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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Climategate Pope, Metropolis Conduct, The Parasite, Breaking Bad

Pope Francis and Climategate

Irreparable harm has been done upon the latest generations of people by Al Gore and his comedy "An Inconvenient Truth."

There's oodles of evidence that the numbers supporting man-made global warming have been fraudulently tampered with. But if you bring these things to the attention of the "believers," they will gloss right over any evidence you put forward.

What new madness will spawn if the Church appears to officially accept the cult of earth worship?  Imagine a man three times worse than Pope Francis talking about the importance of controlling family size for the sake of not hurting poor nations via carbon footprints.

Listen to this praise given to communist China, a nation with the biggest "carbon footprint" of them all. (And yet, it is you sick filthy Americans who are to blame for "hurting poor countries" with your materialist pollution.)
"China has contributed significantly to the earth's wealfare by successfully curbing its population growth and energy and resource consumption." 
-Rajendra Pachauri
Carbon dioxide, labelled a pollutant, is what you exhale. Your breath is a pollutant. You better do something about that, earth-worshipers.

What percentage of the Earth's atmosphere is carbon dioxide? 0.039%.   So, what could be causing "global warming?" The sun. And God.

Satellite measurements of global temperature began in 1979. There has been no significant increase in temperature since then. In fact, there was actually a brief period of cooling in the 1970's, and so you had the man-made global cooling scare of that decade.
"If present trends continue, the world will be about four degrees colder for the global mean temperature in 1990, but 11 degrees colder by the year 2000"
-Kenneth E.F. Watt at the University of California in 1970
Can we not learn from the past?

The U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change quietly downgraded the warming it expected in the 30 years following 1995.  Argo temperature probes have not detected any increased ocean temperatures since at least 2005.

Why is it that when I mention things such as Pacific Decadal Oscillation and other arcane mystical (scientific) things, people just blow it off?  I only hear crickets.

Instead, I've witnessed my debate opponents make ad hominem attacks or they work to ostracize people. Another logical fallacy that I typically witness in such arguments as this is that people make an appeal to authority.  But just because a prominent person might be inclined to continue the comedic lie of "man-made global climate change" --this does not mean that the fad is true.

As I read earlier this week: "[G]roupthink causes some questions not to be asked, and some answers not to be overly scrutinized."

In regards to my concerns about Pope Francis' upcoming encyclical, fellow Catholics might argue that practitioners of conservatism, such as myself, do not want to conserve anything, and that we just want to free "the world from the authority of the Church on anything but the most abstract and metaphysical matters."

This is wrong.

I would like to conserve the integrity and full majesty and honor of the papal office. I would like for our Christian leaders to retain their dignity in the face of a hysteria-driven trend that favors junk science. We have had popes that once scorned the evil inclinations of the world. But these days, we have popes who court and strive to win the approval of Christendom's enemies.

Shall I be expected to go to a mosque this week to pray with Muslims? After all, the Holy Father does just that, and aren't you to follow his lead?

I hope that Pope Francis will not declare man-made climate change as doctrinal truth. That would be disastrous. There's a great amount of information available to everyone that disproves it.

There's nothing wrong with keeping things clean and tidy. I'm proud that The United States is a clean nation. Our air over here is quite fresh. You tend to appreciate that when you visit 3rd World tropical nations.

However, again, there's far more important things for the pope to focus on.

Big City Politeness

Someone at Cathinfo brought up the fact that people in the megalopolis of southern California are a bit ruder than other less occupied spaces in the United States.

Such is the nature of gigantic megalopolises. When you cram that many people together, they adapt themselves for survival. There are many different cultures living around there, and it's like putting cats and dogs together and expecting them to behave. Nonsense, I say.

The Californians my family and I visited this year were were gracious and kind to us. But I'm sure that coming across southern Californian people in commutes is a different matter altogether. I hate LA traffic.  I do not begrudge these people for their survival-based public attitude. If I had to live in New York City for two years, I'm certain I would evolve my attitude much differently from my laid-back and more accommodating public face.


Zostrianos, over at Te Deum, likened the Parasite to a harmless old woman behind a keyboard who is unjustly demonized. Just a harmless Canadian grandmother, nothing more.

I have already given an account of how that woman stirs up the zeitgeist in the childish-minded people who are illiterate, emotional, and unable to critically think for themselves. She has quite a Jewish talent for inciting people who are in the right position to take unwarranted action against people she enjoys passively-aggressively screwing with. Read the details of one of her treacheries here, at my blog post titled: The Echo Chamber's Fears of Honesty and Atheist Confrontations

This woman has lied. She has perpetuated a lie that I am intent on killing atheists.

When The Parasite is not lying and stirring up groupthink among the people she brown-noses, she'll be supporting transvestites in one instance, and totally renounce her stance months later if it will earn her brownie points with her new host victim.

She is a meddler. She is poisonous. She is a feeder of bad ideas. As I've said before, her "reputation for getting people ostracized from groups is well known," and she "destroys friendships and associations." She will talk about people. She will make false dichotomies. She is versed in the art of subtle self-righteous posturing. She creates strife. She lends credence to calumniators, but she will always be careful not to calumniate; she is always happy to ride the coattails of people who attack her opponents. She is a spiteful brown-noser. She will satanically "mix sound words with slithery nasty contortions of the truth."

She is venom for a community. Poisonous venom. She has not learned a single thing about how to stop being this way in the five years I've witnessed her machinations since Fisheaters. It is sad and pitiable that the moderators of The Echo Chamber were unable to spot this kind of a fox in the henhouse.

Zostrianos, I don't care if you think she's some sort of helpless old woman behind a keyboard somewhere. Women attack by proxy. They get others to do their sick wicked work for them. It happens all the time. It's sad that the moderators of the other place are too beta to see this for themselves.

Breaking Bad

Special thanks to Davis M.J. Aurini (an awesome vlogger who I enjoy) for pointing out my new favorite episode of Breaking Bad.  It is episode nine of season two: 4 Days Out.  In this episode, Walter White manages to build a battery out of meth chemicals in order to charge up the Winnebago, which stalled on them far out in the New Mexican wilderness.  Very cool.  Good find, Aurini.


  1. Thanks for directing my attention here, Laramie. Just to reiterate my position, though: I never claimed Jayne was "helpless." My claim was merely that she is a human being who resides in Canada and has grandchildren and a home computer. Her locale and her access to a computer are amply attested to. She could, I grant you, be lying about the grandchildren. It's possible I overstated the grandmother bit by giving her the benefit of the doubt there.

    Following that, I have no objection to people holding their own opinions on how toxic or venomous her personality might be, or how much disaster she might be apt to cause on any given internet forum. My own opinion is that her threat level is overrated. This is not to say that I haven't been frustrated by her behavior. I certainly have. But my particular objection in that thread was that if you want to take public personal swipes at someone, you should at least have the decency to let them show up and defend themselves. That's why I said I thought it makes for good forum policy to not allow too much speaking ill of the banned.

    Now the internet is a feral place, so you can, if you want, make your own forum, keep out the undesirables, and talk scat about them to your heart's content. But it doesn't make you look good. It makes you look like George Costanza in that episode of Seinfeld, where he got zinged by his co-worker Riley. Afterwards George couldn't stop bragging about how beautifully he could've zinged him back. "Jerk store would've smoked that guy!" In the end, though, "jerk store" did not smoke the guy. When George finally got a chance to use his comeback, Riley one-upped him once again. Because it's always easier to make fun of people when they're not around.

  2. "if you want to take public personal swipes at someone, you should at least have the decency to let them show up and defend themselves"

    Couldn't agree with you more, Zostrianos.

    Which is why The Parasite, the Echo Chamber's forum owner, LausTibiChristie, and all of my public enemies are allowed to come right here onto my front porch, publicly confess their wrongdoing, and perhaps even apologize for whatever they may have done.

    And even if such visitors turn out to be spiteful nasty visitors to this site, I keep them for my amusement and as an example to all who pass through here.

  3. Laramie, I do not want to be your enemy.

  4. Jayne, the most charitable thing that could be done for you is for the moderators of your forum to limit you to three posts per day. (Heck, even I would have accepted that as a punishment for my “emotionalism.”) This might help you to curb your narcissistic attention-grabbing tendencies.

    As it is, your unlimited posting privileges magnify your neuroses and untreated psychoses. Your condition is a threat to everyone around you. Your unhealthy drive for prominence and adulation has cost me a seat among associates I’ve known for years. I’ve lost access to all of my messages. I cannot view my own posting history. And I am blocked from seeing anything discussed in that community ever again.

    This is all thanks your Narcissistic Personality Disorder, which drives you to manipulate the weaker-minded forum owner and moderators who lack the ability to see past your superficial appearance.

    For my part, I will do you the charity of not turning this little charade of an exchange into a full-blown post, but instead I will discretely keep this here in the comments section of this post.

    Also, in the future, do try to not use homebase as a bridge between you and the atheists. If you want to talk to them, then trot over to The Thinking Atheist Forum yourself.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m getting emotional. I need a good cry.

  5. Laramie.

    I was banned from Fish Eaters and it hurt a lot. I do not wish this pain on anyone.

    I had nothing to do with you getting banned from SD. On the contrary, I wrote a PM to KK objecting to his "bloviating" comment.

    If you clear your cache and cookies, you will be able to read SD. (I am not good at explaining tech stuff, but you can probably get help on Te Deum if you need it.) Once you have done this, you can use Google advanced search to see your posting history.