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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Tarpley, A Message to Putin, Converting to the Church, Jews, Nihilism, and Forum Conduct

Webster Tarpley

This man is a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat if ever there was one.  This man is on a mission to destroy the Republican Party, utilizing his superpower of ad hominem attacks.  This commentator is pro-FDR Democrat 1000%.  And when he is not lambasting his hated targets with personal derision, he typically speaks in terms of statistics and material.  Programs and polls.  I do not think that a single thought about the meaning of a civilization has ever entered this man's mind.  I imagine if one were to ask him a handful of religious questions, he would wave it all off, laugh, chuckle, and say such things were opiates for the masses.

I used to enjoy listening to him dissect supranational political news.  These days, however, he is gung ho on pushing for an ever-more socialist nation.

And, in hindsight, I don't think that most people in the United States give a thought to their culture.  People see no ramification in the horrible example presented by our "aristocracy."  And who is the "aristocracy" in our Freemasonic Republic?  Why, Hollywood, pop media stars, and politicians, of course!

For the most part, people just go on with their lives with the attitude, "Live and let live.  He's not hurting me."  And so, you get people like Tarpley who completely miss the mark on many occasions.

My Message to Putin  

Many conservatives are agog about the masculinity that Putin presents on the world stage.  And a lot of conservatives love the fact that he seems to embrace Christianity.  That's nice and all, but let's take a look at the nitty gritty.  He is not completely pro-Christian, in that Catholics are still rather taboo in Russia.  In fact, the Catholic Church in Eastern Ukraine is being sent underground after 25 brief years of freedom.  Catholics are still persecuted from one degree to another under Putin.

So, here is my message:

Dear President Putin,

If you really want to win a lot of fans in the Post Christian West, here is what you should do.

1.  Stop the persecution of Catholics in your territory.
2.  Furthermore, do what you can on your part to bridge the rift between the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church.  Put pressure on the Catholic Church to seek unity with the Orthodox.
3.  Finally achieve unity with the Roman Catholic Church by requesting that the Pope and all of the bishops of the Catholic Church consecrate Russian to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  Doing this will create a sense of awkwardness among liberals here in the West, but they will be forced to comply with your request, and you and your nation will enjoy the confused and dazed attitude of the liberals, while you will win many fans among the non-liberal Roman Catholics.

But remember, you have got to also stop allowing the persecution of Catholics.

Do all of these things, and you will have pulled the rug out from underneath the secular godless powers that oppose you.  By reconciling with the Catholic Church, Russia will win a fan base among the Christian West that will undermine all of the foul cultural leadership that currently oozes across the globe.

Welcoming a New Convert From Protestantism

I was once a Protestant. Southern Baptist, actually. I actually was a fan of John Hagee sermons. But the man spoke with no authority whatsoever. Everything he said was coming from his assumptions and his imagination.

After the guidance of my friend, after reading some Peter Kreeft (and even Fr. Malachi Martin), most of the mysteries that plagued me during Protestantism were solved. Suddenly, I realized that before, my faith was a shallow pond. But with the Universal Church, my faith could become as deep as an ocean. It was all amazing.

Once I announced my conversion, the majority of my family was repulsed. This shocked me. No one had ever expressed disagreement with the Church before. Yet, this was because no one had ever mentioned Catholics before. But suddenly, everyone was showing instantaneous revulsion, and this puzzled me. But then I realized that just as Jesus Christ was despised by the world, so too is His Chuch. The world's hatred for the Catholic Church demonstrates that Jesus' mark is permanently branded upon it.

In regards to seeking out more guidance from the SSPX, I caution you.  The priests are priests, yes. And their Masses are indeed valid. But other sacraments are not recognized due to the SSPX's irregular status.

I want to assure you that no matter how sinful a priest is, no matter how disrespectful the Mass may seem, the Mass is still valid, and the Eucharist is still there. God's Authority overrides all of man's foolishness, and this is a powerful gift to the priesthood.

I enjoy conversing with people in the SSPX, as they are very erudite and knowledgable about the Church's situation in this world. But most Catholic clergy regard them as schismatics. So you must take everything with them with a grain of salt. If possible, I would encourage you to attend an FSSP Mass, or a diocesan Tridentine Latin Mass, if there is one available.

Furthermore, expect condemnation and mockery from many followers of the SSPX as well as sedevacantists. Catholic forums and comment threads are rife with these folks.

Sadly, when you came into the Church, you came in when She was divided into pieces by the Devil. We live in an evil time. Be cautious, be careful, be alert.

(When I came into the Church, the priest pedophilia scandal was fresh in the news headlines. Everyone around me was boggled how I could convert to such an Institution amid such a scandal. But I tried to objectively distinguish facts, and I had to recognize that many priests were abusing the authority and trust given to them. The Institution, however, remains incorrupt and pure. Men should work to attain such purity.)

I do a bit of exploring of the SSPX here:


and here:


I'm quite hard on the sedevacantists, as the sedes will tell you. My take on the SSPX, however, is more light-handed. I see much evidence that shows them to be irregular and to be avoided. But there are still nuggets--powerful kernals--of facts about the SSPX that keep me from being completely dismissive.

Lets not call Jews "Jews"

Jews are tricky.  Often, if you corner them about something they are blamed for historically, they will cry out racism.  Doing this is one of their many nasty tricks.

Consider this scenario. 

I will be talking about how the Jews have been conniving against the Christians with Juilan the Apostate, or I'll discuss how they helped to print Protestant bibles during the Protestant Revolt. Perhaps I'll talk about how the Jews were the main drivers of the slave trade for the Americas, or I might mention about how Jews were selling out Catholic Spain to the Muslims during the struggle with the Umayyad Caliphate.

And then Joe Liberal finds my discussion in a Google search, sees my words, and throws out something like:
"What a racist bigot you are! It's racist bigots like you who need to crawl away and die."
In reality, I am not talking about race at all. I would be discussing the plots and schemes of a prolonged two millenium attack against the followers of Jesus Christ. And this group of people--the followers of their evil school of thought--is the same group of scum who demanded that Jesus' blood be on their heads. 

Currently, I simply call them Judaics.

I've been calling Talmudic Jews Judaics for two to three years now, starting over at Cathinfo. And I would encourage other critics of their satanic cult to do the same.

I recall a woman who once said that, in reality, the term "Jew" is a trumph card that they can use against people to accuse them of racism.

The YouTube Video of her is titled: "It's a Trick, We Always Use It"

Here is a transcript:

“Well, it’s a trick, we always use it. When from Europe somebody is criticizing Israel, then we bring up the Holocaust. When in this country people are criticizing Israel, then they are anti-Semitic. And the [Jewish] organization is strong, and has a lot of money, and the ties between Israel and the American Jewish establishment are very strong and they are strong in this country, as you know. And they have power, which is OK. They are talented people and they have power and money, and the media and other things, and their attitude is ‘Israel, my country right or wrong,’ identification. And they are not ready to hear criticism. And it’s very easy to blame people who criticize certain acts of the Israeli government as anti-Semitic, and to bring up the Holocaust, and the suffering of the Jewish people, and that is justify every- thing we do to the Palestinians.”

I'd just as soon not play their game. Go around their snares and traps. Because when they try to use "Jew" as a racial term, it throws the entire argument off, and they win.

This is because they cannot win against an honest dialectic.

Others have suggested calling them Talmudists, and I am fine with that as well.  

Davis M.J. Aurini's Nihilism

Aurini discusses his nihilism in the video "His Name was Robert Paulson: Fight Club, Nihilism, and The End of History"  Today, I asked him:
Have you ever stopped to consider that not only are we already in such a horrible state as a society--but have you taken it further and considered the possibility that the Almighty has abandoned mankind to his own madness as a form of punishment? (Yes, salvation is possible, but as a collective whole, He just ain't with us as He used to be?)
I wonder if he thinks that God has always abandoned us to this extent.  If so, why such a pessimistic view about God?  If Aurini does not think it was always this way between God and us, then what happened?

I would like to know his thoughts on the matter.

Conduct on Forums

As I look to the future of how I will regard forums, I reflect on the past five years of talking on them, and I recall one strong lesson from all of it: forum members of any forum will not or cannot stand a multi-staged exploration of a topic in a discussion.  You might be able to drag the forum members through a lot of mud, but at best, pulling them through a topic like that will frustrate them, and at worst they will decide they cannot tolerate you as a person and get rid of you.

Most threads on forums are quite short and void of meaning.


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    1. Typically, I would erase the above. But this sort of weird ramble is a good illustration of how Tarpley often rambles in his podcast show. In fact, could this even be Webster Tarpley himself? If so, I bid thee welcome to my little hole in the wall. If not, please do not expect further posts like this to survive here.

    2. progress is the death of the spirit