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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Catholic Community Pipedreams; Medieval Warming was Global

We Don't Even Have Catholic Ghettos

Today, the following video was brought to my attention. It depicts a typical Protestant megachurch, in 2015:

Why don't Catholic dioceses have what that megachurch has?

I know that the timeline is ridiculous, and the choice for arrangement and some aesthetics is terrible, and let's not forget the silly idea of holy yoga.

However, when I saw the commons area, the toddler play area, and the gigantic indoor soccer field, I said to myself:

"Man, I wish our diocese had this type of place for all of the Catholics to gather and socialize and feel comfortable. I'd love to be able to take my kids to a Catholic version of this, but a place with more dignity and with an actual grand sanctuary. Instead, I've gotta take the kids over to McDonalds or some place like that for them to play. And instead of having a community center like this, we are like prisoners trapped in our own homes because the city is feral."

Another thought that struck me this Christmas season was the following:

My town has a Protestant bible college that does a really great job with a Christmas light presentation. The entire city will pour through that area to go look at their Christmas lights. It's great. And as I drive up to the place with the tribe, I think to myself, "How could the Catholics in my town allow themselves to be outdone by the Protestants? Why doesn't my diocese have a grandiose unfathomably awesome Christmas light park?"

You know, back in its heyday, the Catholic Church was the king of art and culture. Life was built around a parish. Sort of how this megachurch functions, but with style.


Catholics end up going to a modernist-styled parish that faces the west, they worship at Mass, and then they all leave without saying anything to each other.

That megachurch has a lot wrong with it. But I think it has a lot right with it as well.

How about we build some Catholic ghettos, to start with?

The Medieval Warming Period and the Mini Ice Age Were Global

One argument I've heard in the last 24 hours in this on-going discussion about how prudent Pope Francis is for buying into man-made climate change, is that the Medieval Warming Period was a local phenomenon.

This is wrong.

Perhaps one will conclude this after reading Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change statements. Firstly, if you take a look at those statements, you'll notice their data goes backwards from the year 2000, which was 15 years ago.

Up-to-date research has revealed that, indeed, the Medieval Warming Period was quite global. Right down to the Antarctic.

- An examination of 10,000 years of layered fossil plankton in the western Pacific reveals that the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age were global in scope. This paper can be found in Science Magazine.

- Another study analyzed samples of ikaite crystal in Antarctica. Apparently, Northern European climate events influenced/influence climate conditions in Antarctica, bolstering the fact that these periods were global in scope. This paper was published in Science Direct.

The Left is Biologically Different From You

Leftists apparently have a smaller amygdala than conservatives.  It's almost as if a weaker pedigree of human being is being bred in these recent generations.

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