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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Jeb, Christmas, Outer Space, and European Nationalism

Jeb Bush wants to run for President.

Madness. This is why I see no point in voting any longer. Just look at the recent midterm victory. Repukes take everything, and they still caved on the massive spending bill that followed. The Republican Party is not going to save this country.

Repukes are the party of cowardice and slow death. They are the 21st Century Mensheviks.

I have a friend who gets livid when I tell him I stopped voting. He states that I am somehow a part of the problem. I could show him countless examples of when the GOP betrayed its constituency, yet I'm supposed to vote for them?!?

America is a junkie that needs to hit rock bottom before it can go anywhere else. And besides, half of this country voted for the immigrant president. Twice. Is such a place and system--are such a people--even worth saving? I think not.

In short, Jeb's a cruel joke.

Christmas with Family

So, many schedules aren't meshing for my family this Christmas Eve--the night that most of the family celebrates Christmas. This has frustrated a relative to no end. I put out the option of celebrating on the Twelfth day of Christmas, the Epiphany. My relative said "no," complaining that was too Catholic.

This has made me painfully aware of just how much the Coca-Cola Company, Macy's, and the US Congress' placement of Thanksgiving has shaped the idea of Christmas for most people.

Deep Space

Voyager I is still doing work for us, detecting a tsunami wave that flies through interstellar space.

Space exploration is fantastic and awesome, and I'm grateful that God has allowed us to dare to do what we have done in regards to outer space.

And on that note, we finally FINALLY get to see Pluto this next year. I wonder. If they discover that Pluto has an atmosphere, will it be a planet again?

Rebirth of European Nationalism

I say, thank God. Though, it's probably too little too late. A return to appreciating your own countrymen and rejecting multiculturalism is just what the doctor ordered. Unfortunately, this little uprising is not enough to stop the economic and societal collapse that's about to happen.

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