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Monday, December 22, 2014

Cubans Become Traditionalists, Catholic Media: Enter the Manosphere!, Segregation and Integration

Cubans Sound Like Traditionalist Catholics

Consider the following statements about Pope Francis in the past few days:
"I'm still Catholic till the day I die, but I am a Catholic without a pope."
"The church is contaminated."
"I don't know what the pope was thinking. I see a certain naivete in the pope."
"His Holiness [should] take up the cause of freedom and democracy."  (As opposed to...Marxism?)
"He's trying to get a legacy at any price."
"He wants to be everywhere, he wants to be liked by everyone.  That's his job to be a peace guy, but it doesn't accomplish a damn thing..."
What makes all of this hilarious is the fact that none of this is being spouted off by your usual suspects [us Traditionalists in the States or Europe]. This is being said about the pontiff BY CUBANS.

They are on the receiving end of meddling on the part of the Vatican in Cuba's affairs. After 50 years of trying to control Cuban communism, America, with the help of the Vatican, has thrown up its hands and said, "Screw it! We were wrong!"

At first, I thought that the opening of relations with Cuba was no big deal. But the more I explore this issue, the more I begin to fall on the side of Cuban refugees who have maintained their faith IN SPITE of communist Cuba, and who will hopefully continue to keep their faith IN SPITE of Pope Francis.

A historian, Jesus Mendez says: "[Pope Francis is] very concerned over the decline of Catholic fervor, primarily in Europe but also even in the United States and Canada, so of course he sees it important to have a high profile for the Catholic Church in Cuba."

I find this statement to be hilarious and pathetic. Quite short sighted. If anything, this recent action by America and the Vatican has only alienated Cuban Catholics even further from the Church. Just like us Traditionalists.

All of these quotations can be found in this news article, Pope's role in Cuba deal fractures Cuban-American flock.

I guess those Marxists are still dividing the masses, making them weaker and weaker.

Catholic Media: Where To?

When asked in what direction I think Catholic media should go, I say that it ought to delve somewhat into the online manosphere.  There are a ton of men these days who are pretty pissed off at our sick punitive culture against men.

Self-Segregation Will Ultimately Turn to More Integration Into White Neighborhoods

Let's explore a concept, folks.

I've just read John Derbyshire's article, The Cold Civil War: Two Groups Of Whites Fighting Over America, With Minorities On The Sidelines

I am reminded of how this year we went to see the home of my great great grandparents. It was in a white house with a balcony in a little town not too far away. My tribe and I drove that way to get a gander of what our ancestral house looked like. What did we find? To sum it up, "Martin King Jr. Boulevard" was just a few streets away. Some black folks sat on their porches and stared at us as we drove through. Stares of anger and mischief shot right at us. It was a brief visit.

I then asked myself, "I wonder how long until my own neighborhood is overcome by black people?" Twenty five more years? Fifty? Who knows. Probably somewhere around thirty, I'll bet.

As I read John Derbyshire's article, a thought occurred to me. Even if the liberal whites of America and Europe caved in and allowed blacks, whites, and muslims to segregate peacefully and of their own accord, the whites would still lose.

Do you hear me? Even if self-segregation is allowed, whites will still lose. How?

1. First, whites, blacks, and Muslims will all concentrate into their centers of power and form their communities wherever they are.
2. However, blacks typically realize that their neighborhoods and cities are deplorable, and the best of them tend to gradually leave for white enclaves.
3. Whites, mostly liberal and stupid, allow blacks to integrate into their enclaves, and they shout down any other white who has an objection to black incursions.
4. Thus, black integration into white enclaves is allowed, until a few generations pass and the community or city becomes unberable, aka Ferguson, Missouri or Detroit, Michigan.
5. The whites cannot live in these increasingly balkanized places, and so they run off into another suburb or city, starting the process all over again.
6. Ultimately this cycle will repeat over and over, until finally blacks have colonized all of the places where whites formerly lived, and the whites are left with spaces that are desolate, or they are simply bred out due to their contraception.

Thus, blacks have conquered the white man.

As for Muslims, they make incursions into white spaces in the same way as blacks, only their reasoning has the added "benefit" of spreading Islam.

Blight hitting black population centers is a fact that America can easily observe. We turn away from this kind of phenomenon out of willful ignorance.  Everyone should know this, but no one in polite white circles will acknowledge it.  Consider the following article:

The Food Desertization of Ferguson Well Underway: Big Lots Closing Up Shop in 67% Black City

Because of all of this, many of the great cities are now filled with crime and danger, while civilized whites are living in their "pre-fab" McMansions in suburbia. One day, those spaces, too, will be abandoned to the less civilized.

The solution?

I'm afraid hardly anyone in my circles is willing to explore this idea further.

Over at Fisheaters, Vox made the case that it is not Catholic to think in terms of race, but instead, culture. I answered that I do try to regard other races in that manner. I honestly do. Definitely, on an individual level, I can look at a man of another race and value his soul above all the other things about him. However, if you take people collectively and put them into groups, they become something new entirely. That is just an objective fact.

If you do not acknowledge the game you are playing, your opponent will run right over you. Whites might be able to pretend these days that all races are equal, that they have no problems with people of other races. Whites may work to achieve an "I am not racist" mindset. But I assure you of this: every other race doesn't care, and they still look at race honestly.

I suppose these thoughts of mine have developed in the last two years, since the Trayvon Martin incident. But I assure you that I've put a lot of consideration into the matter, and it is not some willy-nilly uneducated prejudice. I still maintain that the souls of men of all races start out equal at birth before the Almighty.

However, biological differences are real. The different races are built differently in both body and mind. God has made us this way. The newest Catechism speaks about how God intentionally makes men different from each other, so that we can compliment one another. So, that's great.

Yet, let's not also forget that for most of history, we did not have instantaneous travel, and people were limited to their communities and territories. Only now can man treat the world like a petri dish and experiment with society in this Malthusian manner.

I wish it were not this way, but an axiom I hear these days rings true in this matter:

Diversity + Proximity = War

I'm sure you've heard that one as well. If not, you will hear it again from someone else besides me.

Call me a racist if you like. I really don't care. I'd technically consider myself a racial realist. Whites will continue to pretend that race does not exist for the most part. Blacks and Hispanics will continue to acknowledge that race is real, and the blacks in particular will continue to rejoice as they push into the social spaces of whites.

And so long as whites continue to pretend this situation does not exist, the more whites will lose.

In contrast to this idea of the white liberal giving away their identity to blacks, let me finish this post with the words of the president of Zimbabwe, who clearly acknowledges race, and plays the game aggressively:

"No white person will be allowed to own land." I'm sure Zimbabwe will become the bread basket of Africa again. You bet.

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  1. Since I was a child it was considered great sport for white people to drive through black neighborhood and gawk. That's why the locals glared at you.