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Monday, December 29, 2014

Pope Francis Goes Environmental

Unsurprisingly, our Jesuit Pope wants to tackle environmentalism.

It's not so much that Pope Francis is preaching about the environment, as it is that he's wrong. And it's not so much that Pope Francis is wrong, as it is that he's siding with Gaia-worshiping communists. And it's not so much that Pope Francis is siding with Gaia-worshiping communists as it is that there is so much more wrong and in need of his attention.

For example, Pope Francis really ought to backtrack a little, and make a correction about that Synod on family life he set up. Rather than pouring out attention to sexual deviants and "aberrant fathers and men who eschew fatherhood altogether," he could instead lend his support to earnest family men "who toil in an unfeeling culture as they love their wives and children."

Or, he could just call on a crusade of privately funded men to go to the Middle East to fight ISIS.

Or, he could consecrate Russia to Mary's Immaculate Heart.

Or, he could push for the statue of Our Lady of America to have a procession into America's National Shrine.

Myself, I thought he would be more concerned with the Iraqi Christian children who are getting dissected for their organs while they are still alive.

But hey. Divorced couples, Cuba, environmentalism...a man has to have his priorities. I guess the Iraqi Genocide can wait.

Are people supposed to be good stewards of the environment? Yes.  But a few questions must be asked when it comes to "climate change."

Do we know what is causing the weather to act the way it does? No.

There is no evidence for man-made global climate change. Scientists will argue "a consensus has been made," but a consensus is not science.

Another question that arises: Who is this pope directing his words to? The Philippines? Now, that's a dirty country. They need to learn to collectively stop littering, find a constructive place to put their trash, and they need some sort of emissions regulations for their vehicles. The smog in Cebu City is terrible. Or perhaps Pope Francis will be talking about Beijing, China? Of course, these places are only suffering local pollution issues. But no; it is said that this pope will address "man-made global climate change," which, again, is a dubious religion at this point.

Will Pope Francis be addressing America with this future encyclical? I hope not. We are far cleaner than the Philippines or China. I hear that most of Europe is also a tidy clean place.

If Pope Francis is addressing 3rd World polluting nations, then why is he picking on the poor who he is always trying to speak up for?

What bearing does this subject have on anyone's soul? Are souls salting the mountains of Hell because they are contributing to "man-made global climate change?"

And finally, if this has nothing to do with our souls, then is this really a judicious and wise use of the pope's time and attention? I thought he was going to "clean house" in the Vatican. But all I've witnessed is Pope Francis kicking out conservative cardinals.

How will Pope Francis talking about weather changes caused by our evil cars and our evil coal plants have any bearing whatsoever on someone seeking out the Lord?  I do not see how climate change or the condition of our individual souls are related in any way. Man-made climate change meets a man's search for faith? I just don't see it.

Tonight, I was told that the rich are ruining the world for the poor via man-made global climate change.

This is a laughable premise that is based on the axiom that climate change is caused by man.  This axiom is false, and Pope Francis' next encyclical may be based on this false axiom.  

Let's look at a hole in the climate change argument.

Recently, NASA tried to come out with a computer model showing a whole bunch of carbon being emitted from Western Countries in the Northern Hemisphere. Laughably, NASA's brand new Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO-2) has demonstrated that there's actually tons of CO2 emissions from the largely non-industrial southern hemisphere. All of the CO2 is actually coming from rainforests.

So, if it's the rainforests that are hurting poor people, hopefully Pope Francis will speak out for deforestation in the Southern Hemisphere in his new encyclical.

What NASA computers projected our carbon output would be.

Actual global carbon dioxide output, as measured by the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2  

Notice all of the carbon dioxide in the Southern Hemisphere that is NOT being produced by Western nations

Climategate is rife with lies.  Consider that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has fudged a lot of numbers, substituting real temperature data with fabricated computer model numbers.

Wouldn't it be a good idea to--before settling on this man-made climate change assumption--to address a few things, like NOAA, OCO-2 sattelite readings, fraud on the part of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Argo temperature probes, and other such science-sounding things that seem to point away from the idea of man-made global climate change?

Man-made global climate change is unproven at best, and wrong at worst. And the Pope is about to tell us about how we should accept it as a fact.

I am discussing man-made global climate change, which is a silly religion.

However, it is perfectly acceptable to speak out against real pollution. Last I heard, the Pacific Ocean is a sea of trash, Fukushima radiation is washing up on our shores from Alaska to northern California, Chinese smog can be cut with a knife, there are lakes of spilled oil in Africa, and Southeast Asia can be rather litter-filled. Local or regional pollution is a very real thing, for sure. I'm all for conservation, and I'm a big fan of our national parks. Might I add that hunters, in fact, are the best conservationists out there?

It amuses me that people can just skim over things like NGO fraud, rising sea ice, WHO exaggerations about "climate deaths," Hadcrut temperature monitoring, record food production, studies on Pacific atmosphere controls, and other magical science things, and just accept the man-made-global-climate-change premise anyway, and simply skip to attacking a critic as a "climate change denier."

Alas, arguments about the validity of Climategate shall arise in these pitiable times.  And sadly, a drumbeat of lies will win the day with the collective masses.

Irreparable harm has been done upon the latest generations of people by Al Gore and his comedy "An Inconvenient Truth."  There's oodles of evidence that the numbers (supporting man-made global warming) have been fraudulently tampered with.  But if you bring these things to the attention of the "believers," they will gloss right over any evidence you put forward.

Consider what new madness will spawn if the Church appears to officially accept the cult of earth worship.  Imagine a man three times worse than Pope Francis talking about the importance of controlling family size for the sake of not hurting poor nations via carbon footprints.

For further consideration about Earthkult, I present to you this investigation put together by ChurchMilitantTV, back in the day when it was allowed to call itself RealCatholicTV:

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