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Friday, January 30, 2015

Te Deum: Report Card

I've been visiting Te Deum for over a month and a half.  I've had some good conversation there, and I've exchanged a lot of intelligent correspondences.  It is good to see that the body of thoughtful Catholics continues into this collection of conversationalists.  It's refreshing to know that there's a place that is unafraid of traditional taboos, namely, taking a critical look at Church leadership.  Daring to question any kind of cleric could get you swiftly booted off of Mark Shea's Catholic Answers Forum.

Also, it might relieve a Catholic to know that Te Deum is not feminist, nor would there be toleration of homosexual nay-sayers against the Faith.  I particular like that latter aspect, as I think it's a forum owner's duty to protect the members from harassment by those outside the group.  At best, a sub-forum should exist for such outsiders, though pretty much all forums I know of keep the radical and hostile outsiders out.

But speaking of keeping outsiders out, it is good to know that Te Deum has the maturity to tolerate me.  This is probably because I'm not radical and hostile.  Agreeing to disagree is a rare thing, I find these days.  It is safe to say that a majority of the posters there are sympathetic to sedevacantism.  I am an antagonist against sedevacantists.  It takes a mature mind to realize the benefit of having someone around who disagrees.  As I said today on Cathinfo, not every forum knows how to tolerate an antagonist. Not every forum realizes the worth of a devil's advocate, a gadfly, or Socratic dialectic. If you block such people out, all you'll end up with is an emotional echo chamber that encourages brown-nosing and groupthink.

And, with that, I should mention my apologies to Greg, who was recently banned from Cathinfo. I should have known that the homeschooling-vs-public-school issue was a hot-button topic for which he's always had contrary advice. Instead of creating a public thread, I could have sent a private message to Greg and helped to save face.  I feel I am to blame in this.

I have suggested to Matthew to perhaps make the ban temporary, as I believe that to be more reasonable than the insane, hysterical, emotional, and vague bans that The Echo Chamber dishes out.  And, of course, I think we can all agree that Matt's patience and toleration extends pretty far in a lot of these kinds of circumstances.  He's always been equitable as far as I could tell.  

In the meantime, I'd encourage Greg to catch up with folks over at Te Deum.  Apparently, a reasonable amount of variety is welcome there, and conversations don't seem to be stifled.  Heck, you can even talk about evangelizing the atheists, and there's no danger you'll be banned.

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