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Monday, December 8, 2014

Laramie Hirsch: now also at Te Deum

Boy, oh boy!  Te Deum!  What's the world coming to?

"Why would you go to a forum that's mostly pro-sedevacantist?" you might ask.

Answer?  "No particular reason."  I was invited there, I see a few familiar faces there, and I suppose I like the variety.  I'm not on any particular mission on that forum to go win over anyone from sedevacantism, as I'm sure everyone there is locked into their opinion from today until kingdom come.  So, if anyone there is interested in reading my objections to sedevacantism as a schismatic choice, they can peruse my history over at Cathinfo or here at the blog.

We'll see how long I last there.  In all honesty, I've no interest in being an apologist against sedes, though I have reached my conclusion about the matter.  But some are right to speculate it's a recipe for disaster.  As tmw89 said, "If nothing else, this should be interesting."

In any event, you can now follow my wanderings in the following places:

Fisheaters           (as of 6/28/15)
Suscipe Domine (as of 12/12/14)
Te Deum
Vox Day

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