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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Protestants, Swedish Nationalism, Cuba cont'd, Pope Survey


As they say, wars are caused by religion. False religion, that is.

The Protestant Revolts alone attest to this.

The continuous bloody battles of middle Europe that started in the 14th Century are a direct result of men thirsty to grab power and steal from the Church.

Of course, if you go to Wikipedia and type "Protestant Revolt" in the search engine, you will be redirected to the "ProtestantReformation" page. This trivial fact, of course, plays into the idea that Protestants are shamelessness in rewriting history for their own ends. Western Civilization is now Protestant "Civilization," and so it's only natural that one observes this zeitgeist in all of society's aspects, including Wikipedia.

I've always thought that such shameful acts rank right up there with the idea of Protestant families sending their kids off to the Philippines to convert those silly spiritual blind Filipinos--from Catholicism to Protestantism. Heaven forbid these self-righteous Protestant families go witness to the Muslims. I'm sure heads would roll in such cases.

I really like something that RomanCatholic1953 said over at Cathinfo today. It was about the loss of awe for God in our day and age:
You feel that sanctifying grace is no longer in the church. Just a collection of people meeting at a mason hall once a week.
Amazing. Right on, RomanCatholic1953.

Nationalism in Sweden

I hope something comes of all this nationalistic furor across Europe. My fear is that it will be nothing more than sound and fury, signifying nothing. My hope is that all of this lays the foundation for a counter-revolutaionary movement that will eventually be led by a grand monarch.

More on Cuban Relations

I wonder if this move by Obama, Pope Francis, and Castro is like a slap in the face to the Cubans who escaped that island.

And let's not forget how Obama mocked the previous nine presidents who pursued a "failed policy" with Cuba. I suppose, for Obama, a successful policy would have been to embrace Cuba's communism in the middle of the 20th Century?

Doesn't this move towards shunning past American policy on Cuba help to vindicate Cuban communists?

Consider what Raul Castro's daughter said this week. She stated that Cuba will not be reduced "to being a servile country to hegemonic interests of the most powerful financial groups in the US."

Now you tell me. Does that sound like Cuban officials are now going to be open, welcoming, and friendly to the United States? Or do those words sound like someone who has maintained several generations of bitterness and angst against their enemy?

A Survey About the Pope

Here is a collection of my responses in a survey about Pope Francis:

-The most memorable thing he's done is to throw together this dishonorable Synod that has been attempting to legitimize illegitimate unions and homosexuality.

-The most disappointing thing he's ever done was to say: "Who am I to judge?" The Church's enemies will use that phrase against Her for the rest of time.

-I wish I could tell Pope Francis: "You have not done anything nice for actual Catholics, and you've done a lot of things for the enemies of Catholics. My godless associates and coworkers mock the Church now, more than ever."

-He gets an F-. He does not come off as educated in Church matters in any way. He does not strike me as a man who reads books. He hardly speaks about sin, confession, or the Four Last Things. He completely ignores the history of the Church. He has consistently stepped on the faithful who have steadfastly kept the Faith and Catholic practices.

-I cannot think of a single thing I like about him. His blatant Leftism is surprising to say the least. He has made me glaringly aware that I need to stand up to internecine strife within the Catholic Church.

Because of the lack of leadership coming from the Holy Father, the Church is fracturing now more than ever. I've become painfully aware that I need to stand up to liberal Catholics, as well as schismatics who are leaving the Church in droves due to the hierarchy's leftist departure from Church teaching.

-My greatest hope for Pope Francis is that he will either change his ways and realize the damage he has done to Christ's Spouse, or he will simply do absolutely nothing until his papacy is over. Perhaps in his recklessness, he will accidentally release the 3rd Secret of Fatima.
-This survey is strange. The survey seems to be made by and for liberal Catholics. I could be wrong on this.

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