I am posting on TD. Try and catch me." I justly received disciplinary action from the SD mods for this.
    As I expected, they were able to identify my account. Sbyvl confronted me privately and I admitted it. I expected "bzmom" to be banned and that would be the end of it. Unfortunately, the mod team at TD thought that they needed to prove that bzmom was Jayne which they did by posting my personal information. This violated their TOS and left many of the witnesses outraged and/or disturbed. Sbyvl and another mod, tmw, were banned from SD for this, creating further resentment against me. The personal information was taken down after a day and they claim that this was the intent all along. I am sure that Sbyvl, who is quite inexperienced, had no idea of the seriousness of what he did. He would not have done it if he realized.
    I added fuel to the fire by using a guest account to post yet again to TD, this time as Jayne, that bzmom was harmless and only intended to prove how easy it was to infiltrate their forum. I threatened to do worse if they would not stop lying about me and insulting me. Again, I am at fault for this.
    The situation had now escalated and people were speaking of forum war between SD and TD. A TD poster launched an attack on SD. At this point, I realized how much harm I was causing to others with my foolishness and tried to make amends. I wrote a couple of public apologies on SD and privately to Sbyvl. It was an unconditional surrender. I gave my word to never post on TD again without permission, turned over another account that I had there that he did not know about, and offered to write a public apology on TD if he wanted me to. He chose for me not to do this.
    I think this gives a fair overview of what happened, although much more could be said. In summary, I behaved badly but I am not a monster or a threat to Catholic tradition.

    1. "I gave my word to never post on TD again without permission, turned over another account that I had there that he did not know about, and offered to write a public apology on TD if he wanted me to. He chose for me not to do this."

      So you leveraged your sincerity with the revelation that you had created ANOTHER false account before?

      You are even more unbalanced than your posts on Suscipe Domine suggest. I will pray for you, but you are one messed up individual. No wonder Laramie calls you a parasite. You try to suck all the enjoyment and camaraderie out of traditional forums and blogs and when you are caught red handed in the middle of utterly Mickey Mouse antics, you apologize up and down. Lather, rinse, repeat. NO THANK YOU!