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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Mark Shea bans Laramie!

To my groupies over at the Patheos website,

I know you all are just dying to hear my response to your criticisms and questions.  But alas!  Mark Shea, for all of his tolerance, faith, love, and charity, has decided that he strongly dislikes this humble author!

Shea the Malevolent!  Another Catholic who cannot handle confrontation.

Words have been exchanged through e-mail with Shea, to be sure.  But such things ought to be kept private and between the parties.  I will, however, assure you that the likelihood of yours truly being able to respond to your quibbles in that post is quite non-existent, no matter how much I try to convince Shea I'm not a Rick Delano groupie.

(I swear, what is Shea's problem with DeLano?  The latter is such a nice guy compared to the former.)

"Only people who agree with me are allowed in my living room!"  Sounds familiar!

So, TMLutas, Marthe Lépine, chezami, and Heather!  If you want to follow up on your shallow name calling as you safely enjoy the absence of my presence, then go right ahead!  I'm sure you'll claim you're being a loving and charitable Catholic as you lambaste the banished guy with flowery insults.

More details later, gang.


A bit of followup, I'd like to provide a summary of my brief exchange on said blog post, shortly before my exile.  I attempted to call out Mark Shea, who has ultimately shown himself too cowardly to respond to my points, and rather, has chosen to just remove me and plug up his ears.  I began by quoting him:
"[Pope Francis] opposes abortion and contraception and gay 'marriage'. He’s not going to be ordaining women. He’s, y’know, the pope, and therefore Catholic."
Just because he does not outright oppose these things with his official powers of infallibility, that does not mean that in his mind he does not wish for these things. It appears as if Pope Francis, his handlers, and those who elected him are eager to make the Church as un-Catholic as possible. It appears as if he and his friends look at the Church's traditions as a stain to be erased. In this way, though the Pope IS the Leader of the Church, he acts, therefore, un-Catholic.
Pope Francis has a penchant for saying things without saying them. Mark Shea, it boggles my mind how you and other Catholics fail to see the winks and nods he passes across the aisle to the enemies of the Church. Many decades after today, people will look back at this disaster of a papacy, and when Church historians--if they're still around--need to find the "yes men" who nodded their heads in approval to all of the subtle and revolutionary pushes the pope undertook, they will turn to Mark Shea pieces, scourge of those "Rad Trad" "triumphalists."
What kind of return did I get? What kind of an exchange could I have expected? Did anyone agree that Pope Francis appears to hate tradition? Did anyone discuss the possibility of fallible words vs infallible official actions? Did anyone discuss or dispute the possiblity of Vaticanspeak--the idea of saying something without saying it? Did Mark Shea respond to the idea that the Pope is winking to a fawning media? I called Mark Shea a "yes man," but did he refute me? Nah. Because I'm right.

The responses:
-Thank you for supplying one more piece of evidence that the problem with Francis on the right is a problem of tribal signaling, "that does not mean that in his mind he does not wish for these things". How are you mind reading Francis? It's the body language and style that usually people use to do that.
-You are writing as if you truly were able to read the minds of an awful lot of people... And judging them by what you assume you have clearly "read". That does not even seem Christian to me... And who gave you that power to read minds, again?
-Another Reactionary smiting fellow Catholics for the mortal sins of faith, hope and love. Duly noted. You alone are the Savior of the Church. No towering pride in that.
-By all means, continue amazing us with your powers of mind reading and not at all reading crazy interpretations into orthodox statements and deliberately reading the worst possible interpretation of cherry picked badly translated media coverage.

Deep thoughts, all of them.  Unfortunately, I cannot respond to any of them, and so it appears that they've won, though actually, Shea has merely shut me up.  

How emotional.  Wouldn't you say?

I tried to start the dance with a bit of biteback.  Because I was momentarily pressed for time, I responded to the latter with the following:

"By all means, continue amazing us with your powers..."
I will

And that's as far as I could get.  To that last tit, I received the following tat:
-However, if I was in your "shoes", I might become weary about the real source of such mind-reading powers...
-Do you see sorcery at the carnival when the 'guess your weight and age' guy is almost never wrong?
Unfortunatly, Shea was aware of the exchange, and his hands were probably nervously shaking with concern as he blocked me shortly thereafter after.  Can't have Catholics bein' confronted, and all that.