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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Europe's Mood; Atheist Hate; CAF; Shea; Socialists; Manosphere

Does Europe Move Against Islam?

The New York Times, in a moment of hysteria, feels that Europe is at a "dangerous moment," as we all watch the Continent slowly work its way into a climate that will spawn the counter-revolution of The Great Monarch.

To the West: if you cannot stop hating your Father in Heaven, then submission to Islam is your fate. Islam is your future. You will conduct commerce in Islam. You will be arrested by police in Islam. You will be denied church in Islam. You will modify your diet in Islam. The liberals and liberal atheists already have a fondness for Islam. And if you ever had any children or grandchildren, they too will suffer and perhaps die in Islam. That is what happens when you abandon God. He abandons you.

Be assured, folks. There will be a time in the future when Islamists will claim reign to the entire world before we start fighting back. Islam has no place in the Western Hemisphere. But until that future comes, we get to enjoy the continual marriage between liberal atheism and Islam. (Which reminds me: note to self, look up Jewish collusion with the Muslims prior to their eventual banishment from Spain in the late 1400s.)

I really ought to collate some of the prophecies together about the foretold king--the Great Monarch. But until then, here's a link to a list of random prophecies I've amused myself with over the years. I'm unsure if they're accurate, and I don't post these authoritatively. If the prophecies are off track, lemme know in the comments box.

The Insatiable Hate of Hostile Atheists

Even if all faithful children of God disappeared overnight--along with every visible reminder of Christianity and the Creator's involvement on this planet--the secular satanists we know as atheists would still be whining about their very memories of the Holy things that were on this earth. In such a hypothetical future, I wonder, how many generations would have to pass until the satanic godless people utterly forgot about Christ and His Church? Happily, this hypothetical will never happen, and the Earth will be destroyed before God ever let that happen.

The just shall rejoice when he shall see the revenge: he shall wash his hands in the blood of the sinner. And man shall say: If indeed there be fruit to the just: there is indeed a God that judgeth them on the earth. Psalm 57: 11-12

Catholic Answers Forum

I hardly ever visit CAF. I'm certain I shall instantaneously get banned if I so much as breathe contrary to liberalism. I've heard that there's people on that forum who actively despise Traditionalist Catholics. Creepy.

Shea Shenanigans

Mark Shea wrote another screed against most sensible people this past week. What fun!

Once again, you have the opportunity to watch Shea smugly retreat back into his typical habit of labeling the people he is talking about and splitting them into two groups. To top it all off with irony, Shea in this article complains about how those silly conservatives who run into the embrace of "politic games" instead of remaining independent, unworldly, and Catholic. And yet, he's complaining about...conservatives--thus, falling into the very "politic game" he is denouncing! Once more, Shea fits perfectly into the mold that he is criticizing.

Socialist Government

To those on the Left who argue that it is because of "Justice" that we are legally forced to give charity through our government:

I, for one, am so "pleased" that government implements justice by forcing your charity with a loaded gun. It is good to see your willful and complete compliance with such an arbiter as our Western government. And though I'm sure your motives are as clean as the pure driven snow, I really can't say the same for your government once it gets your charity from you. But fear not! It is above your station to quibble or concern yourself with such lofty subjects. Just do as you are told, and continue to give your charity to your justice-practicing government. Because audits.

This is a Freemasonic republic, not a Catholic feudal state. So! Please, by all means! Trust our overlords to your heart's content. Just please let no one hear you ever complain about our master's overreach--particularly police actions. There will undoubtedly be plenty of bread and circuses for you until Thunderdome.

The Manosphere

I've been growing to enjoy the Manosphere in the past year.  More entertaining than bickering or quibbling about sedevacantism with sour people.

Here's a great video that helps encapsulate what the men of our time are starting to figure out:

And two interesting blogs I intend to check out later include:



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