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Friday, December 12, 2014

Banned from SD: The Emotional and Agenda-Driven Echo Chamber

Celebration!  Celebration!  Ol' Hirschie's finally been banned from somewhere!  And pathetically enough, it wasn't Catholic Answers Forum.  None other than Suscipe Domine can be thanked for this first-time experience!

"We got him good, everyone!"

It was a most enjoyable and amusing experience.  Even more astounding is the fact I hadn't even exceeded 1000k posts.  Rather, after approximately only 630 meager little posts, I've been deemed unfit to bask in the company of the people of Suscipe Domine.  

This is not a time of defeat, but a time of victory.  This is not a time for frustration, but a time for elation.  This news does not depress me.  It uplifts me.  It is time to stretch.  Time to refocus.  Time to exercise the mind and share conversation with folks who actually have the capacity to explore an idea.

In short, I am free.

Yes, I suppose I will be sad that many people who I've known from the better Fisheaters days shall be left behind.  But a lot of them are scattered here and there, and I'm sure I will see them on occasion.  And, of course, they can always find me here at this extension of my online presence, here at The Hirsch Files.  

What Was Going On?

I am quite glad that I will no longer be trying to express an idea to a group, knowing that a handful of them have it out for me and will work to ostracize me at their leisure.  In such an environment, good conversation is lost, and the dialogue is reduced to one man's defense against the zombie horde.

Nothing was explained to me.  I was not warned.  No one said anything about my ban before it happened.  I simply came home from buying the groceries, checked e-mail and messages, and when I came to Suscipe Domine, I found this silly ramble of hypocrisy:

Sorry LaramieHirsch, you are banned from using this forum!
For emotional and agenda driven posting over a sustained period of time
This ban is not set to expire.

Emotional and Agenda Driven?

What I find emotional is a forum that allows its moderators to cut in and tell members to "shut up."  Also, not a few glib feelings pour out from a forum owner who mocks a contributor for "bloviating," and "causing a rabble," just one example of many, to be sure.  Or how about a moderator locking a thread simply because in her opinion she thinks it is inane?  

And then, there is the obvious stew of good feelings that is visible to everyone who watches, as people witness the forum pet run circles around the moderators in an endless vortex of narcissistic and insecure brown nosing.  I cannot imagine what it must be like to be so trapped in a continuous sycophantic cycle of well-trained servile flattery.  Her ability to stir up groupthink and isolate someone is a spectacle to behold.  I cannot imagine people trusting this woman in real life, and I imagine that she does not believe half of what she actually says, speaking primarily to receive attention.  The most pathetic and frustrating thing when watching such status-seeking behavior is to always know that seeking status is a low-status behavior.  The woman is trapped in a vicious circle, and it's pitiable.  

All of this is quite emotional indeed.  These people cannot control themselves.  They do not know how to be objective.  They do not know how to look at facts calmly and reasonably, nor do they know how to look into a situation.  Polarizing someone into a corner and then getting rid of them seems to be a trend for Suscipe Domine, and I would definitely say that such a pattern clearly and truly demonstrates SD's own "agenda-driven posting over a sustained period of time."  

What that agenda could be is anyone's guess.  

The Echo Chamber

I am not alone in watching this slow-motion multi-staged bomb of Suscipe Domine the Echo Chamber.  Different kinds of people have been at the crap end of their capricious behavior for at least the last two years.  From what I've noticed, the two groups that have been kicked out more than anyone is sedevacantists and atheists.  And this has always puzzled me.  

Are these Catholics unable to defend themselves?  In regards to the sedes, the forum is perfectly willing to flirt with the idea of sedevacantism.  But they will not outrightly embrace it, nor officially state they favor it.  They will keep a sedevacantist priest, Father Cekada, as a member of the forum.  However, they will banish the regular "sede laity."  They do this, even though they have a particular designated folder for sedevacantist conversations!

But most sorrowfully was an incident I witnessed last year.  An atheist by the name of Zzyzx decided to come and visit SD from The Thinking Atheist Forum in order to meet Catholics.  Perhaps he had an agenda.  Perhaps he did not.  But he was banned by SD moderators before any kind of real and meaningful dialogue could begin.  I initially found this behavior from the moderators distasteful.  

His introduction was thus:  
Hello! Just joined here in hopes to be involved in some interesting discussions/debates. 
I come from TheThinkingAtheist and have participated there for several years. There is a significant lack of practicing Catholics over there, so I'm wanting to learn more straight from the source. 
I look forward to some cool discussions, and I hope it's okay that I'm not a Catholic.
Even if the man did come to The Echo Chamber with some sort of atheist agenda, are the moderators so fearful and rickety in their faith as to not be able to stand up to such people?  Can the moderators, forum members, or the forum as a whole not stand up to a threat?  ZZyzx was swiftly booted, and no apologetical battle ever took place.  He was even honest about his origins.  But such honesty wasn't enough.  

About a month later, another fellow without faith came to The Echo Chamber.  This man had five posts.  By page two of his introductory thread, the forum owner welcomed him with this:

If you're an atheist troll, get a job and get the hell off my forum.  You people are a scourge and have no interest in honest discussion or debate. 

The guy was swiftly booted off.  

I find it strange that my most recent strong words for debating atheists somehow earned me condemnation.  It is very strange when I consider the forum owner's harsh public words for atheists, as well as the persistent policy of the moderators to kick out atheists.  

Why, does it seem as though--within The Echo Chamber--I'm forced to do as Jayne says and "preach the truth, but not with a belligerent and confrontational attitude."  And yet, we look at The Echo Chamber's fearless leader, as he chides sternly at the occasional faithless man?

Double Standards?

Does The Echo Chamber have something against everyone except the forum owner taking a strong tactic towards atheists in debate or confrontation?  Is Laramie banned from talking about it?  After all, it was a thread about confronting atheism that finally got me banned.  True, this banning was a long time coming, as the moderators and owner clearly don't like me.  But that discussion was going rather well.  There were many contributors to my last thread--a thread I started about a muscular approach when faced with hostile atheists.

Strangely enough, to date, it is clear that Jayne mysteriously slithered away from that thread's conversation once I was banned.  Perhaps she reached her objective once I was swept away?    

Fighting Atheistcult, Obama's supposed sodomy, questioning the SSPX, race issues, standing against sedevacantism--all of these things are apparently taboo for The Echo Chamber.  I've raised these issues in the past year, and more often than not, my threads are locked.  I suppose they are not boring enough.  Entertaining conversation and the exploration of ideas is not welcome at The Echo Chamber.  

No, the main fare of that strange country is never-ending criticism of the pope, making fun of Novus Ordo Mass-goers, spitting on Michael Voris when he reveals scandals in the Vatican, tongue-in-cheek insults of laity who aren't conservative enough to "get it."  This is the kind of pablum that is digestible for The Echo Chamber.  

Pope Francis calls the Catholic Church a field hospital.  Yet the Echo Chamber is not even a field hospital.  It first has to be in the "field."  Fisheaters is far more equipped to minister to wandering souls and minds!  As for myself, I prefer the trenches.  

So, I'll be around.    

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  1. Poor Laramie, the eternal victim of meanies lol.

    Why participate in chat forums when your favorite topic of conversation appears to be yourself anyway?

  2. SD had no right to ban you, especially when you were bringing up a legitimate point regarding atheists as a danger to society, whereas a certain poster can practically get away with anything and not be banned.

    In time, they will regret what they have done.

    - Angelorum

  3. "Sour grapes?" "Eternal victim?"

    How sweet. I cherish these trite attacks.

    Know you not that I keep little anklebiters like you around to illustrate how pathetic you are? Haven't you fools learned that my dialogue with you is often directed towards the people watching? Make no mistake. People are observing you. There is an audience. The Echo Chamber's behavior has become a well-known hazard. SD's groupthink is a spectacle that many talk about.

    What is demonstrated here is two-fold. #1 You're cowards. You can't even insult without showing your name. #2 you still have no reading comprehension. You. Just. Don't. Read. I've said this of you often in the past, and you prove this fact time and again.

    If you were NOT illiterate, you would know from the post that there are no sour grapes here whatsoever, and that the sad state of The Echo Chamber became apparent to me over a year ago. This action by SD was predictable. I knew it would eventually happen, all the way back in September 2013, when I criticized sedevacantism on "the forum that it pro-sede-but-not-officially." The Echo Chamber is an unsolid gray zone where moderators fear to truly stand against certain errors. Solid food cannot be found there; you'll have to get your meat and potatoes elsewhere.

    I wonder who these anonymous cravens are. I can easily imagine it to be Jayne the Smirker. Her infamous busybody treachery is known across many boards and blogs. Or could it perhaps be the Echo Chamber's moderator? After all, he has been shown time and again to throw insults from the side of his mouth and then dissappear from a discussion. I'd hate to think it was Louis IX. I tried to be as polite as I could to him in a past scuffle. Perhaps it wasn't Louis--he has the integrity to use his name.

    Run along now, children. Skedaddle. Go and complain about Christ's Church in the Echo Chamber.

    (*Thanks for the kind words, Angelorum)

  4. As an FYI, Zzyzx wasn't/isn't an atheist. He's actually a Christian. He didn't reveal anything at first because he didn't want judgments to be made. However, it seems when it was revealed that he was a Calvinist, he was treated more harshly and eventually booted.

    You can still find him on TTA under "kingschosen".

  5. Yes, I know. After that episode with Zzyzx, I had a small stint over at TTA. It didn't last long. I did not really have anything to say over in that place, and my ignore list was growing by the day. But kingschosen and I got along, it seemed.

  6. I have not left any anonymous comments on this blog. God bless you.

  7. Someone mentioned SD on TTA today, and when I Googled, this came up. Sorry about what happened, Laramie... really sucks. And Jayne, you seemed like one of the few decent people around. I was pretty bummed that you let them marionette you. If someone told me who I could talk to and and where I could post on the Internet, I would salute them so hard with my middle fingers that my bird-rockets would fly through the Internet and blow up in their faces.

    If you can break those chains that bind you, Jayne, please come visit again at TTA.

    Laramie, sorry about your bad experiences there. 80% of the time it's a nice place. Come visit again :)


    1. Thanks for touching base, kingschosen. Yeah, it was a bum deal. But it was inevitable, I suppose. They just weren't comfortable with me.

      I often lurk over at TTA, but I simply don't know what I'd say. I'm not really "on a mission" over there, and I don't know what I'd be able to contribute. We'll see.

      You take it easy out there.


    2. KC, thank you for inviting me to post at TTA. Nobody is preventing me from doing so. The Suscipe Domine moderators thought better of telling me to stay away from TTA and I am free to post there. I do not want to. I do think that the mods had legitimate concerns that SD members posting on TTA risked starting a forum war.

  8. Kind of interesting to keep tabs on all the Trad forums and their "flavors":

    CathInfo: Resistance supportive website (though I find there to be too many weirdos over there)

    SD: Pro-SSPX forum

    Archbishop Lefebvre Forums: Supports the Resistance

    FaithfulCatholics: Sedevacantist website

    Te Deum: Sedevacantist (but seems welcoming of various different groups of Trads)

    FishEaters: Indult/Conservative N.O. forum (that place is terrible)